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Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 23,2021

Planning any trip is never easy. This is truer if you want to go on an international holiday. It is a long and costly path. This is where leisure travel packages come in. These leisure travel packages give great convenience to tourists as they have most of the components of a vacation. These include sightseeing, food, stay, tickets, and more. They also have fixed departure dates and itineraries. There are leisure travel packages that take you around several European nations and cover the entrance fees, food, stay, visas, air tickets, and other things. The leisure travel packages often also include a guide who goes on the trip along with the group. Tour operators give these leisure travel packages. It can consist of established and big operators as well as the local ones.


Types of Leisure Travel Packages



The type of leisure travel packages available at present is varied and vast. This covers all the desires and needs of the customers. Package tours can also be broken down into different tour types. The tours include fully escorted tours, group tours, regional or city tours, adventure tours, and special-interest tours. The fully escorted tours are created with solo tourists in mind. These leisure travel packages help overcome cultural and language roadblocks and give a sense of security to the tourist. Many of these leisure travel packages are also educational. The guide gives cultural, historical, and local insight or knowledge to the tourist. This makes the whole trip a more meaningful and understanding exercise of the location visited.


Special-interest trips are created around an exciting area that includes agriculture, culture, sport, wine and food, and the arts. These tours may also have a celebrity or expert guide who can tell you more about the theme of a tour. An art tour can have an art expert, or a gardening expert may be present for a garden tour. Adventure trips are created to allow the tourist to take part in their sphere of interest for the entire tour, and it is based more on experience. They are usually physical and need a good level of fitness. But it can sometimes be changed to meet the requirements of the tourists traveling alongside. Some tour types include cycling, skiing, horse riding, mountain or rock climbing, and diving.


Regional and city trips usually last for a day or less. They allow for a fixed schedule and will include spheres of interest in a specific area. This can be cultural, religious, or historic. Often, meals or refreshments are also included. Group tours allow for a pre-arranged and fixed itinerary. They usually take place depending on the total number of tourists. They need a certain number of tourists to undertake the trip. Otherwise, they incur losses instead of making a profit. 


How it works



These packaged tours give a great amount of convenience. They can also cost less than a vacation that you chalk out on your own. Bulk purchasing helps to reduce the costs of many things on vacation. On these tours, hotel rooms are booked in bulk. This results in a lot of savings for the tourist. The same applies to everything else in a package. This includes local transportation from one place to the other, meals, and guided sightseeing. Everything costs less than what it would be if you had planned it yourself. Also, you find out the total cost of your vacation beforehand instead of getting a shock later. But make sure to go through the terms and conditions before you book that holiday package.


Usually, you have to decrease a couple of days from the total number of days given in the package. You should pay close attention to the detailed schedule. The first day is when you reach your vacation spot and the last day is when everyone leaves. The timings on which you will reach your destination are not always clear. The details are only found seven days before the departure. The same applies to the last day. So, no matter the timing, the day you reach is counted as a full day. Also, one would think that the words ‘view’ and ‘see’ mean the same thing. But that is not the case with leisure travel packages. See means that the tour bus will pass by the place of interest, and you can see it while seated in the vehicle. View means that there will be a shortstop to see the venue properly. You will only get a proper tour when the schedule mentions that there will be a guided tour.


In an orientation tour, you will get to see the places of interest so that you can personally visit them later if you wish to do so. Most tour operators will try to fit in as many things as they can in a tour package. There are some packages where you will be in two nations on the same day. It may also be that the places are quite far away from each other. You may spend a lot of the day traveling from one location to the other. This is the reason why you should always pay close attention to the schedule. You must go for a package that is suited to your needs. If you want a relaxing vacation, opt for a package that allows you to do so.


What’s in, what’s not



You must take a look at the list of exclusions and inclusions also. Many packages include insurance, visa fees, and a charge of goods and service tax. Some packages also do not include the city tax paid in various locations or dinners and lunches. They include entrance fees, transfers, coach tours, all meals, and the cost of a visa. But they do not include the compulsory porterage and tip that occurs daily. Also, the cost of suggested excursions and tours is not included. So, you will have to pay extra if you want to avail of them.


One more issue can be the food. Many packages include meals. But it will be from a set menu, and not everyone may take a liking to it. Frequent tourists who avail of such travel packages complain about the food. They feel that food quality does not remain up to the mark because the tour operators try to cut as many costs as possible. The food options are also found to be limited by many. There may be times when you love your vegetarian food, and there may only be non-vegetarian options available on the whole trip.


Some Final Suggestions


Tourists who have a fixed cost in mind or those who cannot plan a vacation on their own can go for leisure travel packages. They are great for senior citizens, families, and first-time tourists. You must find out everything about any financial product before you start investing. It is also good to know what is being offered and what is not before you book a package for yourself. The information on the brochure or the tour operator’s website may not be sufficient. Then you may visit or call the tour operator to find out more. For example, you can find out if the cost of refreshments, transportation, and entrance fees are factored in. It will be easy for you to carry sufficient money and pay for these things if you know what is included and what is not. So, pack your suitcases and get ready to embark on your dream vacation.



Leisure travel packages are holidays or excursions that put together various services to create one single trip. They usually take in things such as meals, accommodation, or transport. They may also have the provision of a leader or a tour guide. Such trips can be short or long in distance and duration. They may be an overnight package or only for a day. They could even be for more than a month. So are you ready to book your leisure vacation package? 





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