4 Hacks To Find Cheap Flights To Save Money While Traveling

If you love traveling like us at Leisure, you will realize soon that most of your disposable income goes toward traveling. So, just like you, we are also scrounging for various tips to save money while traveling. There are few tips that we found out recently, which nobody is paying any attention to. 


There is no surprise that the most cost-consuming part of traveling is flight bookings, which is why we will start our tips to booking flights to save money while traveling.


We have brought to you four excellent flight-related tips and hacks that are newfound, amazing, and cost-effective. 


With these tips, you might not be able to save hundreds of dollars per trip, but considering traveling is a long game, sooner or later, whatever little you save with the help of these tips will add up and end up saving you thousands of dollars overall. These tips are extremely helpful in today’s scenario. 


1. Use a VPN while booking flights. 



It might sound absurd; however, travel sites consider your location and cookies to determine your flights’ price. An easy way to eliminate cookies is to use Google incognito or on some other browser. This way, you are searching for flights without saving any cookies or your search history. 


This might sound like a repeated hack. This is why in addition to this, we also need a VPN now. We require a VPN to change our country altogether on the website. You should choose a location with a lower GDP or income, and the travel site you are making your bookings will take that into account. 


For example, if you fly from JFK, try changing your booking country from the USA to India or Bangladesh. You will most probably see a $70-$75 difference in an instant if you use a VPN to book the flights. You can also change your country from your country to the country where the flight originates. So, if you are traveling on Brussels Airlines, for instance, try changing your country to Belgium, and you will see the difference in the overall cost. This way you can save a lot of money on your flight bookings. 


What VPN can you use?


You can go for NordVPN, a top-rated VPN in the App Store and super reliable and fast. You can also use ExpressVPN, another excellent option for flight bookings, which is entirely risk-free. 


2. Fly Flexible 



The best way to save money while traveling is to be as flexible as you can regarding your location, dates, and other factors. You can simply go to the website skyscanner.com and type in your location. For example, Bali, and type in everywhere you want to travel to in the second tab on the website instead of just one location. The website will then show you the cheapest spots in the world with proximity to Bali. 


However, if you think you cannot be flexible about the location, make sure you are flexible with your dates. In this case, search for flights on Google flights, which will give you an entire calendar for the month and the corresponding prices for each day. Also, while you are at it, try using Google Flight Alerts to save up money for future trips and flight bookings.  

Hot Tip: Booking for flights between Monday and Thursday is statistically 5% cheaper than booking your flights during the weekends. 


3. Use Compensair Air



Compensair can help you in many ways you thought it would not be able to or were not possible. 


Compensair Air is a company that offers you up to almost $295 in compensation for your issues with flights in Europe. It works closely in connection with a law in the European Union that offers you compensation for delayed flights, flight cancellations, or even rescheduling of flights. So, anything you find inconvenient when traveling to Europe, you can be compensated. 


So even if there are weather disturbances because your flight has to be canceled or rerouted to another location, wasting your vacation days in transit, you can be compensated for the same with the help of compensair. 


You can use this website when traveling to Europe. Simply sign up; it should not take over 3-4 minutes; type in your flight details, and voila! You are done. After a few emails and a month, you will be compensated with almost $295 in your bank account. 


The Compensair model consists of lawyers, so you do not have to get into any major hassles. The lawyers will handle your concerns, and you just have to provide them with the details. So sit back and relax and never fret over another flight being canceled or delayed!

PS: You are eligible for any delayed flights, canceled, rerouted, or denied boardings in the last six years. Enjoy! 


4. Use Skiplagged 



The concept of Skiplagged is genius. The company is exposing all the loopholes in the airline industry to help you save money while traveling. 


The catch here is that you will require to exit your flight at a layover instead of the final destination to save your money. 


To explain this further, let’s assume you are traveling from Atlanta to Orlando. The regular price for the flight would be around $250. Skiplagged will look at other flights for you, with layovers, like a flight to Dallas, which has a layover in Orlando, which can end up helping you save money while traveling. The flight duration would not be long; you are simply taking the same time and exiting the journey at your desired layover. The concept is perfectly legal, so you do not have to feel guilty about being sneaky here. 


In fact, in the previous years, United Airlines tried to sue Skiplagged, but the company won the case, so there you go. 


However, this concept is only legal in cases where you are traveling on a shorter journey with only carry-on luggage. So, if you are traveling to Orlando as your layover through this website, your luggage will end up in Dallas for where the flight was originally headed to. This tip benefits light, minimalist travelers, and even people going around for a smaller period. 


So, there you go. With these fantastic hacks, you can save money while traveling in an easy, risk-free manner. Though not at once, overall, you will see the savings reflecting in your bank account soon. Fulfilling, isn’t it? 



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