How to Save Money While Traveling In Albania

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 04,2021

Located in the Mediterranean, Albania is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. While its charm is unknown to most people, there’s so much to get mesmerized by its magnificence. From a couple of gorgeous beaches to the food, the culture, architecture, and historical monuments, there is so much that you can’t dare to ignore it if you know what traveling is all about.


This is my fourth trip to this European destination! Many of my friends and colleagues have asked whether I was still ready to book Albania vacation packages, even after four trips to this place. They are stunned at why I am so much into it. I like Albania for the peace, the history I get to learn, and its epic national parks. For a person like me, who loves to explore stories of the past— it’s one of the best choices.


Aren’t Albania vacation packages expensive? Almost everyone who I get to meet asks this same question. But, I’m like, ‘NO’— Albania is one of the cheapest places to plan a vacation. And, you explore almost every single corner of the country without breaking your bank. 


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If you are also looking out to plan fun trips where you only relish an exciting vacation and discover some interesting stories from the past, without thinking much, just book Albania vacation packages. And I’ve created this article to help you with how you can save money while traveling in Albania. So let’s discover what’s there for you. Here we go:


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Money and Costs on Albania Vacation



The euro (€), Lek (plural lekë)


Less than €50

Dorm bed


Lunch or dinner in local restaurants 


Car hire per day


Short taxi trip


Intercity furgon (minibus) ride: 


Double room in a budget hotel


Admission to museums


Top Tirana restaurant Restaurants 


Cheap meal



Here Tips You’ll Need to Remember While Traveling on The Streets of Albania:


Tipping on Albania Vacation


In Albania, restaurant tipping is usually acceptable. The restaurant’s staffs appreciate 10% of the tip of what you have spent, which can vary depending on the type of restaurant you are dining in. Also, people consider it a polite gesture to keep some change while leaving the restaurant. So, don’t forget to make some people on your way happy— the locals will appreciate you for this.


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Bargaining in Albania



I have had collected a couple of exciting souvenirs from Albania, and it also includes a lot of dresses that I often wear for my office. And, my colleagues are so curious to know where I got it from. Most of the time, my answer would be, I own this beautiful piece because I booked an Albania vacation package last month when you refused to come with me. I can buy these dresses because it’s easy to bargain in Albania— you can wrangle haggling over the price around the shops and in the markets selling souvenirs. 


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ATMs in Albania



You can easily spot ATMs in almost every part of the country without any hassle. But know that credit cards are generally acceptable through high-end hotels, shops. And eateries. So, I always suggest anyone planning an Albania vacation package— they must always carry some cash handy to use it at places where ATMs are not accepted.


Exchange Rates & Currency in Albania



However, the euro is accepted in all parts of the country; the official Albania currency is lek (plural lekë). I recommend you use lek as in most cases; it brings better deals. Most ATMs would dispatch cash in both currencies— so don’t worry. The Albanian currencies are available in the denominations of 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, 200, and 100 lekë. Coins are also available. Experts at would keep updating you about Albania vacation packages, deals, and other information that might help you travel confidently, making sure you do not have to spend extravagant amounts. 


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Note: I wanted to focus on this for my readers to exchange the currency before leaving Albania because lek can’t be exchanged outside of the country.



Exchange Rates






79.45 lekë



109.70 lekë



82.95 lekë

Euro Zone


124.40 lekë



140.70 lekë

New Zealand


74.40 lekë



97.15 lekë


Here are7 tips that helped me save money while Traveling in Albania:


1. Eat for Less



Why spend your hard-earned money on something you can get for less? One primary reason I like Albania because it’s beautiful, from the food to the landscape & everything — and all of it can cost you just a few dollars, specifically if you are smart enough. 


Eating in Albania is cheap if you know the drill! Except for the bigger cities like Tirana, eating your meal will hardly make any difference to your Albania vacation package. However, to order tasty mutton and grilled lamin in the smaller cities, you would need to spend just a few dollars. And, if you wish to eat something extra delicious at a cheaper cost— the Balkan burek is an excellent choice for that matter. 


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2. Staying with the Locals



If you want to save a few dollars on your accommodation, stay with a local— believe me, it will save a considerable part of your money. Couchsurfing (which is a global hospitality exchange service) is one of the best ideas. And, that’s not just about saving money on your accommodation— but it allows you to meet some learned locals who can guide you in the best possible way to explore the country. 


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3. Choose the Right Transportation in Albania



While I recommend most people who come to me for a suggestion to walk around as much as possible for them, Albania is pretty walkable, and I am sure you would save a lot of money if you are avoiding public transport because I have relied on this technique for quite some time. 


Also, you might have to waste a lot of your time if you rely on public transportation. While buses & taxis are almost everywhere available, but you must double-check the schedule before stepping out if you want to save your time for a walk through the town. 


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4. Enjoy a lot of Time in the Outdoors.



Albania outdoors is pretty beautiful, and on all my trips, I have spent a massive part of my vacation in the outdoors— and believe me, it works. You not only save money, but you save your soul too! You would find several exciting hiking trails in different parts of the country where you can enjoy adventure and see a couple of mind-blowing views. 


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5. Avoid Using Banks for Money Exchange



While most visitors get trapped into exchanging money in Albania with banks, that’s not suggested if you want to save some extra bucks. When I booked my first Albania vacation package, I was not that adept at this, and when I landed at the Tirana airport, there were so many bank staff offering money exchange services. At that time, it looked easy for me, and I thought it’s the best way out, but later I realized, it drove a considerable part of the money I have had set aside for this vacation. So, it would be better if you could avoid doing it at the airport.


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6. Enjoy Wild Camping on Albania Vacation



Do you know you can go camping anywhere in Albania? And it’s legal! You can travel around in your tent or the camper van. So, why not take advantage of this? It will not only save the money you have set aside for your Albania vacation package, but this will be quite an adventurous experience. I have experienced camping on my short Albania vacation, and believe me, guys, I have not even experienced something like this while staying in the high-end resorts & hotels.


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7. Get an ISIC Card



Even those who have already traveled to Albania do not know that they can save about 20-50% of their spending while visiting various tourist destinations like museums and monuments if they have ISIC Card. This card typically works where you cannot use a foreign student ID card. ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is proof of bona fide that is accepted internationally. It authenticates your validity as a student, making you eligible for a range of benefits & discounts. 



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