Choose Luxury Albania Tours To Save Money While Traveling?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 29,2021

Usually, for most people, holiday travel can be expensive. But you can bring down the expenses while traveling with the right strategy. Here are some tips which will help you to save money while traveling.


1. Tourism: 


The root of travel and tourism can be traced down to religion which promoted travel to holy shrines. This pilgrimage travel has also become a time for relaxation. This travel paved the way for travelers to explore new cultures and experience customs other than their usual environment. Pilgrims then also manifested the same features of today's tourism, such as gathering at a place, enjoying local sights, and experiencing bounded cuisine, bringing home some souvenirs, etc. Later, traveling became the symbol of wealth and status for the aristocracy. Over time, people started to take the initiative for holiday travel. The advancements in technology made it likely for more people to explore further in a short time. 


Hotel rates, public transportation, everyday purchases such as meals burn a massive hole in travelers' pockets. In major cities, especially during holidays, you have to pay double for these amenities.


How can we save money while traveling? If you take care of some things, you can save a fair amount of money while traveling. 


2. Book your tickets early:



Airfare is one of the most high-priced parts of any trip. One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to book your flight about two-three months in advance of your travel. It is always a great idea to search multiple websites and compare the price of the ticket. And finally, book the tickets. Early Booking is always the best way to save your money on flight tickets.


3. Travel during the off-season



The second best possible way to save money while traveling is to travel during the off-season. During the major holidays like Easter, Christmas, summer vacations, Hotel rates, public transportation, everyday purchases such as meals are costly. You can also consider avoiding peak demand by choosing the very start or the very end of the holidays to save money while traveling. During school time, families are less likely to go on a vacation. And if you are traveling in winter, you can get hotels up to a 40% discount. These are some perfect times to plan your travel at the lowest price. 


4. Explore a place in detail



It is always a good idea to explore one region or country in depth rather than springing from place to place. In this case, you don't have to spend long hours in transit, but you can also save a fair sum on transportation expenses such as airfare or expensive train tickets while traveling.


5. Use local transport 



Local transportation is another area where you have to spend a lot of money traveling apart from the flight tickets. A rental car is not at all essential when visiting a major city in Europe. Most countries have such an extensive local transportation network of trains and local buses that connect many small towns and rural tourist attractions to don't need a car even to visit the countryside. 


If you are planning to travel all over the continent, you can use the passes. Just like European countries provide Eurail pass. Eurail Pass is a train ticket that permits you to travel in and through 28 European countries on trains and some ferries. By making use of public transportation facilities, you can save the right amount while traveling.


Now let us see how we can save money on your eating while traveling?


1. Shop from grocery



Buying fruits, bottled water, and snacks from grocery shops rather than tourist shops will help you to save money while traveling. You will only have to pay what the locals ask for and often get a more comprehensive selection, too. 


2. Start loving brunch


If your hotel rate includes the amount of breakfast, then make sure that you take advantage of it. If not, making lunch your big meal of the day can help you have many dishes at half of their price. You can even have it from roadside shops which will be so cheap. Try to find authentic and affordable food. You can even ask locals or the hotel concierge to suggest affordable restaurants in that area. Eat only once a day from outside. If you wish to have a grand meal, you can try out any gourmet restaurant for lunch rather than dinner because many restaurants offer great value set menus and business lunches. Having brunch is another tip to save money during your trip.


3. Shop locally and cook yourself



Check out farmer's markets and see what the natives are buying. Buy your groceries from local markets. Most of the hostels and holiday rentals across Europe provide cooking facilities. If you are staying in a holiday rental, you can cook in the kitchen. Cooking by yourself will also help you to save money while you travel.


4. Stay away from the city center


Another tip to save money while traveling is to find a stay away from the central part of the city. If you are ready to stay outside the city's central region, you can find hotels at comparatively less amount. In most of the cities, the rates of hotels away from the city center are low.


5. Book a budget hotel chain



Try to book your stay in a budget hotel chain while traveling. If you are expecting a comfortable night's stay at a reasonable rate, then these budget hotel chains are a great option that helps you in saving money while traveling. Renting an apartment is the next best option, but you should also consider hostels to look for cheaper alternatives. To save money while traveling, you can again try out something like University Rooms, quads.


If you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation for your journey, check out the Facebook groups related to your destination's budget-friendly accommodation. Search more on google, and even you can ask your travel agent to book a budget-friendly accommodation. This can also save money while traveling to Europe.


6. Museum entrance fees, and entertainment fee saving



Many Museums worldwide grant free admission on some specific days or some nights of the week at certain times of the month. If you wish to visit museums and discover the cultural and historical inheritance of medieval cities for free entrance, check ahead of time and plan your visit. 

You can also search for free concerts or performances in local areas such as churches, parks, and other public venues. Newspapers and online entertainment listings can help you find this out. 


7. Use credit card


Instead of using your debit card, use your credit card. And also, maximum avoid withdrawing money from an ATM abroad. When you withdraw cash from an ATM abroad, you can get an abysmal exchange rate from your bank. And they will charge a fee for every withdrawal. Try not to buy your travel currency from the airport.


Having a budget is a brilliant way to keep yourself on track. These are some best means to save money while traveling.

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