12 Awesome Ways to Travel Around the World for Free

Is there any way to travel the world for free? It might sound unrealistic but if you know where to look you can turn this half-baked notion into reality. There are some real ways to travel the world for free. It could be — getting a job that requires you to travel, house-sitting, or pet-sitting for free accommodation, or maybe you can volunteer on a farm for traveling for free. So, even if you do not have a fat travel fund, it is possible to see the awesome world. With tourism growing like never before, there are plenty of ways to travel for free or maybe enjoy a cheap vacation. 


While some of these ways will pay for your accommodation on your vacation some will pay for all the expenses on the trip. And, these opportunities exist all around the world, but you can’t make your dream of going on a vacation for free without doing your bit to reach out to the place where they belong — You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs! Pick your vacation destination and look for different ways for frugal or free vacations. In this article, we’ll be briefing you about all those possibilities where you can travel for free. 


12 Awesome Ways to Travel the World for Free


“You need not even listen, just wait…the world will offer itself freely to you, unmasking itself”. – Franz Kafka


If you hear the voice of your heart calling your wanderlust, do not dare not to dare — even if you’ve nothing to spend, you can make it one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Let’s take a look at some exciting ways to travel for free.


Housesit or petsit



House Sitting or pet sitting is one of the awesome ways to travel the world for free. There are several online boards where you can advertise your house sitting services (they might charge a nominal fee but that’s ok). And, if you are looking out for long at your vacation spot, there are country-specific sites that will get you hired for your house sitting services. You can even travel for a year without paying any rent by housesitting — it's just an easy exchange of taking the dog for a walk or maybe watering the plants. And, keep this clear — it is not just about your vacation, it’s also a commitment, the house owners are hiring you to take care of their home. But that’s fun learning to look after someone else’s home. 


Volunteer on a Farm



Volunteering on a farm is one of the best ways to travel around the world for free. WWOOF offers an opportunity to live and work on farms for people who are looking for free room and board. You can travel anywhere around the world for free by doing this job including — Asia, Europe, South America or Australia. Isn’t it fun working on the pineapple farm in Costa Rica or on a vineyard in Tuscany? So, if you are participating in a WWOOF, you’ll be expected to work for around four to six hours a day on an organic farm. And, after your work hours, you can venture on your exploration of the city. 


Use Your Skills to Travel around the World


You can work around your way to travel the world for your skills — may be a craft, a tech skill, or anything you can sell and get paid for. There are a number of online platforms where you can register yourself to get work for traveling. There are thousands of employment opportunities across the globe for working travelers. You can get hired here to build your reputation & get paid for traveling in different parts of the world. 


Organize a group tour



There are companies around the world that will pay you for organizing group tours. These group organizers are often referred to as the group leader by these tour organizing companies. But you just have to convince and gather people for the tour — you’ll not be responsible for guiding the members during the trip. As the group leader, you’ll be required to handle the administrative aspects of the tour like — what spots the group will be covering & how many members are participating. It’s easy & fun for any globetrotter!


Teach English Overseas



Teaching English overseas is one of the best ways to travel around the world for free. You fill your bank with thousands of dollars by teaching English while you travel and use that money for your travel expenses. There are many countries around the world  — Thailand, South Korea, and more — where you can teach & earn for your trip. All you need for this is a degree in language & fluency. The world is looking for efficient teachers and there are companies that might pay for your flight bookings. 


Look for the Best Credit Card Rewards



You can even get free air tickets for your trip through the best credit card rewards. A lot of credit cards are offering plenty of exciting benefits — some credit cards discounted & free companion vouchers every year. You can use your reward points to get a free air ticket for yourself and free flight tickets for your companion. Your credit card rewards might be maximized by booking your flights using your card. But here, you’ll have to be very careful making sure you don’t spend too much in the name of saving money.


Become a Travel Blogger



Today, traveling is more than a trend — there are different types of travel personalities. One of them is the people who are so much indulgent in traveling that they turn their zeal for traveling into a profession. These explorers are travel bloggers — this is one of the best ways to travel around the world for free. But travel blogging is a crowded field today —- after all who doesn't want to get paid for traveling to some of the most exotic locations around the world. So if you want to travel for free around the world (not exactly free but an exchange of service) then become a travel blogger. 


Relocating vehicles



So if you want to go for a road trip but you’re really tight on your budget — you can offer your service to relocate vehicles from one place to another. This will help you with free transportation making your vacation relatively cheaper. There are plenty of car rental companies around the world and you can enquire through one of these agencies in the region where you are traveling to check with them if they are in need of relocation drivers. Another way is pitching advertisements offering your services — people in need of the service will reach out to you. 


Stay at a Fellow Traveler’s Home 



There are plenty of websites that will help you discover travelers from around the world who keep their homes open for other fellow travelers. There is a network of people who are all open to offer their homes — they just want to build a strong profile and do not have to pay anything for sleeping on their spare couch. But you can always extend help by preparing dinner or maybe by gardening for them. It is not a big deal for these house owners to offer space for young packers for washing their clothes or eating a few meals. 


House Swap



There are agencies around the world that help travelers to get into a house swapping deal for mutual benefits. There are only some nominal annual membership charges upon availing which you can get into a deal of house swapping and can live in someone else’s home for free during your vacation. This is usually possible when your home is located in one of the top tourist spots and you should make sure to book the house swap much in advance. 


Cook Your Own Meals



Undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money while you travel is cooking more & eating out less. So, if you want to travel the world for free, you must cook all your meals throughout the trip. You can save hundreds of dollars if you are cooking all your meals on your own. You can always pack some pieces of cutlery or containers — to help yourself cook in case there’s no kitchen at your homestay. Of course, you know that — not all meals will need a stove — traveling is about exploration it does not mean eating every meal in any exotically expensive restaurant. 


Carpool or hitchhike


If you are looking out for cheap travel — catching up with someone riding in the same direction would save a lot of money. It’s not any less than traveling for free, you can cover miles of distance without needing to pay anything. Hitchhiking does not only save money for you but it allows you to meet a bunch of wonderful people and learn from them while you are traveling. And, if you have your own vehicle, it is good to find people offering them to join your journey — this way you can cut down on the cost of traveling. But, you’ll, of course, need a lot of planning beforehand, if you think about carpooling and about saving some extra bugs. Carpooling and hitchhike rides are not only cheaper ways to travel around the world but it gets you an opportunity for eco-friendly travel and to meet your travel companion on the way. 


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