5 Best Things to Do on a Hawaii Vacation

Author: Sonali Pathak

There is no reason anyone would not want to plan a Hawaii vacation! Hawaii is one of the top travel destinations popular among globetrotters across the world. All inundated with volcanoes, waterfalls, luxury resorts, Michel-starred restaurants, and black-sand beaches, you can’t stop yourself from planning Hawaii vacation packages— and that too when you have read this article until the end. In addition to all of this, this panoramic archipelago is a heaven for adventure seekers— and the plenty of coffee plantations & cultural centers are just about incredible. Some of the prettiest islands on the archipelago include Kauai, Maui, the Big Island, and Oahu. 


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Hawaii is indeed one of the most favorite travel destinations for honeymooners and people looking for family vacations. But that does not mean that many party seekers out there cannot have fun in this mesmerizing part of the country. In addition to the gorgeous beaches, the state has many places for different types of vacationers & luxury-seekers. Hawaii never fails to make it a memorable vacation for you! On my Hawaii vacation, the most intriguing thing that I came across was the weather— it’s almost pleasant throughout the year. And, I could not stop thinking about the Hawaii culture we might never think of— it’s certainly something unique that you would not see anywhere else. 



5 Best things to do on a Hawaii Vacation

1.Visit North Shore Beach, Oahu

2.Visit Punalu’u Black Sand Beach 

3.Go to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

4.Sunrise on Haleakala

5.Sailing the Napali Coast, Kauai


In this article, we thought of sharing with you some of the best things to do in Hawaii. This list is real— the leisure team has worked hard to get this list done for you. Without any further ado, let’s start with learning how you can keep yourself entertained on your Hawaii vacation. 


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Let’s get started:


1. Visit North Shore Beach, Oahu



The North Shore Beach is heaven for you if you are an adventure seeker! Spend an entire day on the north coast, Oahu, and you will feel like never coming back— all day adventure under the sun is just amazing. Two of the most popular surfing spots are located here— Waimea Bay & Banzai Pipeline. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about how the Hawaiian royalty gets themselves involved in surfing and about its history. You can enjoy a myriad of adventurous activities here through your Hawaii vacation— including surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming & canoeing. When you are in Oahu, never forget to enjoy the pineapple ice cream on the Dole Plantation on your next Hawaii vacation.


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2. Visit Punalu’u Black Sand Beach 



Punaluʻu beach is one of the most popular of all the sand beaches in Hawaii. Most people love this place for its gorgeous black sand and the freedom of turtle spotting. You can very easily spot some green turtles and the endangered Hawksbill turtles catching up on Sun on the beach. The black sand of the Punalu’u Beach is actually from the lava that reaches the ocean. From my personal experience, I can assure you that this will be one of the unique things that you would see on your Hawaii vacation. Punaluu beach on the Big Island can be reached very conveniently, and there’s too much to do and see. And, the adventure-seekers can also enjoy a couple of activities, including snorkeling, swimming, camping & coastal hiking. I enjoy everything thoroughly on my Hawaii vacation. Are you too excited?


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3. Go to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park



If you are planning Hawaii vacations, you cannot even think about skipping the Volcanoes National Park. For most ardent vacation lovers, this spot is mandatory on their bucket list. If you are planning a Hawaii vacation for the first time and do not have much about it— let me help you with everything about Volcanoes National Park you must know. The national park has mesmerizing views, an active volcano, fascinating geology, ancient petroglyphs, and many miles of lava tubes. It is one of the rare islands where you would see a volcano in developing land. On my Hawaii vacation, the most I enjoyed in Volcanoes National Park was a drive through the Crater Rim. You get to the spectacular view on this drive and stop at several spots to hike in a pleasantly unique land. 


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4. Sunrise on Haleakala



This would be one of the prettiest things to witness on any Hawaii vacation! But only the early birds can witness this astounding beauty— you at least have to sacrifice your sleep if you do not want to miss the mesmerizing sunrise on Haleakala. When you see the sunrise from above the island shores, you would be wowed by the beauty that exists on this earth. Watching the morning sunlight spreading dramatically across the crater floor of the volcano is simply magical. On my Hawaii vacation, watching the sunrise from the Haleakala was one of the best parts. Do not forget to witness this immense beauty from an elevation of 10,000 feet (3,050 m) on the Haleakala summit on the Magical Maui island. 


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5. Sailing the Napali Coast, Kauai



Does the Nepali soul nourish the soul for real?  From my experience, I can say yes, but to experience, you will have to plan a Hawaii vacation and incorporate it into your leisure travel packages. If you are traveling to Kauai without sailing through the steep emerald cliffs, lovely cascading waters, lush valleys through the Napali Coast — your trip would be incomplete for sure. You can explore the heart-capturing NMepali coast in three ways— by air, foot, or by the sea— but you will have some fantastic experiences in all of these cases. The Nepali coastline spread in around 11 miles will amaze you— you’ll move your eyes around from the hanging valley to the razor-back ridges; it’s like beauty & adventure everywhere around. Also, on your tour to the Nepali coast, you can enjoy some adventure activities, including snorkeling, whale watching, and sightseeing. 


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