Smart Tips To Follow On How To Save Money While Traveling

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The more you travel, the better.

Many of us prefer not to splurge too much money while traveling. We may opt for the best leisure travel packages offered by companies, but even then, we can see the budget limit is crossed. It may or may not be intentional because a part of traveling is to expect unexpected expenses. Having a strategy to ensure your wallet is loaded is well-liked by all.


So, we have compiled a list of smart tips on how to save money while traveling.


1. Look for what’s free!



Numero Uno, while you are researching for places to visit, opt for those that are open for free. Even better, look for free activities. Say, participating in a local festival that does not charge an admission fee. It makes sense for it to be on top of the list on how to save money while traveling.


Walk around the location and familiarize yourself. Chat with the locals and learn more about the activities to try out and are free. Museums are also a great option as they usually do not have en entry fees. Or otherwise, they have ‘pay what you can’ day in a week. Even an admission discount is a thing for many.


Some of the best leisure travel packages add free activities to ensure that their packages are reasonably priced.


2. Kitchen Area Rooms



You might whine about how you don’t want to cook on vacation. You don’t have to. But with kitchen area rooms, you get a refrigerator and microwaves. Often hotels have a buffet for lunch etc., from where you can pack some extra food which will act as your dinner. Refrigerate it to keep it fresh and microwave it to eat it hot.


Also, some people prefer to cook for themselves, so if you are one of them, this is a bonus.

Why this solution?

This is one of the most extensive answers to how to save money while traveling.


Because food costs can rack up pretty fast. Even with extensive research of the place, the charges can exceed your budget. Food is an unavoidable expense. Not to mention, room service can be costly too.


3. Shop locally!



Local stores and farmer’s markets can be your pocket’s savior’s if you plan to cook food. These places sell food and snacks at a lower price with discounts in place.

Not to add, these are the places where you can interact with the local culture more personally. It gives one an experience of what the cuisine is without having to visit high-brow restaurants.


Best leisure travel packages may not have additional food costs included in them, so local stores and farmers’ markets are your new friends.


4. Transportation



If you are booking your hotel before, make sure to check out the locality online as well. This is another outlet on how to save money while traveling.


The location matters. Say, if you pick up a hotel in the heart of the city, the rooms may be pricey, but they are bound to save you transportation costs as you can easily walk everywhere. And public transport is readily available to you. Pick the hotel that is closer to the attractions you plan to visit. If it is located far away, opt for public transport. That way you can pick on a local’s brain and learn more about the place.


5. Carry your own food!



If you are on a family outing and even alone, carry your own food. This way, you will not splurge money on snacks all the way—pack in some non-perishable snacks, like granola bars, chips, etc. Along with food, carry your own water as well. Look for places where you can refill your bottle. This saves a large sum of money. Additionally, you have the snacks of your choice with you in case you do not like the local food. Best leisure travel packages have a set location where they stop for food. But if you feel hungry mid-way, you have got some snacks on you.

But if there are local treats that are available in that area only, then don’t stop yourself from spending money on that. It will be worth it. This is one of the essential pieces of advice on how to save money while traveling.


6. Use points/ miles for hotels



Even if you travel once a year, opt for chain hotels and airlines that reward flyer miles. The reward structure for hotels is helpful for overnight stays. These can be used for free. Try to plan your stay at these hotels and fly by the same airlines to earn miles.


7. Public Transportation Passes and tourism cards



Public Transportation Passes can come in handy if you plan to stay in the city for longer than five days. You can use these passes on subways, buses, etc., and get a discounted fare.


As for tourism cards, these fancy passes have their own benefits. This allows you entry into restaurants, attractions, shops, parks, etc., without waiting in long lines. Some exclusive cafes might even give you a discount. If you plan to stay awhile, get yourself one of these as this has significance in how to save money while traveling.

Many best leisure travel packages offer these cards along with the deals. This allows the tourists' to look around the city when they are free.


8. Book the room according to the need!



If you do not plan to stay in the room for more extended periods except nights, then book the cheaper room that comes with basic amenities.


If you plan to stay at a cozy cabin with a great view in the mountains and plan to use the hot tub and other luxury facilities, then splurge that money on the exclusive suite.

But if the plan is to go outside, then opt for a standard room. This is the ideal tip on how to save money while traveling.


9. Choose the hotel outside city limits



This does not mean you will stray away too far. Just a mile or two away from where you are paying for the room, not for closeness to the city’s attractions. It is usually suggested to avoid closer to hotspots as hotels, cafes, etc., tend to charge more.


Best leisure travel packages offer to include hotels that are a few meters away from the city limits. One can always hitch a ride and get there. 


This list of “how to save money while traveling” is based on a city’s popularity and tourist influx. Like, The Vatican in Italy, it is observed that the hotels closer to the tourist spots charge more. But in the case of Cefalù, a small town in Sicily, Italy, the rooms are less pricey. 


10. Go for Apartments and hostels



Opt for services like Airbnb, HomeAway, which provide the best tourist apartment on rent. For both families and solo trippers. Hotels can get expensive if one is traveling with their families.


However, if you are flying solo, check out hostels in the area. You will get to meet some great people who might share the same passions as you. Not to mention this is a great place to learn more about the destination and meet a fellow traveler.


11. Off-season Tours and Budget making



The charm of visiting a city in a celebratory mood is enchanting, but for those looking to save money, avoid the holiday season. While the hearts may be generous, businesses are not. This is the best time for them to earn profits, and they often overcharge tourists.

Also, if you want to know how to save money while traveling then first make a budget. Secondly, stick to it. It happens that we get carried away and wish to buy a lot of things and treat ourselves. To treat oneself, look for other ways to conserve money so you can buy loads of souvenirs.


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