National Cheese Lovers Day 2022 - Top Destinations To Eat Cheese

January 20th is a ‘gouda’ day to come over and enjoy some cheddar, asiago, and fontina!


Every year, January 20 is celebrated as National Cheese Lovers Day, and it’s the perfect time to be a little cheesy. It is a day dedicated to celebrating different types of cheese and taking some time to relish it. While it is an ultimate celebration for cheese connoisseurs, the day is also for everyone to appreciate the salty, tangy, delicious goodness of cheese. 


Cheese, indeed, has been important to history from the Neolithic age to modern society. Although it had a mysterious history of over 7,000 years, it has now become incredibly popular. To our surprise, one-third of the total milk production in the United States goes into the production of delectable cheese. Hence, it has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. From bread to fruits and vegetables to wine to chocolates, people love to pair cheese with everything. Besides its existence, what makes it interesting is its variety. There are many types of cheeses made all over the world. However, some places are highly-known for their quality of cheese. Visiting such destinations on National Cheese Lovers Day is one of the best ways to relish cheese. 


If you are a cheese-a-holic and craving to sample a wide selection of cheeses, then below are the destinations you should be visiting on the occasion of National Cheese Lovers Day 2022. Exploring these places will help you expand your cheese horizons and assist you in finding your new favorite type. So, scroll down and learn about the destinations that are home to some of the most celebrated and delicious cheese in the world. 


Sneak-Peek Into The List Of Best Destinations For Cheese Lovers:


1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2. Switzerland

4. Madison, Wisconsin

5. Normandy, France

6. La Mancha, Spain

7. Emilia-Romagna, Italy

8. Toronto, Canada

9. Oaxaca, Mexico


Take a deeper look into these cheese destinations before you visit them on National Cheese Lovers Day 2022. 


1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands



If cheese is ‘love at first bite’ for you, Amsterdam is the perfect destination to visit on National Cheese Lovers Day 2022. It is not only the home for a cheese museum but also has the greatest cheese market in entire Europe. Visiting this place, you will get to discover the freshest and tastiest cheese of all types, including Edam and Gouda. Apart from its taste, you will also learn about the 600-year rich history of Dutch cheese. If you are planning a visit, one of the best places to gorge on cheese is Alkmaar Cheese Market. This market features an unlimited assortment of local cheeses that will definitely uplift your taste buds. 


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2. Switzerland


Considered the home of raclette, the meltiest, creamiest cheese dish around the world, Switzerland is definitely one of the best places to visit on National Cheese Lovers Day. This country is well known for providing the world with Swiss cheese, which has a distinct flavor of raw alpine milk. Here you can find numerous local cheese makers while admiring the stunning scenery on your vacation. Among all the destinations in Switzerland, Bern Canton, Valais, and Gruyeres are a must-visit. While Swiss cheese is commonly found in different parts of the world, trying them out in these places is definitely a treat for every cheese-a-holic. 


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3. Madison, Wisconsin


If you are in the U.S., you need not travel outside the country to fulfill your cheese cravings. However, you can pay a visit to Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is renowned as the “Cheese State” of America and for all the right reasons, of course. It is the Dairyland of the country with over 600 different varieties of cheese. Among all its offerings, cheddar is the one that people from all over the world highly love. Wisconsin, Madison is among the largest commercial cheese producers and one of the best places to devour an extensive selection of local cheeses. Make sure you stop by Fromagination on National Cheese Lovers Day and treat your tastebuds with the best.


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4. Normandy, France



If you are a cheese connoisseur, you might be aware that France in Europe is the home to the most iconic and adored fromage in the world. Among all the regions, Normandy is highly known for the creamiest French cheese– Camembert. It is a delicious cheese based on a picturesque historic town with a beautiful coastline and tailor-made landscapes for cheese production. Normandy is the birthplace of centuries-old cheese and also has a famous museum in the shape of cheese. Visiting this place you can try your hands on local rural fromageries and get an opportunity to learn about the manufacturing and remarkable history of camembert. 


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5. La Mancha, Spain


Spain is yet another destination that we highly recommend visiting on National Cheese Lovers Day. While there are multiple places in the country where you can find some outstanding cheese offerings, La Mancha tops the list. It is a famous region among foodies to try the flavorful cheese– Manchego. Apart from cheese, this place is a big-wine-producing area in Spain, making it perfect for enjoying cheese with a delicious glass of wine. However, if you are planning a trip to Spain, Asturias is also a great place to stop by and try over 100 types of cheese. Although it is famous for Cabrales cheese, this place has ample variety to keep you going. 


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6. Emilia-Romagna, Italy


Italy is the land of mozzarella, rich gorgonzola, spicy provolone, and creamy ricotta. While the entire country is famous for producing a variety of cheese, Emilia-Romagna is highly known for its Parmesan cheese, which is the king of all Italian cheeses. This region is one of the wealthiest areas in Europe and is the birthplace of Bolognese sauce, Parma ham, and balsamic vinegar, apart from cheese. Here, you can venture into local shops, enjoy some authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, and observe the manufacturing process firsthand. Other than this, you must also get your hands on Squacquerone di Romagna and Provolone Valpadana to make your National Cheese Lovers Day memorable. 


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7. Toronto, Canada



While Toronto might not be as famous as America for its cheese, it is highly recognized for having a plethora of fantastic locations to dine and buy cheese items. This place has an impressive farmer’s market, where you can easily get lots of quality cheeses to fall in love with. St. Lawrence Market is the best place to start with among all the places. This market has a lot of cheese vendors because of which it won’t be hard to find the one that is a perfect treat for your tastebuds. Apart from this, poutine is a famous Canadian cheese dish that is quite popular among cheese lovers. It is a beautiful combination of fresh cheese curds with chips and gravy that tastes divine. 


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8. Oaxaca, Mexico


Oaxaca, Mexico, is the last suggestion that we have for you to visit on the occasion of National Cheese Lovers Day. It is a mesmerizing city known worldwide for its buttery flavor and textured cheese that is easy to melt and is a great addition to Mexican dishes. This city boasts a variety of cheese delicacies that can be found in the markets and food stalls to enjoy as a snack on hot Mexican summer days. While strolling around the city and exploring its trip attractions, you can eat many cheese food items. With so much to offer, this place is definitely a perfect destination to enjoy cheese to your heart’s delight. 



These are our top picks for you. If you are bored of sitting home and eating local cheese every year on January 20, then add these destinations to your travel plan and make the day worth remembering. Without a doubt, visiting these destinations and tasting some of the famous cheese is what National Cheese Lovers Day 2022 should be all about!



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