Your Travel Packing List for France Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 24,2020

We all plan our dream holiday in France, with vintage architecture and an amazing outlook that never fails to amaze the eyes of everyone. Lucky are those who get to enjoy the mesmerizing view of this country. If you are one of them then we surely envy you but here are the tips that our travel experts want to give you. You can ditch a few items that you probably won’t be needing there. France is a magical place, a lot many things happen every now and then. It has been the wedding choice of many millennials and celebrities. You can spend an entire life in this wonderful country. 

It has given the world many yummilicious recipes that they can not stop relishing. It is also one of the food capital of the continent. You can even plan out a recreational holiday here, there are many adventure activity spots that can give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. 

Also, it’s a perfect romantic getaway that will remain in your memories forever. There a lot of things that can you do and buy here.

It is also the fashion capital of the world. You will find all the big brands and the runway’s favorite designers here. It is a shoppers paradise and ensures that you don’t forget to bring every fortune you have as you will shop till you drop and you might need all the cash in the world. 

However, the airport authorities don’t allow you to take so many bags. Hence, we are here to guide you on what not to pack when you travel to France:

Tour Price

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Detailed Itinerary

Lots of Clothes:

Girl, you don’t need to pack a few comfortable clothes and nothing more as you are traveling to the fashion capital so why to wear regular when you can be classy. Keep enough money in hand to buy those lovely cute outfits and the fiery ones too. Just make sure you are going with enough money as it might be a little expensive here. However, there are many street markets where you will get many stylish and inexpensive clothes. You can shop for almost every budget. 

Big Bags

Never pack heavy on your vacation to a different country. You will be needing small bags and a mini backpack. Pack your travel essentials in your mini back for the ease of exploring the towns on foot. Also, you need to show your bags to the authority and it means frequently unpacking and packing. It obviously is very difficult that’s why you need to carry a mini backpack for the ease of travel.

Hair blowers

We don’t need to carry that as every hotel has this service, also, if you are planning a homestay you can ask from the owner. Why carry extra luggage when you can find it everywhere. The days and weather are always so pleasant that you will always have a good hair day. You can plan your date nights carefree without worrying about blow-drying your hair. Sometimes the hotel managers don’t feed you with this information but you need to ask at the time to check-in.

Foods or Snacks

You need to understand that this is also the food capital of the world. You will find many snacks and street food vendors here. There are a whole lot of varieties and food choices, that you will be getting here.

You can avoid the above items to make space for the items that are much needed. Packing this stuff will keep your worries away and give you a relaxing vacation.

Photocopies of Documents

It is a highly secured country and you need to check on your stuff every time. Keeping originals is a good thing. But in case you forget your originals you need to have a backup plan. You can not roam around without IDs as it is the first thing security officials will ask. Photocopies will work as your backup plan and will save you in such situations.  Keep a copy in your main bag in the hotel room and one in your mini backup just to double-up your options.

Umbrella or Raincoat

Weather in France is very unpredictable. It has always been known for its romantic vibes and weather being the major part of it. You may get rain showers anytime a day and it may spoil that makeup of yours. Make sure to carry either of it to protect yourself from rains and snow. If you don’t want to carry it, you can buy it from the country itself. However, things are quite expensive there. 


Carry an empty water bottle with you as there are public water booths everywhere in the public. The packaged items are quite expensive there and hence, it is advisable to collect water from the public booths. 

Passes and passport size photos

Yes! You can save a lot if you buy passes for public transport as the private taxis may get expensive and you may loose up your budget. You can travel around the city without being worried about cash. Also, they require your passport size pics and you need to carry it yourself.


The currency may be different and you can get the amount from the ATMs in the public places. Carrying cash increases the chances of losing it or worrying about the fake currency. France is a digital country and you can find every place accepting the cards here. Try taking on the little stash but keeping the majority of it on the card. Cards are easy to carry and use, they are also easily taken care of. 

First Aid essentials

You may or may not be able to adjust in the weather here and fall sick so for those conditions we have kept this element. First aid can carry the essential medicines to help you on the go. The easiest way is to make a list of the items you would be needing for an emergency as the medical facilities are really good here. 

Also, ensure to bring your sport or comfortable shoes as there is a lot to explore on the foot here. Bring enough bucket list as it will complete all your wisher. You may even plan to settle down here. It is one of the best trips you could have. Also, the travel packing list will clear your doubts. 

Don’t carry any alcoholic drink as France knows how to sip better. 

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