Enticing Food Festivals In the US: Paradise For Every Foodie!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 21,2021

Nothing can be better than the food festivals to know the true colors of the nation. Do you know why? This is because, attending these food festivals provides the tourists the chance to interact with the locals, enjoy the flavors, and to know the rich culture through the variety of delicacies. Other than savoring, these festivals are ideal for enhancing the traveling experience. Whether you are a true foodie or just an explorer, being part of these festivals will always be a great experience. Whenever we talk about food festivals, the US is the name that comes to mind. It is a country that is not just known for its delicacies but also loved for the food festivals it hosts. 


If you are a food lover, then this is the ultimate guide for you. Here, we have penned down some amazing food festivals that take you to the core of the country. From splendid delicacies to lip-smacking cocktails, these festivals have the best of the world. Take a look at the list of food festivals in the US and be a part of their celebration. 


Taste of Chicago




Started with just a one-day food festival, Taste of Chicago has now become one of the largest food festivals in the US. This festival is a perfect blend of tasty local cuisine, soothing music, and enjoyable events for all. Taste of Chicago draws popular chefs, revered artists, and travelers from different parts of the world. It welcomes millions of people every year and continues straight for five-days. Along the lake, this festival offers breathtaking views to hungry visitors while enjoying delightful treats. From pizzas to tacos to kebabs, foodies can find a plethora of dining experiences.

The month of Event: July

Venue: Grant Park, Chicago



New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE)




Luring more than 10,000 foodies from all over the globe, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience is an event that supports local non-profits. This is a five-day food festival that presents various delicacies from local restaurants. Alongside amazing cuisine, this festival exhibits ample famous wineries. To enjoy freshly prepared cuisine from renowned chefs of the world, you must attend this amazing event. From seminars to cooking classes to tasting booths, this festival covers everything. Not just the foodies, this festival also interests the music and art lovers. Whether you toss a glass of wine or have a delectable bite, NOWFE will surely be an unforgettable experience.


Month of event: March

Venue: Across United States



Picklesburgh Festival




Are you a pickle lover? Do you think pickles can’t go with hot dogs, pizzas, burgers, or any other cheesy stuff? If yes, then you must pay a visit to the Picklesburgh festival. It is one of the craziest events on the list of food festivals that will take you to the world of pickles. This festival reflects the country's rich pickle heritage and lets the visitors enjoy homemade creative cuisine by chefs and experts. Besides the taste of pickles in the food, this festival lets you taste the artisan cocktails with a hint of spicy pickles. Together with tasting creatives items, you can drive back from this festival with handmade merchandise.


The month of event: July

Venue: Pittsburgh


Eat Drink San Francisco




This decade-old food festival is perfect for experiencing world-class dining. It celebrates the top-rated restaurants and the chefs and offers the visitors mouthwatering food. If you are someone who loves to sip in some wine while eating delicious food, then this festival is a must-to-attend for you. Eat Drink SF spoils the visitors with a plethora of fine dining choices. Under one roof, it has everything that a foodie is looking for. The pleasant atmosphere along the bay makes the dining experience more incredible. To uncover amazing cuisines, you must be a part of Eat Drink SF. 


The month of event: August

Venue: San Francisco Bay


Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival (LAFW)




The list of US food festivals is incomplete without the mention of the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival. It is the most awaited event in the city. It draws the attention of more than thousands of people around the world. LAFW is an epicurean that features the leading chefs, culinary icons, and top brewery and wineries. Together with delectable food choices, it is quite inexpensive. It provides the visitors a wide range of gastronomic food items. From food vans to pop-up food stalls, indulging in this extravaganza is an amazing experience.


The month of event: Not Fixed

Venue: California


Taste of Vail




During the three days of this food festival, the visitors can savor the best of the city. For tasting a great life, every foodie must attend this outstanding food festival. This event boasts the finest restaurants from America and showcases the amazing delights. Taste of Vail is hosted by multiple locations and pleases more than five thousand people every year. Through this event, locals get the opportunity to try out the best chefs and restaurants from the world. Here, you can enjoy various spring foods and luscious wine from the 30 finest restaurants and 50 wineries. If you are a true foodie, then you must prepare your appetite and attend this festival for mesmerizing your tastebuds. 


The month of event: April

Venue: Different parts of Vail


National Cherry Festival




If you are in the US, then this festival must top the list of food festivals that you ought to attend. This festival is hosted by the cherry capital of the world- Traverse City. Every year, this city celebrates the harvest of this deliciously sweet fruit named cherry. This festival runs for eight-days straight with various gigs, road races, air shows, parades, and many more events full of cherries and cherries. It is considered a tradition in the city to bring their local agriculture to the forefront and celebrate the efforts of farmers. 


The month of event: July

Venue: Traverse City, Michigan


Oysterfest Music Festival




It is one of the most famous food festivals in the US for which foodies wait throughout the year. This festival is a perfect combination of appetizing food, tasteful drinks, and appealing music. This festival aims to provide the visitors a family event to adore the mesmerizing beauty, amazing resources, and rich history of Oyster Bay. The organizers of this event go a long way to pick the amazing artists from every corner of the globe. To offer the visitors the best seafood experience, this festival gets oysters from the best places in the world and makes them in various creative ways. 


The month of event: October

Venue: San Francisco and San Diego


Maine Lobster Festival




Do you know any other state than Maine to have such a large amount of Lobster? The answer will be NO! This picturesque city celebrates its greatest produce and calls seafood lovers from all across the world. It is a festival with more than 30000 attendees every year. This festival is all about the richness of the sea and offers an extensive range of Thai cuisine. It is a five-day fun-filled event that promises to offer its visitors a freshly prepared lobster dinner. Not just the eating, this festival also holds various cooking contests, carnival rides, and artistic events. If you are a true seafood lover, then you must dig your teeth into the vibrant and juicy lobster dishes. Attending this festival will surely satisfy your appetite for lobsters. 


The month of event: August

Venue: Rockland, Maine


Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (FWCA)




Food and Wine Classic in Aspen is a three-day culinary extravagance. Along with food tasting, this festival is filled with discussions, workshops, wine tasting events, and many more crazy activities. Being held in the heart of the snow-covered rocky mountains of Colorado, this festival offers breathtaking views to the visitors. With top-class rollers, you can have an amazing time at this food festival. FWCA, a foodie-oriented food festival, highlights more than 70 chefs and wine experts from around the globe. They give various cookery lectures and host shows. This makes this festival one of the greatest food festivals in the US. Attend this festival and witness various toothsome delicacies for satisfying your hunger.


Month of event: June

Venue: Wagner Park, Aspen, Colorado


New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE)



In the list of festivals, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience takes a special place. NOWFE is one of the best food festivals that you can ever attend. This festival hosts more than 7,000 gourmets every year and offers them the best culinary experience in the entire world. Attending this festival is the best way to witness the utmost of the origin. Not just gourmets, this festival also lures various artists, music lovers, and connoisseurs. Be a part of this festival and appreciate the locally produced tasty food items made by the finest cooks from the town. With more than 24 restaurants and over 1000 wines, this festival will let you cherish the delicious food, excellent wine, and great time!


Month of event: March

Venue: In Entire New Orleans 


Taste Of Edmonton



One of the major food festivals in the US is Taste of Edmonton. More than 50000 visitors take part in this festival and enjoy the ultimate culinary delights in the entire city. Attending this festival is to nibble various delicious recipes, from restaurants to vans. Other than eating, you can learn various expert skills through seminars and cooking events. It also offers the visitors to enjoy their nights grooving on killing music. This festival runs for 12-days in which the food lovers sample various dishes, desserts, beers, cocktails, etc. The Taste of Edmonton is full of entertainment and is a great opportunity to taste the best of Edmonton. Not everyone gets this opportunity to enjoy the intimate food scenes in a special environment. Be the lucky one!


Month of event: July-August

Venue: Edmonton, Alberta


If this list excites you to be a part of the best food festivals, then get ready with your appetite and leave for an exciting experience. It's time to keep this list of food festivals handy and enjoy the magical paradise of flavors. 

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