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Go game driving and camping there to explore the South Luangwa National Park. Watch impala skip, eland stand, and klipspringer nimbly jump. Revel in the magical park of Africa by enrolling into the Sublime Aerial Safari across Woodland, Delta, and Desert. In short, experience the real safari while encountering with the wild face to face in Zambia national parks. The abundant diversity of wildlife, untouched natural landscapes, and welcoming people add more value to this place.


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Enjoy the Special Treatment in this 10-Days Zambia Safari for Couples

On a private safari to Zambia, you won't only escape from the world, you will travel into the aromatic big-game wild. You can go for a considerable length of time without seeing different travelers, yet it is difficult to go minutes without seeing another creature.

Visit the Best of Zambia in this Customized 8-Days Zambia Safari

Zambia has a universe of marvels trusting that you will reveal into this awe-inspiring African Safari. Victoria Falls and the Zambezi Waterway present the intensity of the wild and South Luangwa praises the famous big-game ponder of the savannah.

Master the Wild with an Amazing and Cheap Zambia Safari

The Zambezi River gives life to Zambia and its thousands of wild creatures who keep the capital a place worth visiting. It is here that you can walk with rhinos, camp with elephants, kayak with the hippos and gaze at the majestic Victoria Falls. It is here that the adventure never stops and turns into a bigger drama every passing day. Hippos and crocodiles bask in the Upper Zambezi, and you can kayak past them.

An Exclusive Big-Game Zambia Safari Itinerary

Africa is a home to incredible wildlife and widespread savannah but there are places that make it more special of which Zambia is one. Experience an ultimate big-game safari on an exclusive Zambia Safari Itinerary and simply get lost with the wild.

Luxury Luangwa Safari & Relaxing at Cape Maclear in Zambia

Unfold the heart of Africa on a luxurious Zambia safari to Luangwa National Park and Cape Maclear. First explore South Luangwa National Park, an untamed paradise that connects the highlights of big-game safari. Gaze at the predators and then relax at the beach of Luangwa River. Finally, escape to Cape Maclear and relax at the most beautiful lake of Africa.

A Mesmerizing Zambia Safari

Zambia Safari is a great way to explore the wildlife and widespread savannah of Africa in a short duration of time. Planning a safari at Zambia means planning a trip to explore the natural legends of the world. From the majestic Victoria Falls to the incredible horseback safari with Rhinos and Giraffe in Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, things to explore during the Zambia safari are many. This 9-day Zambia safari is geared to offer some of the best highlights of Africa in comparatively less days.

Everything Should know about Zambia Safari Trip

Zambia is a nation surrounded mainly by land with the beauty of extraordinary valley slopes and a few mountains. The Zambezi is the main waterway with its tributaries of Luangwa and Kafue. Zambia imparts fringes to a few nations to be the specific Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola, and Tanzania. Some state Zambia is a country with a lot of secrets kept around the mountains and hills. It is a crude cut of Africa benevolent with numerous untainted wild places that deserve a visit.

There are three incredible normal lakes in northern Zambia, Bangweulu, Mweru and the southern segment of Lake Tanganyika; one of the most profound characteristic lakes on the planet. On the southern outskirts of Zambia is Lake Kariba, which is the biggest tailor-made lake in Africa and one of the biggest lakes on the planet.

Zambia is portrayed by its miombo forests, huge lakes, and tremendous floodplains just as fabulous cascades and relentless waterways. It is one of the last obvious wild territories in Africa, some state an unfamiliar diamond, in any case, the natural life is plenteous and the general population is well-disposed of.

History of Zambia

Zambian history extends far back in time with proof of occupation from 3 million years prior. The fascinating movement through the Stone Age years changed with the landing of settlers from northern Africa somewhere in the range of 300BC and 400AD, right off the bat in the Iron Age. Extraordinary changes happened again with the entry of the European merchants in the Fifteenth Century and the appearance of bondage, likewise with development of Zulu clans on to the land from Southern Africa in the mid 19th Century. English travelers likewise began undertakings into the inside from Southern Africa but then another new period started, coming full circle in British frontier rule for Northern Rhodesia as the nation was known at that point. The exploration of copper and mining occurred in the late 1920s which made this Copperbelt world well known among the natives. Freedom and participation of the Commonwealth came to fruition in 1964.

The Big Cities of Zambia to Explore During Zambia Safari Trip

An array of places where one can have a clear idea about the country is listed below:

Lusaka: Known as the capital city, Lusaka lies at the intersection of the main highways to all headings. It pulls in a huge segment of the people, drawn mainly by the modern way of life and conceivably work.

Livingstone: Just a few kilometers away from the Victoria Falls, Livingstone is an adventure capital city which has many adventure companies that operate from the city. Whether it is bungee jumping, white water rafting or any other adventure activity, Livingstone is the best stop to experience all at one place.

The Copperbelt: It is a natural region in Central Africa sitting on the border region between northern and southern covering all the mining areas include Ndola, Kitwe, Chingola, and Luanshya. Apart from these cities, there are some other cities that come under the Copperbelt are as follows:

  1. Chipata - a bustling town that was previously a significant exchanging post. It’s a door to the Luangwa Valley and Malawi.

  2. Choma - it is in the center of Lusaka and Livingstone with a museum and craft center.  

  3. Isoka - simply off the Great North Road with essential comforts and a lot of cascades close-by.

  4. Kabwe - discovery site of the ancient Broken Hill Man, additionally has different attractions like The Big Tree and a mine.

  5. Kapiri Mposhi - a little railroad town and a decent spot to top off with oil for forwarding voyages.

  6. Kazembe - a small town on one of the best roads in the country, best known for an annual ceremony held in late July.  

  7. Kasama - it is known as a big town with a lot of amenities.  

  8. Mansa - it is a center of the Luapula province which is near to the Copperbelt.   

  9. Mkushi - a little cultivating town off the Great North Road with just a couple of fundamental civilities.

  10. Monga - a bustling town neglecting the Zambezi River floodplain. Customary culture is very much spoken here with a yearly service and conventional artworks, there is likewise a historical center.

  11. Mpika - one the greater towns here on the Great North Road with great enhancements and hot springs.

  12. Nchelenge and Kashikishi - these two quaint villages on Lake Mweru are the top attractions of Zambia with basic amenities.  

  13. Serenje - a small yet quite popular town on the Great North Road with some simple amenities and a happening restaurant.  

  14. Siavonga - on the north shore of Lake Kariba with great civilities, its extraordinary see and stroll on the huge Kariba Dam divider.

  15. Mbala - presently a tranquil town yet with a past filled with significance amid the First World War, there is a fascinating exhibition hall close-by.

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Outdoor Adventure Sports to Try During Zambia Safari Trip

The Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and Batoka Gorge are the main attractions of the country offering the heart-siphoning outdoor adventures. Tourists will discover all that they could seek after and more in this stunning region. Scuba jumping devotees who need to learn, ability up and investigate would now be able to do as such at Lake Tanganyika, the biggest freshwater lake on the planet. An assortment of courses is offered here on the Zambian side in the precious stone waters, collaborating with brilliant fish.

The Best Zambia Safari Experiences Should Never Miss

Zambia offers a wide range of adventurous activities apart from the conventional wildlife safari. From the amazing walking safari somewhere down in the wild, there are world-class activities including white water river rafting, bungee bounce into the canyon underneath the falls, abseiling, kayaking safaris down the Zambezi. There are some top attractions that should be encountered during Zambia safari:

Victoria Falls

Zambia may not offer the best perspective on the Victoria Falls, yet there is an abundance of exercises accessible, from delicate kayak trips to seething white water river rafting. There is a safari walk to Zambezi River, among the most perilous wildlife animals, ranging from elephant, wildebeest, to wild buffalo. To enjoy the real experience of fishing, the fierce Tiger Fish is referred to the tourists looking for the thrilling fishing experience. Find the interesting history of the Falls by visiting the Livingstone Museum or the expert Railway Museum to know about how essential rail transport was to the area. To value the wonderful shake developments and chasms, it is similarly as fascinating to come when the water is low toward the end of the dry season from October to December well worth visiting. Delightful and striking, these fantastic falls on the compelling Zambezi River at the fringe of Zambia and Zimbabwe, are practically 2km wide. The segments of the splash can be seen from miles away and have hypnotized numerous pilgrims and guests for ages. It is a magnificent experience when enjoying Zambia Safari Trip.

The Luangwa Valley

The Luangwa Valley is one of the best valleys for game viewing in Africa and it can be best experienced during the dry season ( June to October) when the wildlife animals come and show their presence by the river bank. When the rainy season comes, the entire valley wears a green blanket with a dash of red flowers on it, which look quite impressive. Bird-watching becomes more prominent during the rainy.

Kasanka National Park

Located in the Serenje District of Zambia's Central Province, Kasanka National Park is one of the smallest parks yet the most pleasant national park, which is being privately managed. A wide range of wildlife animals including Elephants, Warthog, Bushpig, Baboons, Leopards, and Hippos reside in the National park besides rare birds species. That’s something that must be on the bucket list of Zambia Safari Tours.

Zambezi River

This river is well-recognized as Africa's fourth largest river that runs through almost six countries flowing right from central Africa and ends up into the Indian Ocean. The Victoria Falls and the Batoka Gorge have come out from the Zambezi River, which makes it quite a powerful river in Africa. Giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife sanctuaries. The Kariba Dam on the Zambian and Zimbabwean on the border are two main sources of hydroelectric power. For supplying power to Mozambique and South Africa, the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique is the main source of power. Apart from these hydroelectric stations, there are two more power stations are situated, which are the smallest power stations in Zambia, first is at Victoria Falls and the other one is near Kalene Hill in Ikelenge District.

Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is a gigantic man-made dam spreads around 226km long and 40kms wide in some places of Zambia. It is the most popular safari vacation with good weather conditions and impressive amenities including resorts, water-related activities. When it comes to the beauty of the place, it offers stunning views of sunsets, strictly recommended for nature-lovers who like spending time seeing sun signing off from a day. It also contributes to providing hydroelectric power to Zambia and Zimbabwe regions.

The Ngonye Falls

The Ngonye Falls also called as Sioma Falls due to being near to the village of Sioma. The waterfalls look quite impressive when they cascade over the stagnant rocks. The Falls form a horseshoe shape when viewed from the bird-view which make the entire area look so magical and mesmerizing.

Kafue National Park

Known for its scenic beauty, Kafue National Park covers the west of Lusaka which spreads over 200km. It is the third largest National Park in Africa and the fifth largest park around the globe. This national park has a large number of wildlife animal species including elephants, buffaloes, zebras, a wide range of antelopes, lions, leopards, and hippos besides bird species. It has an amazing birdlife with more than 400 varieties of bird life, concentrated on the river banks. The best time to visit this park is between May to October if fishing is the prior activity on mind and between April to September is the perfect time to travel by a vehicle as the heat is bearable.

Lake Mweru

Located on the far north-west border of Zambia, Lake Mweru shares equally with Zaire/DRC. This lake is situated in a remote area but it is worth a visit during Zambia Safari Tours. Known to only a few travel enthusiasts, the lake has a lot to offer. It lies on the edge of Mweru Wantipa National Park where wildlife animals such as elephants, zebras, lions, leopards, etc. can easily be found.

Lake Tanganyika

More than two thousand plant and animal species reside in Lake Tanganyika and it is also famous as one of the richest ecosystems around the world. One of the best safari vacation spots in Zambia is Lake Tanganyika where beautiful colored fishes are seen swimming in the crystal clear water. The place is perfect for the travel-enthusiasts who like to try hands on some of the best water-sports such as scuba diving, and fishing. Game viewing is another attraction of the place.

Shiwa Ngandu

Shiwa Ngandu has an interesting history which deserves a visit to this mansion that runs by a family. It is the heart of Africa made in deep African bushes by the English gentleman in the 1920s. It is a historic mansion that attracts a lot of tourism to this manor house. This mansion gives a true idea of Sir Stuart Gore-Browne’s vision.

When is the best time to visit Zambia?

Zambia is a sub-tropical area where the dry and wet seasons are marked by the weather experts, instead of summer and winter. The dry season starts from May to October, which is the best time to visit Zambia for the best game viewing alongside gentle daytime temperatures. The rainy season falls between December to April, which is regularly called the 'Green Season' as the bushes are delightfully dense and green. This, in any case, makes game viewing less simple as the vegetation is so thick and in addition to it, many of the wildlife animals move far from dry season water sources.

The best time to visit Victoria Falls is at the end of the rainy season that happens to take place between March to May. It is the time when the Zambezi River is in full flood and the falls are at their generally marvelous. Therefore, it is a great time to get drenched by the shower.

Best Time To Visit Zambia

  • - May to September - the best time to visit all the parks including Kafue National Park, Kasanka National Park, Lochinvar National Park in Zambia.

High Season To Visit Zambia

  • - July to October - Victoria Falls is the only place where visitors find a crowd, besides, peace can be best experienced during these months.

Low Season To Visit Zambia

  • - November to April - some of the lodges and camps are closed down due to less tourists visit during these months.

Best Weather To Visit Zambia

  • - April, May, and September -  the temperature of the area are quite pleasant. A short afternoon rainfall in the April month compromises the entire safari during these months.

Worst Weather To Visit Zambia

  • - October - the temperature of Zambia is very hot in low altitude parks.

  • - December to March - these months are considered to be the Wettest months of the year.

The best months to visit Zambia season by season during Zambia Safari Tours.

Dry Season - May to October

  1. Due to less vegetation in the area promotes good game-viewing as all the wildlife animals come by the side of river banks.
  2. No mosquitoes are found amid the dry season because of uncommon precipitation in the zone.
  3. The territory becomes less busy which makes it progressively charming for traveler searching for harmony.
  4. The night and early mornings get cool, so woolen garments are required for quite a long time and mornings.

 Wet Season - November to April

  1. Because of dampness noticeable all around, the guests can discover greenery around the territory.

  2. The wet season is ideal for finding numerous babies natural life creatures and fowls.

  3. Among January and February, the downpours keep on falling which makes it difficult for guests to detect any natural life animals.

  4. October and November are the hottest months of the year in Zambia.

  5. A large portion of the best hotels and camps close down amid the wet season.

The Best Time To Go To Zambia During Zambia Safari Tours

All nationals parks in Zambia offer the best wildlife seeing in the dry winter months, from May to October. Photograph chances of Victoria Falls on the Zambia side are best between May and August. From September to December the cascade isn't extremely great from the Zambia side, yet you can cross to Zimbabwe for a superior view. The rainy season is a delightful time in Zambia, astounding for flying game viewing, yet the streets in numerous parks become tricky, and numerous camps close. A few camps in South Luangwa remain open and offer pontoon safaris.

Zambia Accommodation Guide To Follow While Zambia Safari Tours

Zambia has a wide range of settlement alternatives and you can browse our developing rundown of foundations recorded in every goal. From impressive riverside lodges, 5-star inns, sleek rose safari camps, natural and remote shrub camps, too unattractive guesthouses and B&B's, self-providing food chalets, hikers, campgrounds, maybe a houseboat or even a mud cottage in a provincial town where you can encounter genuine Zambian town life and toll.

Safari Lodges in Zambia

A wide range of safari lodges is available in Zambia offering an eco-friendly and comfortable environment. These lodges are an ideal option for travelers seeking out for peace, comfort, and luxury simultaneously. The best part about these lodges is that they are situated near the major parks and they are quite budget-friendly. These lodges are divided into three tiers, depending upon the budget and preferences of the tourists. All the accommodation facilities correlate to the type of tier standard for lodge amenities.

Tented Camps

The tented camps are very like safari lodges which are made of the tent and visitor tents. The fundamental contrast among hotels and tented camps is that lodges are a stone-assembled or wood-constructed while, the rose camps are of canvas tents. They tented camps are progressively accessible that is close to the National Parks and game view.

Visa/Passport Requirements to Know

Prior to leaving for your Zambia safari tours, ensure to pack all important documents together, including flight tickets, international IDs, visa passages, and travel insurance. Make various duplicates of all the documentation and protect them in your gear. A little day-pack is all you requirement for your travel documents, cameras, and day by day necessities.

Information on staying healthy and safe in Zambia

Though Zambia is a safe country to travel to, but there are some health and safety precautions that strictly adhere to while on Zambia safari tours:

In the event that you are going from a tainted zone, you should convey a yellow fever declaration alongside you. There are a few territories where intestinal sickness is destructive. Be that as it may, specialists exhort taking prophylactics two weeks before entry and proceeding with about fourteen days subsequent to leaving.

The tap water in the vast majority of the zones is decontaminated and safe to drink; however, there is a slight chance that you are hypersensitive to defiled water, so don't drink the tap water. Keep two or three filtered water when heading out to remote territories of Zambia. In certain zones where you can not get to filtered water, dependable heat up the faucet water first, aside from in case you're remaining at a cabin or lodging where drinking water is bubbled as of now.

The restorative administrations of Zambia are immature. The best places where you can locate some standard wellbeing offices would be Lusaka, Ndola, and Livingstone. There are various little centers in Lusaka which are superior to the general emergency clinics, yet the facilities in the provincial zones normally just have the nuts and bolts. 

Basic understanding of Zambian customs

While meeting common Zambian people, a warm handshake with the right hand would be considered a nice gesture. Men and women do not usually express affection openly.  There is little to no physical contact after an initial handshake and many cases women and men will greet one another by standing at a distance and clasping their hands in front of their chests. So, make sure you do not cross limits. The main objective to meet a stranger to show gratitude not enforcement of your western culture. It would make them uncomfortable, so make sure to follow them while on Zambia safari tours

While Zambian people are quite punctual in business meetings, but sometimes you may find them missing the deadlines. This is precise because of the dependency on sunrise and sunset which Zambian people tend to follow. They hardly go by the clock. Instead, they prefer to go by the changing position of the sun. Hence, you may find them saying let’s meet after dawn or dinner will be ready after dark. So, while having a normal get together with the Zambian people, it is common for meetings to start 1-2 hours after the time they have been called for. Even public transport do not usually adhere to schedules, instead, they wait until being full to leave.


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