Enjoy the Special Treatment in this 10-Days Zambia Safari for Couples

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 31,2018

On a private safari to Zambia, you won't only escape from the world, you will travel into the aromatic big-game wild. You can go for a considerable length of time without seeing different travellers, yet it is difficult to go minutes without seeing another creature. Private exercises are custom-made to your interests, from strolling as one over the savannah to dusk drives joined by fine wines, each upgrading the association with another world. Including Victoria Falls, South Luangwa, and Lower Zambezi, encounter everything together for an amazing experience. Your elite 10-day safari will be carefully assembled for you as a team and uses three reciprocal bases to investigate the wild. Lose yourself in the protection of Sindabezi Island Cabin, a multi-grant winning shrubbery withdraw that is available to the sights and hints of the Zambezi. Experience the appeal of a safari under canvas with three evenings at the personal Puku Edge Camp in South Luangwa, where contemporary extravagance consolidates with the rushes of nature. 

Zambia Safari Vacation Highlights:

  • Enjoy the marvels of the wild with secretly guided safari exercises handmade towards your interests and disposition every day
  • Walk as an inseparable unit through big-game heaven with restrictive strolling safaris in South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks
  • Admire the nation from the air with a helicopter ride above Victoria Falls and light flying machine taking you to the national parks
  • Follow the enormous felines on wonderful amusement drives amid the day and night, and afterwards expand your chance to see panthers and lions on a chase
  • Enjoy a new point of view with a sentimental pontoon safari in Lower Zambezi as you taste champagne as elephants and hippos rule the riverbanks
  • Benefit from the only for-couples additional items, similar to nightfall picnics that ignore wildebeest-spotted fields and twilight meals in the shrubbery


10-Days Zambia Safari Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and Getting a charge out of the magnificent Zambezi Waterway
  • Day 2 and Day 3: Encountering the Zambezi Stream – Romanticizing the Victoria Falls
  • Day 4: South Luangwa National Stop – The Genuineness of Safari Under Canvas
  • Day 5 and Day 6: South Luangwa National Stop – Investigating Zambia's Reminiscent Big-Game Heaven
  • Day 7: Lower Zambezi National Stop – A definitive Isolation In the midst of the Untamed life World
  • Day 8 and Day 9: Lower Zambezi National Stop – Adaptable Private Safari From Your Rich Base
  • Day 10: Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Takeoff

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and Getting a charge out of the great Zambezi Stream 

You will arrive today at the Livingstone Global Air terminal. You will meet the guide there and he will take you to an hour exchange by street and watercraft to Sindabezi Island Hotel. Check in, settle in, and value the remoteness of the cabin. In the dry season, it isn't strange for elephants to swim over the waterway and feed on the island's vegetated sandbanks, motivating pictures that demonstrate that you are not the only one, regardless of whether there are not single other individuals to be found. You will have both indoor and outside en-suite restrooms, with an open air shower that is wonderful when the moon is gleaming. After your entry, whatever is left of the day is at your relaxation, and there is dependably a vessel accessible for your first sentimental journey on the waterway. 


Day 2 and Day 3: Encountering the Zambezi Waterway – Romanticizing the Victoria Falls 

A guide will expedite you the Victoria Falls strolling trail and over the restricted extensions that appear to originate from an old-world voyagers motion picture. At that point will come the genuine sentimental feature, a private helicopter trip over this normal ponder of Africa. Underneath the propellers, you will see elephants progressing, floodplains sitting tight eagerly for water, waterfalls, and islands specked around the falls, and an all-inclusive sheet of persistent water colliding with an abyss that is outlandishly thin. All through these two days, there is dependably a pontoon to bring you all over the stream to search for natural life or search out the untainted space to uncork a vintage imported wine bottle. 


Day 4: South Luangwa National Stop – The Genuineness of Safari Under Canvas 

Watch the sun ascend from your bed, scrub down in a shaded woodland, and respect the perpetual parade of natural life seen from your private review deck. On a sentimental safari, you might not have any desire to leave the room as Asylum Puku Edge Camp's hoisted area implies you appreciate breathtaking diversion seeing straight from your bed. Fly from Livingstone to South Luangwa National Stop before a short diversion drive exchange to the camp. You will have a private guide and vehicle for the following three days, and the safari program will be custom fitted to your interests and state of mind. Daytime drives are the beginning of the fun, supplemented by strolling safaris and evening time drives that gradually uncover the charms of Zambia's lead stop. 


Day 5 and Day 6: South Luangwa National Stop – Investigating Zambia's Suggestive Big-Game Heaven 

Your dawn amusement drive on the savannah will weave along the rough trails towards a threatening pride of lions. Four lionesses sneak and mix quietly and cryptically into the withered grass. Heads show up and after that vanish. Your driver will remove you 500 meters to a little zebra crowd far from the pride. At first, you will ask why, yet then ten minutes after the fact, you will see that strain appears to linger palpably. The zebra is touchy, never again brushing, yet additionally unfit to recognize the risk. The Lions stay imperceptible, yet everybody realizes that they are close. 

The majority of the sudden, there will be a spurt of residue as two lionesses run, covering the 20 meters to the crowd in only a couple of moments. High contrast stripes impact, and the group dashes, bear muscles undulating stunningly. In a flash, it will have all the earmarks of being finished, the zebra getting away from the two lionesses. However, in the following couple of moments, the show will truly unfurl, the other two lionesses expertly conveying the last phases of a snare. 


Day 7: Lower Zambezi National Stop – A definitive Isolation In the midst of the Untamed life World 

Fly direct from South Luangwa to Lower Zambezi and subside into the restrictiveness. It isn't known as a vacation suite, yet it more than satisfies this job in offering detachment and space in an exceptionally remote piece of the recreation centre. All through your three days here, you won't have to dare to the fundamental piece of the camp at all as you can devour from your very own minibar, feast on your deck, and advantage from secretly guided diversion drives and strolls all through. You will have a head servant, a driver and a guide that will tailor your program to your inclination and vitality levels. Similarly, as in South Luangwa, it will be anything but difficult to relax on the verandah and not pass up the untamed life. 


Day 8 and Day 9: Lower Zambezi National Stop – Adaptable Private Safari From Your Extravagant Base 

Move into the nighttime, and the sentiment will assume control. Unwind on the verandah and tune in to the remarkable soundtrack. Crying monkeys and snarling lions give the bass, hyenas cry and elephants blow their trumpets to make the tune, and after that peculiar winged creatures and stirring gazelles include treble. There will be no one close. It will simply be you two and the untamed life world that makes Zambia such a valid safari goal. There is something strange about everything, as this isn't a great sentimental getaway. Instead of looking out over a shoreline and turquoise waters, you are taking in the erratic enchantment of the African wild. You won't require a long entire day amusement drive with the end goal to see everything. Drives can be two hours in length, and you can take beverages and sustenance to wonderful lakeside areas, where the conduct of unordinary species can be firmly watched. 


Day 10: Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Takeoff 

After your last private breakfast on the verandah, you should come back to the cutting edge world, yet not before a last diversion drive and experience through the shrub to pass lions and different warm-blooded animals on their morning ventures. Travel to Livingstone from the Lower Zambezi airstrip, where a delegate will help with exchanging you to your universal takeoff.

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