Master the Wild with an Amazing and Cheap Zambia Safari

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 24,2018

The Zambezi Waterway offers life to Zambia and its a large number of wild animals who keep the capital a place worth visiting. It is here that you can stroll with rhinos, camp with elephants, kayak with the hippos and look at the superb Victoria Falls. It is here that the experience never stops and transforms into a greater dramatization each passing day. Hippos and crocodiles lounge in the Upper Zambezi, and you can kayak past them. In the wake of grabbing speed, the waterway vanishes over the edge for the astounding scene of Victoria Falls. Grade IV and V rapids course through the ravine of the Lower Zambezi joined further downriver by huge felines and swimming wild beasts. This is Southern Africa's experience capital, the invigorating exercises improved by the wealth of big game.

Zambia Safari Tours Highlights:

  • Riding a helicopter over the Victoria Falls and meandering the tight extensions
  • Bungee bounce in the dead zone among Zambia and Zimbabwe while respecting the Victoria Falls
  • Tracking rhinos by walking in Mosi Au Tunya National Stop
  • Kayak past the hippos and crocodiles of the Zambezi Stream
  • Visiting the Chobe National Stop to locate the World's Biggest Elephant Populace
  • Tackle the review IV and V rapids of the Lower Zambezi on a wilderness boating experience
  • Discover the enormous felines of Lower Zambezi National Stop on secretly guided amusement drives
  • Fully interface with the wild amid an entire day strolling safari on the Lower Zambezi savannah and track a portion of Zambia's most moving four-legged occupants
  • Settle into nature's heaven and reveal the defining moment of the wild


10-Days Zambia Safari Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and getting on a Nightfall voyage along the Zambezi
  • Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Helicopter ride above Victoria falls, bungee bounce in A dead zone, stroll with Rhinos, Kayaking, exchange to Chobe National stop
  • Day 5: Chobe National Stop to Livingstone – Charms of the Chobe and Zambezi Streams
  • Day 6: Livingstone – Southern Africa's Best Wilderness Boating
  • Day 7, 8 and Day 9: Lower Zambezi National Stop – Amusement drives, strolling safari, kayak with big game, and last safari
  • Day 10: Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Takeoff

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and getting on a Nightfall journey along the Zambezi

The guests touch base at Livingstone on this day and taken to the hotel you have been reserved in by your own guide. This cabin is arranged on an Island in the stream with thundering rapids. Later in the day, you go out on a nightfall voyage along the Zambezi waterway to investigate the lovely dusk. This could be an exceptionally photogenic visit where the excellence of the sky submerged in the Zambezi and rethinks the regular mind with the light red down the stream.


Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Helicopter ride above Victoria falls, bungee bounce in A dead zone, stroll with Rhinos, Kayaking, exchange to Chobe National stop

You will burn through 3 finish days at the Livingstone and will be an incredible experience here. You go for finding the peacefulness of the Victoria Falls on the main day by a Helicopter. While your helicopter flight will be about the fantastic feel, the strolling trails give a completely extraordinary edge as you pass the rowdy primate troops and cross tight scaffolds to achieve waterfalls in the Lower Zambezi. Splash ascends high out of the gully and afterward tumbles down, devouring the scaffolds at sporadic interims. It is hard to remain dry, and the reverberating thunder of the falls winds up stunning now and again as it is an exhibit of intensity that will awe the majority of your faculties with its amazing expressiveness.

Your experience will proceed in Mosi Au Tunya National Stop as outfitted officers will lead you over the bramble, each stride crunching over the dry and dusty ground. Giraffe lopes out there and zebra avoids past, and lazing in the late morning sun are wild rhinos, their paunches ascending with each gasping breath in the burning warmth. During this season of rest, you can walk near them, remaining downwind and ceasing around 15 meters away. Notwithstanding when resting their mass is life-changing. Horns distend, abandoning you astounded and quiet, which is perfect on the grounds that these are wild rhinos and they don't care for being irritated. A short diversion drives through the recreation center will finish the experience before the evening and night are at your relaxation.

After your journey, you will spend the evening on an amusement drive to weave through the forest while continually being encompassed by elephants. Panthers and lions cover up underneath the overhang and a neighborhood guide will reveal their disguise. Zebra and kudu skip by, impala are scattered over a clearing, and hippos are never far away. Close and secretive, the Chobe forest is additionally home to uncommon impalas like nyala and bushbuck. You will drive profound into the recreation center to your versatile camp found among the trees. You will be inundated in the hints of the wild as you tune in to the hoots and yells that flash underneath the covering. Spend the night around a snapping fire, basic for warding off hyenas, and you will have the capacity to see goliath creatures outlined out yonder. For an exciting safari encounter, it is difficult to equal outdoors among the world's most noteworthy elephant populace. The camp has a hot container give, extensive stroll in a tent a bed raised off the ground, and a long-drop can with a Western-style can situate.


Day 5: Chobe National Stop to Livingstone – Charms of the Chobe and Zambezi Streams

Keep investigating early in the day as you drive through the recreation center in the dynamic morning hours. Lion pride is progressing and you can spot them moving all through the grass. Zebras are somewhere around the stream, sprinkling in the shallows. Hyenas dash around, giving you a settled glare as you drive past. At noon, step onto a Chobe Waterway journey that will incorporate lunch and pass the stream's a large number of hippos. Later toward the evening, make a trip back to Zambia to spend the night at an alternate hotel along the waterway and inside the simple reach of the town. On the off chance that you are trying to investigate the dynamic quality and friendliness of a normal African town, at that point the roads of Livingstone are perfect.


Day 6: Livingstone – Southern Africa's Best Wilderness Boating

Victoria Falls has an unquenchable vitality. After the far-reaching cliff, the water unites to race through a restricted gully that denotes the beginning of the Lower Zambezi. This is the place you will enter the water to paddle along in a pontoon and fight against the review IV and V rapids. Here and there it is only a couple of individuals who tumble off the sides, while at times the full pontoon flips and everybody gets wet. It's an entire day visit that is generally considered as the best wilderness boating in Africa and an honest to goodness experience.


Day 7, 8 and Day 9: Lower Zambezi National Stop – Amusement drives, strolling safari, kayak with big game, and last safari

Prior in the day, you will have taken a departure from Livingstone to Lower Zambezi National Stop, for an entire day spent on a private amusement drive through the recreation center. Suggestive and captivating, this national stop is home to a fantastic cluster of impalas. Kudu, impala, bushbuck, wildebeest, waterbuck, in addition to about six more you have likely never known about. This populace unavoidably draws in the predators, and your diversion drive will center around experiences with the huge felines. Panthers cover-up in the miombo forest and this stop is an incredible place to locate the slippery seeker. Cheetah is spotted along the fields, and you will never need to drive far to see a spotted hyena. Your extravagance camp is along the water and the nights are as peaceful as they were in Livingstone, just with considerably more natural life on the show.

Wake to the existence found on the stream with maybe the hints of a group of wildebeest taking a dip, or a rowdy crowd of single guy bison skipping with structures on power. Begin investigating the defining moment scene as you stroll with neighborhood guides who have spent ages to comprehend the nuances of the land. You are leaving the enormous felines as you pursue the prints and scents of various Impala. Duiker encompasses you on the open fields, eland stands up tall when you draw near, and wild zebra crowds watch you pass.

Life in this wild rotates around the Zambezi Waterway as most creatures remain inside the simple reach of the water and gather along the banks in the late evening. Lions and panthers lay ambushes, groups put stock in wellbeing in numbers, and hippos protect the best swimming spaces. The present safari program will be adaptable, in spite of the fact that it is exceedingly prescribed that you take a conventional kayak safari along the stream. Paddling quietly, you can get especially near the shocks that sneak in the reeds. The defining moment will come to you as each curve in the stream will uncover another mammoth seeking a beverage. Maybe complete the day with another strolling safari with your furnished officer giving back up as you cross the scene of wild ox crowds and wandering impala.


Day 10: Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Flight

On this day, you will be exchanged to the Livingstone from the Lower Zambezi National Stop. Your guide will check in the lodging as the most recent day has a complimentary remain before you leave from Zambia.

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