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Delve deep into the forests of East Africa and encounter with some of the most endangered and majestic wildlife creatures of Africa - the Gorillas. Plan a Gorilla trekking safari and get a chance to face the great mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. The proud silverback and imperious walk of these creatures will leave you in joy for hours. If looking for a hiking and active adventurous trip, opt for the incredible gorilla trekking safari and witness intimate wildlife encounter of a lifetime.



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Visiting Africa for a gorilla trekking does not mean you can not explore more wildlife. Most of the areas where you will spot the mountain gorillas are also a home to a number of animals that are too wild to be watched. Here are some of the unique things you will spot in Africa other than the mountain gorillas:

The Majestic Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park is, no doubt, famous for its thrilling gorilla trekking but it is not the only thing to enjoy there. At the beginning of your trekking, the first thing that you will encounter with will be the elephants. These giant wilds will cross your way right at the beginning of your trek. While you are following the footprints of Gorillas, elephants herds of varied size will grab your attention making you go wow for them. You might be following the footprints but the gorillas may not. They will come right in front of you without getting aware of your presence. We have only 1,000 mountain gorillas left with us. One glance from them will quickly respect the seven-meter proximity rule.

The Ngorongoro Trip - Spot the Big Five in Just One Day

If you had to explore Africa in just one day, then Ngorongoro would be the only place any guide will suggest you. Ngorongoro is a home to incredible wildlife including the big five. A game drive to the Ngorongoro can take you closer to the lions, hippos, elephants, rhinos, and wildebeests. Spend a whole day exploring Ngorongoro wildlife and try not to get satisfied. Leopard, cheetah, hyena, hartebeest, eland, hippos jackal, warthog, ostrich, are flamingos just a few names. Reaching Ngorongoro in the morning hours assure you to spot unexpected and unseen mammals sunbathing in the park.

Follow the Drama of the Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti

If staying in the Ubuntu camp, you will have a marvelous opportunity to witness the great wildebeest migration that happens occasionally in Serengeti. Pull open the canvas of your boutique tent and watch the great wildebeest migration happening right in front of you. If this does not give you goosebumps, then the zebras - filling the landscape with a blur of black and white stripes - will surely do. Try to stand transfixed as a leopard disappears into the grass and emerges with an impala carcass, to the cacophonous protest of storks that swoop overhead. Watch how the great wildebeest migration seems to a be a scrumptious buffet to the lions.

Visit Maasai Mara for the River Adventure

If Serengeti is a place to explore the wildlife, then Maasai Mara is a place to explore the azure waters of Africa.  From 500 resident bird species to the wild black rhinos, Maasai Mara game driving would be full of surprises. You will get to see new species that you have not yet seen emerge, like a caracal or a colobus monkey. However, spotting Leopards and Cheetahs looking for a prey is always a breathtaking view. Explore Maasai Mara for three days and get closer to the African riverside areas.


You can see them any month of the year, and therefore the best time for gorilla trekking is ultimately up to you. You can visit them during the dry seasons of December to February, June to September which are considered the best seasons to spot the giants of Africa.

Mountain gorillas can be seen year-round, therefore the best time for trekking is ultimately up to you. The dry seasons, from mid-December to February and from June to September, are considered as the most comfortable times for trekking because trails are in better condition at this time. However, there are some advantages of trekking in the wet seasons (March to May and October to December). During these months, gorillas tend to stick to the lower slopes as food is plentiful and temperatures are milder, therefore trekking times can be much shorter.


There are many lodges and hotels that can give you a luxurious stay in the deep forests of Africa. You will find them at a close proximity to forest and national parks in all the hotels and lodges in Central Africa. So, book one that suits your tour and enjoy being in the home of mountain gorillas.


If you are a citizen of the US, Canada, and EU, you need not to carry a visa for a gorilla trekking. You can stay there for up to 90 days. In other cases, do not forget to fulfill your visa and passport requirements as per the rules before leaving for the trekking.



There is no place in the mountains where you can not find your life at risk. So, to be very honest, Gorilla trekking is not that casual safari and hence needs proper attention. For a hassle-free and safe trekking, do not forget to follow the instructions that your guide keeps telling you. Being at a close proximity to the giants is itself not safe, but you can always enjoy it if follow proper instructions. 

There are areas where you may fall prey to malaria so, make sure you get your vaccinated before heading to such zones. Inside the hotel and lodges, you will get bottled water but while camping and game driving, you will have to carry bottled water with you. 

Most of the areas in Africa allow you to capture photographs but do not try to get too close to the animals as they may not like it. Be within a safe limit and you will enjoy the incredible wildlife like never before.

If you’re a keen photographer, taking your own pictures of mountain gorillas would one of the exciting things you must be looking for. However, do bear in mind that the photographs may not look as bright as you want because of the poor light in the rainforest and that use of flash is not permitted. If visiting the mountains during a rainy season, you might also need to protect your camera against heavy rain.

Apart from this, you won’t be allowed to eat or drink when you’re with the gorillas. This is precisely because of the marauding nature of the gorillas who get attracted to food and try to snatch it from you. Always keep in mind that mountain gorillas are still wild animals and can sometimes react unexpectedly, so do not get too close to them and always follow the instructions that your guide sends you. 

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