Visit the Best of Zambia in this Customized 8-Days Zambia Safari

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 30,2018

Zambia has a universe of marvels trusting that you will reveal into this awe-inspiring African Safari. This one-week safari will observe Zambia's three lead goals. Each is altogether different from the following and together they present an adjusted impression of Africa's scenes. Victoria Falls and the Zambezi Waterway present the intensity of the wild and South Luangwa praises the famous big-game ponder of the savannah. At that point, the Lower Zambezi will uncover the plenitude of the wetland condition. Predators during the evening, safari by walking and from the water, aeronautical symbolism and close-up photography shrouds all convey courses for Zambia's features to inspire every one of your faculties. They likewise commend an exciting decent variety with time spent at Victoria Falls, the South Luangwa savannah, and the Lower Zambezi wetlands making for the ideal safari experience. 

Customized Zambia Safari Trip Highlights:

  • Cruise along the Zambezi Stream at dusk and appreciate top-notch food while viewing the hippos rise for their night touching
  • Explore big-game Africa from corresponding points, with safari exercises by walking, on the water, in the night and in photography covers up
  • Go looking for Zambia's unbelievable panthers and find rowdy packs of the wild puppy, and afterwards become acclimated to spotting lions consistently you are on safari
  • Discover the show of an African safari with days spent in South Luangwa National Stop, one of the landmass' definitive goals for those looking for bona fide experiences
  • Admire the plenitude of the wetlands with long stretches of safari in Lower Zambezi National Stop, a position of swimming bison, swimming elephants and predators progressing
  • Uncover the wild from the air as little planes jump between your safari goals, each voyage an understanding of the size of Zambia's scenes
  • Soar above Victoria Falls by helicopter, and after that stand up to the course's eminent splash from Blade edge Extension


8-Days Zambia Safari Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and getting a charge out of Nightfall voyage on the Zambezi Waterway
  • Day 2: Encountering the Victoria Tumbles from Land, Water, and Air
  • Day 3, 4 and Day 5: South Luangwa National Stop – Big Game Safari, Amusement Drives, Strolling Safari
  • Day 6, 7 and Day 8: Lower Zambezi National Stop – Safari from Water, walk and drives in Zambia's wetland heaven
  • Day 9: Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Flight

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Livingstone and getting a charge out of Nightfall voyage on the Zambezi Waterway 

On this day, you land at Livingstone and meet your visit manage at the aeroplane terminal who will take the visitors to the pre-booked lodging. After the trip to Livingstone, three hours on the water give you an opportunity to rest and unwind. Like nearly everything in Zambia, there is a knowledge into an interesting natural life world. 


Day 2: Encountering the Victoria Tumbles from Land, Water, and Air 

Proceed with your morning along the waterway, a little watercraft taking you to an island on the edge of the cliff. Water surges past at a fierce speed, and you will be about stunned by the clamour, the snarl of nature conveyed in full encompass sound. From here, the vessel will drop you along the riverbank, and a mobile trail will lead you nearby the falls. You will see them out of the blue, a far-reaching sheet of water vanishing into the abyss beneath, and you will even now feel them as billows of fog transcend you, fragrances of the new timberland going with the strolling trails as you will investigate the subtlety of the sounds. Cross Blade edge Scaffold to the confined waterfalls in the Zambezi, where you are devoured by the thundering water and fog, at that point come back to drier land and take lunch before the helicopter flight. 


Day 3, 4 and Day 5 - South Luangwa National Stop – Big Game Safari, Diversion Drives, Strolling Safari 

Your initial morning flight will get you into South Luangwa when the enormous well evolved creatures are as yet dynamic. Elephants send up flumes of residue as they cross the savannah, giraffe lope past on course to the stream, while crowds of wild ox give the fields a threatening vibe. Spend your evening on an amusement drive through the recreation centre to pursue the show that the wild makes. It is constantly worth the ambitious start on safari as the cooler sunrise hours are when creatures are dynamic and moving to new touching spaces or chasing for breakfast. Endemic Cookson's wildebeest move in extraordinary groups, and you will respect their energy, the guys jogging about with untamed surrender. Thornicroft's giraffe crosses the fields, necks reaching out towards the sky as primates yell and cry while crowds of zebra gently nibble. Predators are moving, and you will hold your breath as you watch the lionesses stalk the zebra. After 9 or 10 am, the lions will be in a condition of rest, yet they are wonderful and threatening amid these early hours, a male's mane rippling in the breeze as the females feature the grave accuracy of a seeker. 

Over your initial two days, you ought to have experienced the majority of Africa's most renowned creatures. Lion pride and youthful lone ranger lions bear the scars of the fight while the Panthers are singular and serious with their developments. Elephants number in the hundreds, including numerous that meander straight past your camp. Endemic Thornicroft's giraffe joined just about twelve ungulate species, each surprisingly not the same as the last. A mobile safari adds another measurement to these sights. South Luangwa was the place the African strolling safari was conceived, and it keeps on being the best place on the mainland to stroll in the wild. Similarly likewise with the drives, there is an immense adaptability over where to go. Pick an entire day by walking to submerge the majority of your faculties in this uncommon world. Stroll for a large portion of multi-day, or only 30 minutes to try out the experience. Or on the other hand, put in the day consolidating strolls and drives and appreciate hint minutes while as yet investigating huge territories of the recreation centre. 


Day 6, 7 and Day 8 - Lower Zambezi National Stop – Safari from Water, walk and drives in Zambia's wetland heaven 

Travel to Lower Zambezi National Stop, a World Legacy wetland along the Zambezi where a maze of regular channels prompts lakes and marshes, with the changeless water drawing in untamed life from several miles around. After your flight, you will investigate by speedboat to take in the monstrosity of the recreation centre. Pass boisterous hippo units and watch the fights among guys, and afterwards observe incalculable elephant crowds along the banks, alongside wild oxen swimming from Zambia to Zimbabwe. At that point exchange to a restricted wooden kayak, a quiet vessel for private investigation and the creatures will be a lot nearer; child elephants sprinkling, hippos gazing riotously, giraffe standing wide-legged when taking a beverage, little zebra groups slurping likely, the eyes of three lionesses covering up in the high grass. 

Walk or drive in Lower Zambezi, and you will instantly feel the distinction from South Luangwa. Hues are tropical as opposed to natural, and the scenes are new instead of split. Wealth is all over, from the blooming woods to the thickness of untamed life. With changeless water comes a colossal populace of ungulates, all observed inside a short separation of the camp. With the ungulates comes a solid populace of predators. Drive looking for African wild mutts, glorious seekers that meander menacingly over the fields. Their jackets consolidate hues and their correspondence resists typical rationale, the pack part up and merging without a clamour being expressed. Seeing wild canines on a chase is one of Africa's definitive encounters, particularly when you see people drive a gazelle into a snare. 


Day 9 - Lower Zambezi National Stop to Livingstone – Takeoff 

For your last morning on safari, you can take your pick between a drive with the predators, a stroll with the ungulates, or a vessel safari past the banks. There is an early in the day trip back to Livingstone, and you will have day-room use at an extravagance hold up before your universal takeoff to appreciate one last relaxed morning.

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