The Norwegian Cruise Guide For The Best European Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 11,2023

This European Vacation cruise guide takes you to 6 different destinations, with only having to unpack once!

Europe is both exciting and overwhelming when it comes to planning your long-awaited vacation. Your post-covid vacation plans should be directed toward spending your time in Europe. This is primarily because there is so much to see! 


Planning your insta-worthy Europe vacation will bring you to an inevitable realization: you would want to go everywhere! For travelers who wish to explore Europe this summer and go everywhere, we have a fantastic idea for you! 


1. Cruising through Europe


Take a cruise to have the best European vacation! 

Cruising is an excellent option that helps you visit at least six countries without having to miss out on a lot. Cruising to Europe enables you to make your vacation plans serendipitous. It can be tricky with customized itineraries, hassle-free excursions, skipping massive planning, restaurant, and hotel bookings problems, and of course, unpacking everywhere! 

Cruising to Europe means you fit in the romance of Paris with the wonders of the Grecian islands or the history of Dubrovnik with the vibrancy of Barcelona, all in one trip!

If you are all set for an unforgettable escape to Europe, you cannot go wrong with a European cruise vacation. Cruise lines like the Norwegian offer a 10-day Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Rome. The Mediterranean region will have you returning for more every time you feel like taking a vacation. You will always have a new place to discover, a new culture to get yourself acquainted with, and a new way to relax! 


2. The Start Of All The Fun




The Norwegian Cruise experience starts in Barcelona for your first vacation day in the Catalonian capital. You probably want to take your previous day off as well to explore Barcelona further, if this is your first time there. You do not want to miss Park Gell and the famously unfinished Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi. Definitely load your belly with delectable cuisines at Las Ramblas before you board the ship. 


Once you are on board, you can unpack all your items and comfortably place them in the storage solutions provided onboard in your stateroom. Settle down, and wait for the journey to begin. Make sure to choose a stateroom with a private balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows to get the best out of your overall experience. 


3. Live Out Your Bucket List



For the next three days, you will get to live your life as per your bucket list! You should have your camera ready to keep your followers aware of your experiences aboard the European cruise. And if digital life is not your forte, this is the right time to get a social media detox. Get unplugged and remain an anonymous vacationer because social media can wait, but the best European vacation cannot! 


Explore the enchanting Norwegian destinations while it heads to the Mediterranean. Mallorca, Spain, and Monaco will mesmerize you while on the way. And Tuscany, Italy will leave you breathless, wanting to stay there forever! You will get to spend one day at all these stops. 


In Mallorca, you will find yourself in the middle of the historic town of Palma. Romans found this town almost 2,000 years ago. In Monaco, you will find yourself in the shoes of Grace Kelly, walking down the same steps as she did in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is known as the authentic French Riviera, with its casinos and palaces. 


The final cherry on the cake for this three-day travel streak is getting to Tuscany. In Tuscany, you will experience Pisa and Florence. Florence is one of the most extraordinary destinations if you love creating and crafting your own walking tours. You would not want to miss the main attractions here, i.e., Piazza del Duomo, Santa Croce, and the Uffizi. Moreover, Florence offers you insight into Renaissance art and architecture and the contributions of the Medici family. And of course, how can we forget: Pizza! 


4. Relaxing while traveling 



During these action-packed days of traveling around Tuscany, Monaco, and other exotic locations, you will definitely want some time off to rejuvenate. Therefore, cruising is the ultimate way to have the best European vacation experience. Cruising gives you enough time off to yourself, after roaming around and experiencing Europe like a local. It also gives you enough time to reflect on your traveling experience. 


Reveling in all the experiences with some time off in the comforts of your stateroom, surrounded by luxuries, is an invaluable experience. Cruising gives you enough time to slow down when you feel like you are going at a faster pace. 


So, once you are done with these three destinations, Norwegian offers you a day at sea. This will come in handy for you to sip your mimosas by the pool while journaling your travel experiences. This will rejuvenate your soul and get it ready for the second leg of your remaining journey. 


5. Part Two Of The Journey 



The second part of your cruise vacation will kick off with triumphant beats. Game of Thrones fans will rejoice to hear this, as the second leg starts with Dubrovnik, so you can live your Lannister dreams right in Kings Landing! 


Norwegian cruise also offers you a peek into the shore near Kings Landing, so you can dream of sitting on the throne, even when Sansa could not!


After visiting Croatia, the cruise ship will take you to Kotor, a UNESCO World Natural and Historical Heritage Site situated on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. The next destination will be Corfu, one of the exclusive Greek islands, full of multi-toned blue waters and lush green flora. 


It is challenging to leave Corfu once you are there! So, you might need to have the time of your life while you are there so you can get back on the ship, go back home and plan your best European vacation again. 


You will find yourself on the Italian coast the following two days, concluding your 10-day journey, one day on Sicily Island and one day in Naples. 


In Naples, you will be welcomed by the warmth of the famous Amalfi Coast, with its pastel-colored houses, giving you scenic views of the Mediterranean. The icing on the cake will be in the middle of the Neapolitan Piazzas, and of course, Pizza! 


The Final Leg:

The Norwegian cruise ship will finally dock in Rome, where you will get to wrap up this best European vacation with a bang! Of course, your vacation denial will somehow set in, but dont just give up right now. This whirlwind of a trip will leave you memories that will last a lifetime. The overall experience will leave you feeling refreshed, no matter how much you have exhausted your body traveling from country to country. The best part here is that you do not have to worry about transportations and logistics since the cruise line will handle it for you! You only have to unpack once during these 10 days! This is the beauty of the best European vacation cruise for you. 


Happy cruising to you! 



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