7 Ways To Educate Kids For Parents Who Travel For Work

The internet is awash with tales of a family-bonding wanderlust that praises the idea of taking kids out of school and going on adventures. But is it as simple as it appears? Well, it’s not. But does that mean parents who travel for work should leave their job and stay home with kids? Certainly not. Even though one of the biggest hesitation for parents who travel for work is the daunting idea of taking kids out of school and teaching them while traveling, it is entirely possible. 


There is so much that textbooks do not cover. Hence, we can consider traveling to be a long "educational field trip." While some of the richest learning can be done just by traveling around the world, and the world is considered a great classroom, there’s always a need to show the kids the right educational direction. 


To make decisions easier for you, we have penned down some ideas for educating your children while traveling without feeling like they are missing out on their education. Carefully check out all these ways and pick the one that will benefit your kid education-wise, even while traveling worldwide. Choosing from these options will help reshape all the priorities of kids without letting them suffer from poor grades. 


Scroll down and learn some important ways for parents who travel for work and want to make traveling and studying possible simultaneously. 



Ways To Educate Kids For Parents Who Travel For Work 

1. Homeschooling

2. World Schooling

3. Free Virtual Public School

4. Hire an Au Pair

5. International schools

6. Virtual Private Schools

7. Unschooling


1. Homeschooling



There are so many myths about the kids' education whose parents travel for work. One such myth is that they can’t go anywhere anymore because of their schooling. However, that’s just not true. There are ample ways of education while traveling and one of the most obvious and highly preferred is homeschooling. It is an ideal choice for all the parents who travel for work and want their kids to study without sending them to a conventional school.


As the name suggests, homeschooling is the education of school-aged children at home or any other place than school. In this type of education, learning is conducted by either a parent, tutor or an online teacher. Various homeschooling packages provide kids with books, an online curriculum, or a mix. 


This has become one of the most popular methods of education among parents who travel for work. However, it is not feasible or beneficial if someone doesn’t sit with the kid and teach new things. 


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2. World Schooling


World Schooling is an ideal educational style for parents who travel for work and have no desire to homeschool their children. In the world of education, it is the latest buzzword that is a revolutionary approach to education. Such a kind includes learning from experiences, places, and people from different parts of the world. It believes that the more a person travels, the more they uncover different cultures, climates, history, and societies. 


World schooling aims to take out kids from the local school and remove teachers, classrooms, schools, and set curriculums. And simultaneously provide them the freedom to travel and learn from it. With world schooling, parents don’t have to worry about extra schoolwork and complicated subjects and let their children learn in natural environments. To boost the education, you can teach your kids the local language, make them learn about the history and culture of the destination, and ask them to participate in community events.  


Picking up this form of education for your kids will help them learn from experiences rather than textbooks. As it is said, “Travel transforms the world into a limitless classroom and offers much deeper learning than within the four walls of a classroom;” world schooling proves it right. 


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3. Free Virtual Public School



Next on the list, we have Free Virtual Public School for parents who travel for work and want to keep up with their child’s education. As the name suggests, this kind of education is provided by public school systems for free. It serves parents with the utmost flexibility to plan their kid’s education schedules. One can choose whatever their kid wants to study and the way they want to learn.


After joining Free Virtual Public School, kids are required to log in at a certain time. During this time, teachers come online and share assignments with them. This doesn’t require the parents to be with the kid when they log in or do their work. Virtual Public School is beneficial because it doesn’t require parents or guardians to worry about conventional school hours and curriculum. In this, technology is being used to deliver significant portions of learning without attending school. 


With passing time, Free Virtual Public School has gained popularity in the United States. More and more schools are coming up with this service and benefiting the parents who travel for work and won’t be able to send their kids to regular school. 


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4. Hire an Au Pair


Hiring an Au Pair is another great way of educating kids for parents who travel for work. Now, the question arises, who is an Au Pair? Well, they are young people, mostly college graduates, who agree to teach kids in exchange for accommodation, food, and a small salary. Au Pairs agree to travel with the family and take care of the kids wherever they go.


Such people are usually the ones who are eager to visit different countries and take it as their travel job. Hiring them is an incredible option for nomad families if they can afford to pay and take them wherever they go. Along with teaching the kids and preparing them for their future, Au Pairs take care of kids entirely. However, while hiring an Au Pair, it is crucial to look at their educational background. Having a well-educated person will ensure a bright future for the kid even without going to regular school. Although it is an incredible option, it is not always feasible because of higher costs. In such scenarios, one can hire part-time nannies.


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5. International schools



International school is an outstanding choice but also quite expensive. Among all the other educational ways, this might be the costliest system. But considering its great benefits, it’s worth every money spent on it. These international schools exist all across the world and offer the same kind of education throughout. 


These schools use English as their main language, irrespective of which country they are based in. Also, all of them follow the same educational curriculum. This makes switching schools an easy task. Because of the same educational environment, students won’t find it a problem to adjust to a different school. Most of the children in these schools are from families that come from diplomatic, state department, and expat business backgrounds. Although these schools are available in various countries around the world, this education system is highly popular in the United States. These schools aim to provide an opportunity to parents who travel for work and don't want to sacrifice their kid’s education.


Beyond the educational benefits, these schools are a great choice because they are easy to locate in different parts of the world, and enrolling students in such schools is also an easy task.


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6. Virtual Private Schools


This is the latest trend in the world of education and is gaining popularity among parents who travel for work and can’t put their kids in local schools. Although the name sounds similar to Virtual Public Schools, they are not exclusive and open to everyone. 


Virtual Private School is that educational option that provides the kids with a one-on-one learning environment with a teacher capable of teaching all the subjects to the kids. These schools are similar to online courses that allow students to study during set times virtually from any part of the world. Attending such schools requires students to log into their educational accounts and follow the steps mentioned on their purchased plan. However, these schools offer more control to parents in terms of time, curriculum, and structure. 


Unlike other schools, the teachers here charge money by the hour and generally have minimum hours required to be purchased by all the parents who travel for work or want to put their kids in such schools for virtual learning. Letting the kids join these schools will expose them to new things while traveling the world and still keep up with their education at their own pace.


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7. Unschooling



The last option we have for parents who travel for work and still want to manage their kid’s education is Unschooling. This is an informal kind of educational system that works without any formal structure. It lets kids be kids and learn by exploring their curiosity and by their own adventures. The learnings in such schools are through natural life experiences like playing, doing household chores, traveling, socializing, and more.


While this kind of educational system allows kids to enhance practical skills through real-life experiences, it doesn’t include learning the actual education. This is the only drawback of unschooling. However, to overcome this, either parents are required to educate their kids on the basics or hire someone to teach them. This is usually because no matter how much a kid knows how to deal with the real world, they might require basic education at some point in time. 


For all the parents who travel for work and want to keep up with their kid’s education, Unschooling is a great choice. It will make your kid learn the true meaning of life without actually attending a regular school.


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Final Words:

Traveling is not just an opportunity to explore different places but can also be used to educate yourself. Visiting different parts of the world, meeting new people, and understanding different cultures is a rich experience that expands knowledge. If you want your kids to be there with you in such learning, but the schooling is stopping them, then the ways mentioned above are for you. These methods will help the parents who travel for work keep up with their kid’s education without too much hassle. Carefully learn about all these ways and pick the one that suits you and your kids the best. 



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