Travel Photography Jobs: Great Opportunity to Travel and Earn!

Photography is a dynamic and complicated world that offers numerous career paths and provides experts to travel to endless locations with their cameras. Choosing the right career option that can allow both clicking and traveling is one of the most difficult decisions in the lives of photographers. To be a successful photographer, you must choose a niche and enjoy the clicking while traveling. To travel and earn, there are endless opportunities for photographers that allow them to thrive in their careers. For all the creative minds who want to turn their dreams into reality and a good career path, we have penned down some of the best photography jobs that you must apply for. This is, of course, not an all-inclusive list, but it has the most interesting and popular photography job ideas. It's time to pick up your camera and show the world your creativity and style through your photographs. Combining passion with a career is the best decision one can ever make.


Freelance Travel Photography



One of the most chosen career paths by travel enthusiasts is “Freelance Travel Photography”. It sounds carefree and interesting to work as a freelancer, but it requires a lot of patience, flexibility, determination, as well as responsibility. Various magazines, hotels, and other organizations hire freelancers. However, one can also be his/her boss and work independently by traveling and clicking photographers and later selling them on their own. Doesn't it sound like a dream? Since various brands, advertisers, and corporations need photo content, there are ample clients and endless opportunities to succeed as a freelance travel photographer.


Wedding Photography




Love capturing the special moments? Is traveling your passion? If the answer to these two questions is “Yes”, then you must opt for the Wedding Photographer career. Choosing this job will let you visit various scenic destinations and asks you to capture the most beautiful, memorable, and meaningful moments on the D-day of the couple. You can look for jobs in wedding planning companies or open your own small venture. For this job role, you will be booked by the couple and you have to travel with them to their location of weeding and have to capture some unforgettable memories for them. 


Resort Photography



Another best career option that will let you travel and earn is to be a resort photographer. Various resorts are located on the tranquil beachside, skiing zone, theme parks, and more. Resorts hire photographers to shoot for them that helps in marketing and advertising. It is an ideal way to travel around the globe and earn a handsome salary. However, the resorts hire photographers when the season is high and ask them to stroll through the area and take the best shots of the resorts. Such a job requires a few hours of work per day and great determination. It is a great way to enjoy photography and earn while exploring the best destinations. 





This is the most respectable job in the field of photography. A photojournalist is a respected professional who works as a freelance photographer. However, it is more of commissioned work for the clients. In this job role, the photojournalists have to cover various issues, locations, events, and subjects for the publications. The work of the photojournalists should be fine enough to provide the viewers with information or depict a story. To apply for this amazing job role, professionals are required to be experienced enough in the field of photography and passionate to work in this niche. Get into the work of journalists and blend your passion for photography with traveling. 


Travel Blogger



If you are into writing along with photography, then you can choose to be a travel blogger. This career option allows the professionals to take full control over the job and come up with creative projects. The people who want to travel around the world without any restrictions and capture what they love must think about this career option. Being a travel blogger, you are required to visit various incredible destinations and capture the beauty with your camera. Then, you need to post your amazing work on the internet along with writing about it. This does not require a choice of a particular niche. You can capture what you love and be your own boss. 


Cruise Ship Photography



If you want a fun-filled job that lets you travel and earn together, then you must look out for cruise ship photographer jobs. This job asks for seaworthy photographs from different parts of the world. Different ports are required to be visited from all around the world and the experts have to stay on the cruise for most of the time. The cruise ship photographers capture the visitors on the cruise. Right from dining to gathering to partying, photographers have to click all of their moments. In general, this job requires the experts to capture the visitors during activities provided on the cruise. However, some of the lucky photographers get the opportunity to capture off the cruise activities too. 


Wildlife Photography



With the increasing decline in the natural settings, wildlife is diminishing alongside. In such a scenario wildlife photographers play a pivotal role. It is one of the world’s most recognized professions in which the experts try to conserve and capture the iconic wildlife with the help of photography. This profession is to document the distinct types of wildlife and provide the world with beautiful shots. To be proficient in this profession, the experts are needed to have excellent photography skills as well as fieldcraft skills. If you are in love with the animals and enjoy capturing them, then you must choose the emerging career option- wildlife photography.


Food Photography



Food photography is a specialized niche in the photography field. It is to click the restaurants, their meals, as well as their menus. This niche is quite popular even before it came on the internet. This type of photography asks the experts to assist the restaurants in their marketing, helping their cookbook experts, and advertising agencies in capturing their tasty meals from the right angle and in a conceptual manner. Unlike what it looks like, clicking food is quite a tough and complicated job. Just as a painting, photographing food also starts with a blank canvas and has to build a beautiful story out of it.


Architecture Photography



People love to enjoy architectural photographs and capture aesthetically pleasing buildings. This job role needs the experts to click various forms of architecture both from outside and inside. From bridges to skylines, photographers have to click the best shots of the buildings. It is a fun and specialized career option. Various architectural agencies hire photographers to shoot their buildings right from inception to completion. Every detail that makes the building unique and attractive is needed to be captured. To be an architectural photographer, you must be known for unique techniques and must have the right equipment to click the building from right and different angles. 


Paparazzi Photography



Paparazzi are the photographers who click the leading personalities. They take photos of politicians, athletes, celebrities, actors, and more. Their job role is basically to invade the life of famous people and snap them into various situations. Such photographers are either hired by the agencies or work as freelancers who then sell the photographs to magazines and news agencies. To get the best shots, photographers have to be at the right spot at the right time. They travel to different parts to capture the famous personalities enjoying, partying, working, etc. This genre of photography is all fun and entertainment. Choose this option if it lures you and travel and earn a good living. 


Advertising Photography



If you are confused to choose the niche of photography, then you must consider the product photographer career option. This is a more specific job role than other photography options. It is of great specialization and requires the experts to click billboards, street signals, smartphones, magazines, and many more products. In the advertising world, photography plays an important role. The advertising photographers need to capture various and distinct subjects and products. They need to tie up with the agencies and shoot for them whenever they launch or modify their product. It is a perfect job for conceptualizing the product story and shooting the best of the product. 


Fashion Photography



This is an interesting career option that allows you to work with fashion designers, brands, models, and more. Fashion Photographers are required to conceptualize and shoot for various fashion labels and brands. It is to capture the models and create portfolios for them. If you are a creative mind and love the artwork, then this career path is quite fun for you. Imaginative and innovative skills are required to shoot the models beautifully and effectively. For clicking the exotic pictures of the models, the photographers are required to travel to various scenic locations. Choose to be a fashion photographer and enjoy a creative job that won’t keep you chained with the desk 9 to 5.  



These are some of the best photography jobs that will fulfill your wish to travel and earn together with enjoying the whole process. Although turning the passion for photography and travel into a career option might be a little daunting. However, with good planning and dedication, it is feasible. Review the list and make the right decision for you! 


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