9 Fun Jobs For Travelers: Travel and Get Paid!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 27,2021

Are you grounded by a desk job or bored of working in a cubicle from 9 to 5? So, take a job on the road and make it your ticket to travel the world. Some fly around the world and get paid for what they love to do. You can be the next on the list. It's never too late to find a career that makes you happy. Consider the fun jobs and open all the possibilities that you have for life, travel, and work. There are various jobs available in the market for travel enthusiasts. You can now get paid for visiting various places, meeting new people, and strolling on the streets. Even if preparation for these jobs takes some time, you can easily recover it once you start traveling for your work. 


To help you out with your choices, we have come up with some fantastic ideas that will get you paid while traveling the planet. Here are the top fun jobs for travelers that will take you out of the cubicle and let you see the world.

Flight Attendant

One of the most obvious choices of all travel lovers, this job tops the list of fun jobs for travelers. If you are looking for exploring new cities, staying in luxury hotels, enjoying free flights, then this is an ideal job for you. Along with making enough money, this job will help you see the whole world. The job role of a flight attendant is to greet the passengers and serve them food or drinks. Along with this, the role also includes ensuring the safety of all travelers and handling them in unpleasant situations. On the flip side, this job requires the flight attendants to work on unpredictable hours and the work is always not so easy. Although, the advantages and the opportunity to get an insight into the world, makes this job a fantastic travel career. With so much to offer, choosing this career option is a win-win situation.  

Event Planner or Coordinator

For all the travel freaks, who love planning and organizing parties or events, this is a perfect job. It is a fun job that requires planners to hold meetings, parties, conferences, weddings, etc in different parts of the world. The planners work closely with the customers and determine their needs and host the events for them. Working with large business forums and orchestrating events for them will be a golden opportunity to travel around the world. The job requires planners to visit vendors across the country and flies abroad to organize events. Despite being a profound career option that has gained immense popularity over the years, there is still no such major in any university that prepares the individual for this job role. Companies employ people from varied backgrounds and offer them a handsome salary. Apply today and have the best time of your life while making money.


The translator is one such job role that has become a popular career path in the past few years. With the growing connection between the countries for business as well as travel, translators came into demand. The translators have to travel to different parts of the world and help people to communicate with each other. This fun job for travelers requires a great knowledge of at least two different languages. An individual must be fluent and a linguist to become an ideal translator. Along with this, some other skills like business and computer skills are also required. Although the journey of becoming a translator is a long way, it will surely provide you the opportunity to visit various countries. Once you become a translator can easily make your living along with having the best time at work. 

Tour Guide

If you are an outgoing person who loves to meet new people, then this is the best job. The tour guide is one of the fun jobs for travelers that will make you fall in love with your work. A tour guide can work in many ways. Guides can either operate from one place and provide a traditional tour or international tours and take people from one country to another. It will certainly lead to a lifetime experience and make you enjoy your work as long as you love traveling and meeting new people. The job role of a tour guide is to provide customers with their infinite expertise and knowledge. In this job, you have to use your information and invest in it to make your living. A tour guide can easily earn an average of $50-$150 each day. Although, the guides also get passenger tips that will further add to their income. 

Travel Photographer

Among various forms of photography, travel photography is the most enticing. In this artistic world, if you are talented enough to capture the best with your camera, then being a travel photographer is a great opportunity that you should not pass up. The job of a travel photographer is a perfect way to blend your passion with your career. The job role requires the expert to capture pictures of everything from top-notch restaurants to tourist attractions to cultural activities to the food. The ideal candidate for this job must have the ability to provide the viewers with a real-time experience through the photographs. Getting yourself in the career of travel photography will help you achieve everything you want from traveling to photography to exploring. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, and start your journey as a travel photographer with courage and determination.

Au Pair

For all the children lovers this is a perfect gig for you. The job of Au Pair is available worldwide, but the European countries are the most popular amongst all. This job calls for a responsible attitude and to be good with kids. If you get this job, you can travel the world and perfectly make money. For treating and handling the children, host families ask the Au Pair to stay with them. Host families also take the Au Pair with them on exotic vacations which will help you travel around the world along with making enough money. The Au Pairs are paid for providing the childcare services which include babysitting, feeding them, helping them with school works, and else. The income that Au Pair gets for handling the child is not much. However, they get benefited from their daily and travel expenses. It is a perfect job to live in another world and enjoy your life to the best of your ability.

Travel Nurse

As the milliners grow old, they need a nurse by their side all the time. With the increase in demand for health staff workers worldwide, the career as a travel nurse has a good scope. If you are a nurse but won’t get time for traveling, then this is a dream job for you. Becoming a travel nurse will help you use your nursing knowledge along with traveling. The assignments of the travel nurse vary from a short span to several years of the contract. Along with a competitive salary, this job provides opportunities to travel and living compensation. This is not just a career to make your living, but it is a career that will fill your life with adventure and vivid opportunities. Why wait for more? Apply today and enjoy your passion and work together.  

Adventure Sport Instructor

Another popular choice of travelers is to opt for a career as a sports instructor. Away from the online work scape, this is a job that is more realistic and fun-filled. Among various instructors, scuba, skiing, or surfing instructors are in high demand. For people who love to fulfill their adventurous desires, choosing a career as a sports instructor is a great option. Now, you can combine your passion for adventurous activities with traveling by becoming an instructor. Thanks to alternating seasons among different hemispheres, the job of the instructor will let you teach one season in one country and another season in another country. Various resorts hire instructors and ask them to teach beginners. Take the advantage of your talent and get excited to travel the world. 


Now, you don’t need to claim your leave to go on a vacation. You only need to make a wise decision and choose a career that will pay you to travel. The above given is the list of fun jobs for travelers that will make your travel and work happen together. Without wasting more time, apply for the job, and leave to travel the whole world. 


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