Cruise Line Jobs: Apply For These Opportunities In Cruise Industry

Not sure what to do next in your career? Are you looking for travel jobs filled with adventure? Are you lured by the onboard cruise ship job roles? If yes, you are at the right place. Cruise line jobs are extremely great career opportunities that are packed with a lot of traveling, beautiful friendships, and much more. Working onboard is genuinely a life-changing and fun experience. It is the career path that is entirely different from the on-ground jobs.


It is not wrong to say that- “The cruise industry is BOOMING!” It is expanding at a massive rate. Today, cruise line companies are constantly looking for ways to expand themselves and build better ships. This expansion means every-increasing job opportunity for the individuals who are looking to work at sea. Regardless of the academic record, professional qualifications, and skill levels, the cruise line offers a range of job options that means you will definitely get something that will attract you. If you too want to start your career in this industry and relish the travel opportunities, then you must review this whole article. Here in this post, we have outlined everything that is important for you to know regarding the jobs on cruise ships. We covered all the basics of this industry that will prepare you for this unique opportunity.


All About Cruise Line Jobs

1. Why Apply For Cruise Line Jobs?

2. Cruise Line Jobs To Choose From?

3. Cruise Companies You Can Work For

4. How To Apply For Cruise Line Jobs?

5. Requirements For The Job

6. Tips To Start Your Career In Cruise Industry


Let’s take a deep look into the cruise industry. It’s time to kick-start your exciting career at sea with our cruise line jobs guide.


Why Apply For Cruise Line Jobs?



The cruise line jobs come with numerous rewards. The most significant advantage of serving as a cruise liner is the chance of traveling around the globe. It is one of the best travel jobs that will allow you to sail to far-flung destinations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and all other parts of the world. Apart from this, there are several other advantages. Being an employee of the cruise line, all your major expenses like accommodation and food will be taken care of by the operators. It is one of the greatest benefits as in the six months of the duty, you can save all the cost of your living and keep all your earnings as disposable income. Another advantage that is worth a mention is the growth opportunities. Cruise operators believe to spend time and resources on their staff’s training, which helps them to seek promotion. Other than this, such jobs are great to get rid of boring 9 to 5 desk jobs and offer various health benefits and family travel opportunities. 


These are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy being a cruise liner. But remember- “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” For earning these benefits, a lot of hard work is needed. 


Cruise Line Jobs To Choose From?


Cruises are like mini-cities. They can hold around 2000 or more guests at a time and their staff usually reaches over 3,000. Yes, it’s a massive number. With this number, you can imagine the multitude of jobs waiting for you. It is worth emphasizing that you have a plethora of cruise line jobs available. This means- you will surely find something that will suit you and your relevant skills and qualifications. 


Go ahead and check the list of jobs you can choose from. If you find something that interests you, please apply. 


1. Deck Crew- They are employed for maintaining and running the vessels. Right from the embark of the guests to disembark, everything is the responsibility of the deck crew.



2. Entertainment- This is one of the most competitive roles among all the cruise line jobs. It includes the DJ staff, singers, dancers, sports instructors, comedians, aquatics, hosting, etc. 


3. Onboard Security- This job role requires the candidates to ensure the safety and security of the cruise. It includes staying alert, taking precautionary measures, responding to threats, and more.



4. Management- It is one of the most unique job roles in the cruise industry. This role includes the responsibility of managing hotels, restaurants, cabins, retail shops, and everything. 


5. Culinary- The culinary staff includes the chefs, bakers, cooks, butchers. Their task is to prepare appetizing and appealing meals and creating menus.  


6. Food & Beverage- This is one of the most accessible cruise line jobs which includes waiters, restaurant hosts, bar staff, baristas, beverage directors, restaurant managers, etc. 


7. Housekeeping- Housekeeping is yet another most accessible cruise line job for all age and background candidates. The positions under this cruise line jobs category include laundry masters, senior housekeepers, cleaning experts, stewards, and more.



8. Human Resources- The employees under this job category are responsible for implementing HR processes on the cruise. They have to take the interviews and assess the candidates, conduct their training, monitor the performance, resolve the disputes, track the data, etc. 


9. Medical- Having a medical department on the cruise is very important. This is one of the professional cruise line jobs which includes nurses, doctors, physical therapists, physiotherapists, paramedics, etc. 



10. Casino Operations- Almost every ship has a casino which is one of the greatest sources of entertainment. This area of cruise line jobs includes a lot of positions in casinos like cashier, casino dealer, trainer, and more. 


Wait... the list is not over yet. There are several other departments on the cruise where you can apply for cruise line jobs. These are:


Financial Services Guest Service
Marketing And Revenue IT Staff
Refurbishment Engineers/Maintenance
Health and Fitness Environmental Jobs
Electricians Shore Excursions
Nannies and Child Entertainers Retail Staff
Shore Excursions Spa and recreation jobs
Beauty Ship Captain


Cruise Companies You Can Work For


There are multiple cruise companies to apply for the job. You must explore each of them and apply where you want to. The list of cruise companies is endless. We have mentioned some of the prominent companies. To know the complete list, you must visit the official Wikipedia guide.  Take a look at some of the companies you can work for. 


1. Avalon Waterways

2. Carnival Cruises

3. Celebrity Cruises

4. Costa Cruises

5. Cruise and Maritime Cruises

6. Crystal Cruises

7. Cunard

8. Disney Cruises

9. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

10. Holland America Line

11. Marella Cruises 

12. MSC Cruises

13. Norwegian Cruise 

14. Oceania Cruises

15. P&O Cruises

16. Princess Cruises

17. Royal Caribbean

18. Saga Cruises

19. Seabourn

20. Silversea Cruises

21. Titan River Cruises and more.


How To Apply For Cruise Line Jobs?



If you have a nudge for travel, then joining the cruise liners is the best thing you can do. Joining the team might help you fulfill your dreams of traveling and seeing the luxurious life from so close. To apply for the job, you have to follow a few simple steps that are mentioned below:


1. Check The Vacancies: The first and foremost step is to look for vacancies. You have to browse through various cruise line companies and check the openings. Review thoroughly and pick the companies you want to apply to.


2. Review The Eligibility Criteria: Usually, the eligibility criteria remain the same across all the cruise companies but there might be a slight change in the requirements. So, it is important to check it out and confirm that you comply with all of them. 


3. Register: The next obvious step of applying for cruise line jobs is to register with the company. This includes creating an account and providing all the required details.


4. Apply For The Job: Once your account gets created, you have to apply for one, two, or multiple job opportunities. During this step, you might be required to upload a few documents. Upload them.


5. Get Assessed: Before you board the cruise as an employee, you will be assessed via interview. This is the most crucial step of the process. You have to crack the assessment to get on the cruise. The interview might include multiple rounds which differ with the company.


6. Start Sailing: After clearing all the rounds of the interview, you can embark on your life-changing experience. You will now get on the cruise and you have to work hard to party harder. 


Note: This is a general process of how you will get cruise line jobs. However, the companies might modify the process of recruitment as per their requirements. 


Requirements For The Job



To operate on a cruise ship, you have to fulfill the requirements for the special role you are applying for. As per the role, the requirements will change. However, there are certain basic requirements that a worker must fulfill irrespective of the job you are applying for. So, look at the following basic requirements and be prepared for an adventurous travel career. 


1. Age Criteria: 


The minimum age criteria for cruise line jobs is 21 years. However, there are certain job roles that can be applied by candidates over 18 years. On the other hand, the maximum age requirement is usually 35 years (There might be some exceptions). This age requirement might vary with the cruise line. So, carefully check the requirements of each company on their official website.


2. Passport:


It is required for all applicants to hold a valid passport in order to apply for the job. 


3. Visa/Work Permit:


The employees need to have relevant visas or work permits to sail on the cruise. It depends on the country the employee is from and the country he/she is traveling to. Usually, this visa is applied by the employee after getting the job offer. 


4. Language:


As per the position, the employees have to meet the language requirements. There might be certain languages that an individual must know. However, English is mandatory for all. It is a must for all to be fluent in English, both speaking and understanding. 


5. Medical Requirements:


The candidates must be fit for the job role and should fulfill all the health requirements. They must pass the medical examination and should have the fitness certification.  


6. Police Clearance:


Most cruise line jobs require a police clearance to ensure that the employee should not have any criminal record.


Cruise operators hire employees from all around the world and assist them with various requirements. However, you must be prepared with the above-mentioned criteria. 


Tips To Start Your Career In Cruise Industry


Looking for a job on a luxurious cruise? If so, you have to fulfill the recruitment process and get hired for the job role that suits your taste, skills, and interest. Getting the cruise line jobs is not as simple and direct as it looks like. There is a lot involved in the process. To help you out with it, we have listed a few tips that will increase your chances of getting selected and will assist you in passing the interview. Follow these tips and start a successful career in this industry. 


1. Strengthen Your Resume


For getting the job on the cruise line, it is important for you to make yourself stand out with an outstanding resume. As soon as you make up your mind to work on the cruise, you should start focusing on strengthening your CV. For this:


(i) Make a good start by looking at some resume examples and prepare your resume and cover letter accordingly. 


(ii) Design a tailored resume focusing on the job role you are applying for.


(iii) Highlight your skills and experience in the resume.


(iv) Keep the resume short and crisp and check before submitting it. Make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.


(v) Try to learn more languages and other skills that will increase your chances of selection. 


2. Learn About The Company


Another great tip that you must keep in mind before you leave for the interview is to brush up on your knowledge about the company. You must visit the official website of the cruise line operator where you are applying for the job and read about the company. Candidates must know a little bit of the company's history, their working, the number of employees they hold, and some other general information. 


3. Enhance Your Reputation


This is yet another great tip that most of you might not know about. Applying for cruise line jobs, you must adopt personal branding so as to boost your chances of being selected. Personal branding involves the use of techniques that are linked with brand marketing and help individuals in enhancing their reputations. Cruise operators heavily rely on this and carry out a background check on every candidate to look at what they are interested in. Hence, you must rightly use the social media platforms so that they can put a favorable light on your interest and reputation. Among all the platforms, Linkedin is the most valuable. Use them the right way. 


4. Engage With Recruitment Agencies


It’s never a bad idea to seek out support from recruitment agencies. These are the agencies that help job seekers to find suitable jobs and companies to find suitable candidates. They have the knowledge of the coming vacancies and help the candidates in a number of ways. One of the major benefits of the agencies is that they know what exactly the recruiter is looking for and help you prepare well for the post. 


5. Prepare Well For The Interview


One of the best ways to highlight yourself from other candidates is to succeed in the interview. For this, you have to be prepared for it in advance. In an interview, the recruiter will try to evaluate the candidate to learn whether he/she is suitable for the cruise or not. The attitude, knowledge, skills, personality, everything is accessed in the process. Hence, you must be careful. It is an essential tip, that you go for the interview with some preparation. There are several websites over the internet where you will get to know the questions usually asked in the interviews of cruise line jobs. You must have some great examples in your mind, knowledge about the job role you are applying to, and other general information.


6. Dress Appropriately


You must have heard of this popular adage “The first impression is the last impression.” Well, it’s true. Especially in the hospitality industry like cruises, it matters a lot. The way you dress, how you present yourself, your confidence, and more. All this plays a vital role in creating an impression among the recruiters. Hence, it is very important for all the candidates who are applying for cruise line jobs to look good. You must stick to the dress code, hair, makeup, and everything else should be on point. 


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