Guide To An Unforgettable Trip: Things To Do In Latvia

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 04,2021

Latvia is a small magical land that is one of the less explored areas in Europe. This tiny Baltic land is rewarded with magnificent beauty, remarkable history, culture and tradition worth discovering, and lots of charming attractions. This country has everything that will make you fall in love with it. Ranging from beautiful architecture to breathtaking scenery, to beach parties to stroll around the forest, there are a lot of things to do in Latvia. To discover the country to the maximum with utmost fun, you must pick the ideal Latvia vacation package. Regardless of your travel taste, Latvia will not disappoint you. 

To make the best of your vacation, you must make yourself aware of all the things that you can do in the country. Here, is a tailor-made list of all the things that you must do in the country. 

  • Attend Sea Festival

  • Enjoy Local Food

  • Go for Hiking

  • Learn About History 

  • Visit Interesting Museums

  • Go For a Road Trip

  • Plan a Visit to Famous Castles

  • Fly-In The Air

  • Entertain Yourself In Opera

  • Enjoy Nature At Your Favourite Beach

Looking for amazing things to do on your Latvia vacation? Now, you don’t have to look anymore. Here, we have listed all the incredible things that you must do in the country to create unforgettable memories for life. 

  1. Attend Sea Festival

RIGA is the famous annual sea fest held in major coastal cities and villages of Latvia. This sea fest is also known as Fisherman’s Festival in some parts of the country. After the summer night, this festival is considered the biggest festival. It takes place on the first Saturday of July every year and is highly recommended to attend on Latvia vacation. This festival is celebrated with the visit of the sea king, fisherman games, children’s beach, traditional food, and a variety of entertainment.  

  1. Enjoy Local Food- Taste the Flavors

Undoubtedly, savoring the traditional food while visiting any country is a must-to-do thing. With the unique concept and excellent local ingredients, Latvian cuisine has gained international recognition. In Latvia, you can find very terrestrial and seasonal food that is perfect for enhancing your taste buds. To keep its local food easily accessible to all, Latvia offers it in every budget. You can get yourself a valuable meal at a guesthouse or can also book a fantastic restaurant for a luxurious experience.

  1. Go for a Hiking

Undoubtedly hiking is fun. Latvia is an ideal destination for hiking with so much to discover. It has several beautiful lands with various attractions on the way. You can enjoy wild nature, a variety of biodiversity, and scenic beauty while on a hike. It is a perfect way to explore the country with having the ultimate experience. 

  1. Learn About the History

To better understand the country you are visiting, it is important to step back in time and learn about its past. Latvia is a country of architectural gems that speaks a lot about its past. Knowing the past also contributes to understanding the presence of the country and its cultural aspects. 

  1. Visit Interesting Museums

Latvia is filled with lots of museums that help the visitors to gain an insight into the culture of the country. Some of the highly recommended museums to visit are The corner house, Chair-makers museum, P. Stradins Museum, Aviation Museum, and more. 

  1. Go for a road trip

Traveling to Latvia calls for a road trip for all nature lovers. To enjoy the Latvia vacation to the fullest, it is recommended to all the visitors to rent a car and drive around the country. The roads in the country are incredibly easy to navigate and offer beautiful views of the countryside. Driving from the dense forest, beautiful cities, and hidden gems are one of the popular things to do in Latvia

  1. Pay a visit to famous castles

Latvia is a country of magnificent castles with spectacular grounds. The castles here are nestled among the awe-inspiring nature with trees all around. Visiting these castles is one of the unmissable things to do in Latvia. You can enjoy breathtaking views, great heritage, and a warm welcome by paying a visit to these unique castles. These castles also held theatrical performances and dramatic shows. To understand the pasts of these castles, you can get yourself a guide who will share with you a lot of information. 

  1. Fly in the Air

For all who dream to fly free in the air, you must head to Aerodium. It is the first vertical wind tunnel in East Europe that lets the visitors fly through the air. The wind that blows from the funnels is usually heavy which makes it easy for the individual to fly. The whole ride takes 2-6 minutes in which you can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in the air. 

  1.  Entertain Yourself in the Opera

The famous Latvia National Opera hosts national opera and national ballet both where you can exhilarate yourself with a variety of performances. From modern opera and ballet to children’s performances to folk stories, Latvia National Opera is perfect for entertainment. With the performances, the building of the opera is a piece of art. It is a neo-classical style architecture with foyers, rooms, and stage.

  1. Enjoy Nature at your Favourite Beach

To enjoy the wonderful river with stunning coastlines, you must choose to move to any of the beaches in Latvia. Many Latvia travel packages offer a day at the beach to enjoy nature. Within the coastline of 500 km, Latvia has a wonderful range of beaches. You can relish the sun, practice various sports, and enjoy a delectable meal at the beachside restaurants. 

This is a list of things to do in Latvia which will help you discover all the attractions in the country without missing any. Add this exquisite country to your bucket list and create unforgettable memories on your Latvia vacation.

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