7 Winter Vacation Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Dec 23,2021

Traveling during winters is really not the easiest thing to do. Not only do you have to think about packing extra, bulky layers, but also you are at the mercy of constantly changing weather. However, it can be extremely rewarding at the same time if you are willing to plan your winter vacation to view the Northern Lights, a great happy ski vacation with your family, or a trip visiting the German Christmas Markets. You will have to venture out into the cold, sometimes almost freezing temperatures. These winter vacation tips, straight from the best travel guides and bloggers, will prepare you to face your next winter vacation with grace. 


1. Picking the right clothing items 



Picking the right clothing items is the key to keeping warm in cold climates. So, whenever you plan your next winter vacation, choose a base layer and wear a top and bottom under your pullover and jeans or pants. 


Woolen socks are another great way to beat the freezing weather, as not only do they wick the moisture out, but they also have antibacterial properties. In fact, woolen socks can be worn for a few days in a row without washing them. Owing to their antibacterial properties, they do not smell gross. 


You can also top your outfit with a down jacket, a hat that can cover your ears, and a scarf with gloves, and you are all done. Note that scarves are essential, so whatever you do, do not forget to include them in your winter vacation packing. A winter hat, again, is one essential you should not ditch. Your ears will freeze in no time if you are not carrying a warm faux fur hat.


Moreover, depending on the kind of wintery climate you are going to, packing your footwear can vary. Keeping woolen socks with you, no matter the kind of shoes, will help you keep your feet warmer. 


2. Invest in a great pair of snow boots 


A good pair of snow boots can make your vacation experience better. This is one of the best winter vacation tips you can receive from our leisure travel guide. 


Think about it, your feet are a part of your body, and they are the ones that are commonly in contact with the snow. So, why not keep them protected and warm enough to brace winters with grace?


Your feet have a larger surface area with multiple blood cells. And since our feet are toward the end of our limbs, they are prone to getting cold faster than other body parts. By keeping your feet warm, you can warm up your entire body quickly, making you overall comfortable when you are out in colder climatic regions. 


No matter where you live right now, you should invest in a good pair of snow boots if you are looking to visit colder regions for winter vacations. Columbia Minx Boots are great for people who are looking for warmth and style in the same pair. They are sturdy, lightweight, and are waterproof. They will keep your feet warm. 


3. Load up on warmer clothing accessories 


Staying in freezing temperatures like those in Finland and planning to spend a significant portion of your vacation outside, you need to be extra careful. The secret to doing it comfortably is staying in layers. Do not think of fashion; severe wintery conditions are not the appropriate time to think of the same. You need clothes that have functional importance. Make sure you are packing enough layers to keep yourself warm and lets your skin breathe simultaneously. Opt for clothes woven in natural materials. 


A few other items should be a part of your winter vacation wardrobe, like a good moisturizer, lip balm, and hand cream. Lips tend to get super-dried up real quick, so applying a lip balm can prevent them from being extremely dry, patchy, and ugly. It also helps keep all the cracks away. As part of your winter vacation tips, you will also require a good hand cream and face moisturizer. Our skin is sensitive to changing temperatures and weather conditions; using these two items can help you let them stay soft, warm, and moisturized. 


4. Drive safe in the wintery terrains 



If you are planning your winter vacation on the road, this one's for you! You need to be well prepared to drive in snow and on icy terrains and roads. 


Road trips are everyone’s favorite, and a trip like that through a snow-filled landscape is truly a marvel. You can see snow-capped mountains, landscapes; everything is pure white and magnificent, straight out of a fairytale. All the scenery is up close for you to take pleasure in the same. But, it can sometimes be a challenge to drive in such conditions, no matter how easy it seems at first. 


The first precaution you need to take for your next winter road trip is to get winter tires. So, no matter the type of car rented or your own, ensure you have winter tires for driving in freezing temperatures. If you do not know about winter tires, talk to your local car rentals or your mechanic about the same to take this necessary and precautionary step. 


Another one of the best winter vacation tips you can get is to ensure your travel insurance is valid. Make sure you are traveling with the right travel insurance, and they are covering your on-road trip as well. So, if you are renting your vehicle, make sure you do it from a car rental agency that offers travel insurance as well, so if something goes wrong, you do not have to be liable in case there are damages to the car. 


And of course, lastly, when you are driving on snow, you need to drive carefully and slowly. The biggest danger to driving fast and loose on icy terrains is driving or sliding off the road. So, ensure you are at a speed where you are in control of the wheels. If you drive a rental car, drive it out first for a shorter period to check the brakes. Whenever you feel you are out of control, your brakes are the first thing you want to rely on. 


Expert bloggers also state that you should not feel pressured by other drivers behind you. Simply drive at the speed you feel comfortable with yourself. Drive sensibly and enjoy your winter vacation in peace. 


5. Choose local ski resorts over luxury hotel chains.


Famous ski resorts, like in Vail or Park City, have the best terrain, suitable for all kinds of people. However, unless you are an expert when it comes to skiing, you will not be able to tell the difference between these spots or the others. What is more important to understand is the amount of time you spent having fun instead of worrying about spending the whole day’s pay on your lifts. 


Smaller and local ski resorts are present almost everywhere, even in the top ski locations. These resorts are somewhat cheap and offer an exciting experience overall. They might not appeal to most people. However, they have their rustic charm and character, setting them apart from others. 


Moreover, if it is your first ski vacation, choosing a fancier hotel over a local ski resort will cost double for ski lessons. So, staying at a local ski resort is cheaper and cost-effective. 


6. Have mulled wine at the local Christmas market


What is a vacation without food and drinks? To have a cozy winter vacation, ensure you have mulled wine at the local Christmas market, if there is any. This makes December vacations worth it for freezing travelers. Head to the nearest mulled wine seller and get the warm tingly sensation of wine inside, easing your blood circulation overall. 


While you are at it, visit the local butcher in the market as well. You might find some interesting tree-shaped salami there that will keep your joy high by giving your soul some warm, festive food. 


7. Make use of food to keep yourself warm. 



Speaking of festive food, do not, at any cost, forget food is the primary goal of your winter vacations. Nobody will speak of this in their list of winter vacation tips! 


Food should always be a part of your packing essentials, especially chocolate. If not chocolate, make it any kind of sweet snack. 


Staying out in winters for multiple hours makes your body burn a lot of energy to keep itself warm. Therefore, having a sweet treat is only of the best rewards for your body for all the hard work. If you are concerned about the extra calorie intake, don’t worry, you will burn it off fast. 


Carry sweets or chocolates with you on a cross-country skiing trip, a wintery road trip, to the northern lights, or anywhere.


Moreover, carrying tea, coffee, or hot chocolate with you in a thermos is another great way to keep yourself nourished on the inside. Dehydration can happen easily in such colder regions since you do not feel the need to drink a lot of water due to semi-freezing or freezing temperatures. So, having a warm beverage in your thermos is a great thing to carry along to keep yourself hydrated and warm if you are not interested in just water. 


Final Word


Who does not love exploring the wintery worlds? We all love the magical experience and snow-capped mountains, just like in Narnia, or perhaps Game of Thrones? Get set, pack your essentials; you have the best winter vacation tips right here. Bookmark this page, just in case you need it for your next December adventure. 


Happy vacation to you! 



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