Consider These Winter Holiday Destinations When Traveling Alone

With the current scenario worldwide, solo trips seem to be becoming the next big travel trend. As the summer season wanes, winters leave many of us restless and holed inside our houses. Some others actively seek adventure.


While we may not travel to other exotic locations like the Swiss Alps, or the Greek islands, we still have various destinations. has compiled the best winter holiday destinations to consider while solo-tripping. It is ideal for all those seeking the thrill of skiing to look for the best leisure vacation packages.


Asheville, North Carolina



If you are chasing the sun and the snow, look no further. The city of Asheville has a lot to offer as one of the top winter holiday destinations. This city witnesses a hoard of cold-weather events, treks, and festivities. The hip downtown areas are colorfully decorated. Hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville also offers the cinephile population various festivals such as Nutcracker performance, Christmas Comedy for adults, etc.


Asheville has snowy slopes for all adventure lovers. If sightseeing is your thing, then there is a list of waterfalls that will satiate your desires for winter holiday destinations.


Boston, Massachusetts



Solo travelers looking for city experience in the dreamy winters, Boston is one of your winter holiday destinations. Boston is easily reachable; one of the major cities is connected by buses, trains as well as airports.


It doesn’t matter which experience you are pursuing, be it history, sports, skyscrapers, and so much more.


During December, the city of Boston is especially enchanting. The Christmas décor is put up, and the ice rinks are filled. It is held in Faneuil Hall at the start of the month. Many professional skaters even put on a show to delight the spectators.


A heads up for saving transportation costs, buy a Charlie Card for visitors to save money. But while you explore the city, pop up at Prudential Center, North End, and Newbury street for food and shopping.


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Boulder, Colorado



For all the beginners looking to learn skiing, Boulder is your next and one of the best winter holiday destinations.


Situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Eldora Mountain Resort has over 11 lifts that are ideal for the newbies. You can even take group lessons if you are looking to socialize.


Other things to do is to go exploring the snow-capped peaks on foot. It's open year-round, but during winter, it transforms into a fairyland with all the snow. 


Great bars and restaurants for dining and warming oneself up, check out the Nutcracker enactment Boulder Ballet and Philharmonic.


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Key West, Florida



Not too hot, not too cold.


All those looking to avoid the chilly winter and the overcrowded beaches pop over to the Florida Keys. For solo travelers out for their winter holiday destinations, they can travel from Miami to Key West by shuttle services. The island is tiny and, in a word, charming.


Hire a bike from Mallory Square and look for the most picturesque cafes, cultural festivals, observe the local lives, catch a movie or two and go sightseeing at various historical locations.


If you are seeking some water fun, then opt for diving and snorkeling.


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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 



No winter holiday destinations list is complete without Lake Geneva on the catalog.


Golfing, hiking, spa days, and historical sights barely scratch the surface of what Lake Geneva has got to offer.  


Geneva Lake Museum of History even has scavenger hunts to find treasure. You will be teamed up and go down the rabbit hole of history and puzzles: Lake Geneva witnesses cruises, parades, ceremonies during Christmas times. Adorable shops are set up for gifts and souvenirs.


During winters, the most significant event organized is ‘Winterfest.’ Snow sculptures from all over the states visit Wisconsin to compete in the National Snow Sculpting Championship United States. The Sheep and Wool Festival is also one of them.


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Malibu, California



Famous for its Mediterranean climate, Malibu is not the upscale region most people think of. It is one of the best leisure vacation packages. Located by the sea whose waters become cold during the winter season, one can kick back and relax by the beaches as the sun shines softly.


One can even explore the rocky cliffs that are excellent setup points for a breath-taking sunrise and sunset. Due to multiple celebrities residing in Malibu, the city is slightly expensive. But the beachside vacation rentals are reasonably priced. Mom and Pop restaurants provide both food and an aesthetically pleasing location.


If you are looking out for a hike, visit the Leo Carillo State Park with several trails with an impressive coastline running parallel with them.


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New Orleans, Louisiana



With the spontaneous nightlife, delectable cuisines, and exquisite architecture that sing the history of this quaint city, New Orleans is a must-visit. For all the solo travelers out there looking to discover the bustling city amidst a quirky population, New Orleans should be on your winter holiday destinations’ bucket list. The days are usually warmer. However, the nights can get slightly chilly.


Connected by road and air, one of the finest places to begin is the French Quarter. For the drinking establishments, check out Bourbon Street.


One of the best activities to do in NOLA is the live music experience. New Orleans has a reservoir of talented musicians performing on streets, studios, cruises, and bars. 


From Jazz, R&B to Pop and EDM, all kinds of music are being performed. 


Also, check out the local museums that narrate the history of World War II and discuss the influence of the French, Spanish, and Caribbean. Not that it already doesn’t reflect in the architecture of houses, cafes, bars, shops, etc. 


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New York City, New York



New York City is one of the finest places to visit under the best leisure vacation package. While some cities succumb to the sluggishness that comes along with the winters, New York never sleeps.


The city has been nicknamed “The city that never sleeps” for this very reason.


The streets are always bustling, the nightlife is vivid, and the people are filled with passion. The arrival of winter is announced by the picturesque fall season.


During Christmas time, shops are decorated cheerfully, and so are the parks. Additionally, ice rinks are opened up with Christmas décor all over.


New York City is an apt spot for you if you wish to get lost amidst people and enjoy yourselves. Exploring the streets of New York has different magic altogether as no one knows what they might discover.


Chances are you are not the only solo traveler there. Youth hostels have many trippers socializing with fellow wanderers.


Savannah, Georgia



What is better than a southern city as the best leisure vacation package during winters? Enamouring, at first sight, the city is connected by both road and air. Frequented in summers, Savannah is less crowded in winters but no less fascinating.


The weather is mild and warm. During the holiday season, one can bust out the ice skates and check the availability at the local ice rinks when looking for winter holiday destinations. 


But the most exciting part about visiting Savannah is the ghost tour. Haunted food locations, popular haunted spots, bars, etc., are both informational and educational.


After going through this article, you would consider the aforementioned Winter holiday destinations. 


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