New York City Weekend Getaways - Best Places To Go In December

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Dec 20,2021

Perfect weekend getaways for times when you just want to cozy up, drink a hot cup of cocoa, and warm up by the fireplace.


If you are also craving a change of scenery from the iconic New York skyline and are not keen on going too far away for the same, this article is for you! 


There are some best places to go in December for a short weekend getaway. These can be appealing in terms of the distance from the city of dreams. These spots are just a short bus or train ride away, while if you are up for it, these places can also be your perfect road trip during winters. 


No matter what you are looking forward to doing, you can always cozy up in your cabin and enjoy delectable meals amid the winter breeze.  


Now, before we begin talking about the best places to go in December, remember to check the intra-state Covid-19 guidelines before you leave for these destinations this winter. Check the official tourism websites before you start your journey. 


1. Hudson, New York



Getting there


Hudson is just a three-hour train ride away from the Penn Station in NYC, on Amtrak to Hudson. The town is the largest in the namesake valley. 


If you are planning to hop on the train, be sure to check out the views of the rivers when the train goes closer to the shore during the journey. Admire the scenic views from the comforts of your train seats. Also, do not forget to cherish the vintage Hudson station when you disembark, which dates back to 1874. It is reportedly the oldest operational station in the entire state. 


If you are directly driving to the destination through your vehicle, the trip will be shorter than the train ride. The drive will be around two and half hours long, along the Taconic Parkway. However, you will not get to enjoy the breathtaking river views while on your way. 


What can you do?


You can do a lot in the town and on Warren Street, which goes on for a mile. While you are here in the city, be sure to check out the stores for some winter shopping hauls or get inspired for your next home renovation at the vintage furniture dealers down the street. You can also visit the historic Olana State site or check out the spectacular estate of Fredric Church, spread across 250 acres. 


2. Woodstock, Vermont 

Getting There 


The drive from New York To Woodstock is approximately four and a half hours long, via the I-91 going through the Berkshires and Connecticut. 


While you are on your way, you can detour to Brattleboro as you drive north. You can take quick photos here to remember this short vacation. The location is home to the wooden 19th-century Creamery Covered Bridge, one of the few remaining illustrations of the Vermont specialty around the state. 


What can you do?


When you reach Woodstock, you will find yourself in the middle of Hollywood-like picturesque sets, centered around the English town greens, set against the backdrop of whitewashed homes. This becomes all the more pretty during winters when they are all blanketed by a few inches of snow. The main street in Woodstock is lined up with various shops and restaurants. You can find almost everything from t-shirts by the Vermont Eclectic Company to photo booths to giant fiberglass chickens inside shops. 


While you are here, check out the FH Gillingham and Sons old-school general store and the Farmhouse Pottery. 


3. Lower Catskills, New York 



Getting There


The Lower Catskills or the Southern Catskills are less rural when compared to their counterparts in the north. Compared to towns like Andes and Phoenicia, the city of Southern Catskills has an artistic edge that makes it appealing! 


You can drive to the location in just about 3 hours, through the I-87 to route 28. The journey might be a few minutes longer when compared to other courses. However, the scenic and mind-blowing views will comfort you for those extra minutes. The spectacular countryside is probably the best part of your road trip to Lower Catskills. It becomes even more precious during winters, making it one of the best places to go in December 2021. 


While on your way, you can easily find the Phoenicia Diner, which is by far the best place to have lunch on your route. Do enjoy the deep, golden, fresh-fried onion rings when you are there! 


What can you do?


When in the Andes, you will come across several shopping spots, including the very famous studio of Stephanie Theado. The pottery studio has a wide variety of pieces on her front porch, which you can explore throughout the day. And if you are interested in buying something, just Venmo her the amount. 


Another great location to check out will be the Hasbeen and Willbes vintage store, owned by the erstwhile designer Kai Kuhne. If you want to relax, go to the Wayside Cider, a brewhouse and a restaurant with a relaxing and social atmosphere. 


Nature lovers can head east for a few miles to Hunter Mountain along route 28 and ski as much as they can. 


4. The Berkshires, Massachusetts 

Getting There


The ride is 3 hours long via the Taconic Parkway, slicing through the eastern edges of NYC before you head straight to reach the Berkshires. It is one of the most picturesque rides present on this list.


Be sure to stop by the best pitstops en route to the Berkshires, i.e., Milan. And while you are blocking, be sure to have lunch at the Cider Bros, owned by CIA Alum in Hyde Park nearby. The place is known for delectably tasty food. On your way, you can also book yourself a horse riding lesson at the Hidden Hollow Farms that caters to both people with disabilities and those without any problems. 


What can you do?


The Berkshire, as you have heard, might be pretty famous for the leaf-peeping during the Fall season, but did you know the place is even better during winters? Once the snow starts to pour, and the hills turn white, blanketed all over with snow, the Berkshire becomes one of the best places to go in December. 


Though the area might be reasonably famous for its superb leaf-peeping each fall, the location is arguably even better once the snow starts and the hills morph into some of the best ski slopes in Massachusetts. Take the enormous range of terrain at Catamount, ideal for families of varying abilities; there’s also a two-hour zipline tour that includes the adrenalin-pumping CataMonster line, an unbroken, 1,000-foot drop. Butternut Basin is another family-friendly, must-ski hub that offers private family lessons for kids ages four and up. At the same time, there are 45 different runs at Jiminy Peak in the Taconic Mountains. Otherwise, there are 13 miles of cross-country ski trails at Canterbury Farm and the chance to skate safely outdoors on Farm Pond.


Final Words

These were some of the best places to go in December this year, just a little drive away from the city of dreams, New York. Bookmark this list, share it with your loved ones, and travel to these places. Our Leisure Travel Guide experts have collated carefully to have fun, relax and enjoy life. 



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