Surprise Your Special Person With These Affordable Weekend Getaways For Couples!

Traveling is an important part of any relationship to lead healthy lives. It allows you to learn so much about your partner, which you didn’t know while leading your everyday life in the city. However, traveling can often be quite expensive and time-consuming, with our busy schedules. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The experts at bring you to the 10 amazingly romantic destinations for affordable weekend getaways for couples, where you don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket or disrupt your work life to enjoy a quick vacation with your special person.


A study by the US Travel Association, says that Travel Strengthens Relationships and Ignites Romance. According to this research, couples who frequently go on vacations and getaways communicate well with their partners than those who do not travel. Couples who travel together have longer-lasting relationships, and a better understanding of one another. Traveling together keeps the romance alive for new and long-term lovers alike, after all a couple that travels together, stays together right?


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Let us have a look at some affordable weekend getaways for couples, where you can take your partner, and surprise them with an amazing vacation that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


1.    Savannah, Georgia



Savannah is one of the USA’s favorite destinations for affordable weekend getaways for couples. Savannah offers couples a chance to take it old school and spend time with one another at some of the most romantic spots in the city.  The city is full of Spanish moss, and historic architectures for an old-fashioned date with your partner, with amazing food, and friendly locals.


Savannah is full of lush green trees and colorful flowers that make your vacation all the more romantic. Stroll through the beautiful streets of Savannah, soaking in its culture that is reflected through its charming houses, pretty streets, and town squares. Have a romantic picnic under the pleasant southern weather at some of the best most beautiful parks in the city. Savannah also has some of the best hotels and bars, where you can enjoy rooftop candlelit dinner with your partner for affordable weekend getaways for couples.


Savannah is one of the most Instagram-worthy spots on this list, as the city is full of amazing architecture and spectacular parks, and colorful flowers that are sure to brighten up the pictures you take with your special person.


2.    Memphis, Tennessee



Memphis has a romantic vibe, which is unparalleled thanks to its amazing history and musical charm. Memphis gives you a taste of live music like no other and carries the legacy of some legendary performers in history, including Elvis Presley, Al Green, and Justin Timberlake.


Memphis is an amazing destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day or if you’re swamped with work, then you can get a taste of its amazing culture during a short weekend getaway as well. The amazing attractions in the city, make it surprisingly cheap and enjoyable, and you can have affordable weekend getaways for couples in Memphis.


Take a tour of the city on a carriage, for a taste of royalty, or check out the spectacular Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. One of our top recommendations for things to do in Memphis if you’re looking for affordable weekend getaways for couples is spending your evening at Beale Street, and grooving to the amazing music at one of the bars and clubs at this iconic district. You will fall in love with the city and its bluesy charm.


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3.    Providence, Rhode Island



The city of Providence gives you a taste of one of the most romantic cities in the world, which is Venice. Providence is modeled after the Italian city, with its canals and riverfront hotel and restaurants, where you can spend a romantic evening with your partner. The city has loads of fun and exciting activities to do, which makes it a great destination for having affordable weekend getaways for couples, without breaking the bank.


Providence is full of amazing theatres where you can catch a romantic play with your loved one, or take them on an old fashioned date, at the CAV restaurant, which is filled with charming lights, and precious antiques, and a level of detail that will make your evening even more romantic.


Take your special person on a stroll through the beautiful Waterplace Park. The park has spectacular walkways and bridges that take you along the river, after a lovely lunch or dinner at one of its famous restaurants. You can also rent a bike and cycle at the East Bay Bike Path, with your partner and stop for some ice cream before heading back. There are plenty of things to do in Rhode Island, which you can explore as well, on one of your affordable weekend getaways for couples in Providence.


4.    New Orleans, Louisiana



New Orleans offers the best of the three most important components of a romantic date, which are Food, Music, and beautiful surroundings, at the best prices for affordable weekend getaways for couples. Hop on a romantic dinner cruise over Lake Pontchartrain, and get a taste of delectable Louisiana cuisine. Nothing complements a romantic evening like listening to live Jazz at the Crescent City, at the street corners, various restaurants.


One other thing, the city of New Orleans is famous for in addition to its food and music, its cocktails. If you’re a fan of booze then you should go on a cocktail tour with your partner and we can guarantee that your night can become more and more amazing with every toast.


5.    Boston, Massachusetts



Boston is a city, famous for its amazing history, food, architecture, and romantic dates. Boston offers plenty of things to do, for couples of all ages. The experience can be luxurious or even cheaper depending on the activities you pick. For affordable weekend getaways for couples full of romance and love, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts which houses more than 450,000 pieces of artwork, from different parts of the world.


Venice, Italy isn’t the only place in the world to go on romantic gondola rides. You can go on gondola rides and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Boston with your special someone. Relax during your weekend getaway with your partner at the Bella Sante Boston Day Spa or the rooftop pool at The Colonnade Hotel, at affordable prices and a charming view of the streets of Boston. If you’re ever in Boston looking for romantic things to do, then you should absolutely visit the American Repertory Theatre or the ART. Catch some iconic shows at the ART that have won multiple awards and praised from across the country.


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6.    Charleston, South Carolina



Charleston, is a hidden gem in South Carolina where you can have amazingly affordable weekend getaways for couples full of nature and architectural beauty. The beautiful antebellum homes and cobble streets look something out of the history books. The city is full of art with more than 40 local art galleries which you can explore during your affordable weekend getaways for couples in Charleston. They are free to take for anyone, which is an amazing addition to your affordable weekend getaway.


If you wish to spend your affordable weekend getaways for couples in the lap of nature, away from the noisy city, then you can go to the Nature Adventures Outfitters, which lets you rent boats and kayaks and paddle through the sham creek. You can also plan your itinerary to spend your night camping in the woods, and enjoying the weather with a bonfire and s’mores.


For a quieter evening, take your partner to Sullivan’s Island which is at a distance of just 20 minutes from the city of Charleston. Sullivan’s Island offers secluded beaches where you can take a stroll with your partner and enjoy the sunset. You can enjoy a lovely dinner at one of the reservation-only restaurants, for a romantic evening with your partner which is not too expensive and lets you woo your beloved.


Romantic getaways, and traveling together is an important component of every relationship. It keeps the fire alive and lets you break out of the monotonous routine of your daily life. Traveling together enables you to tackle and overcome new obstacles, and helps you reveal your true nature to your partner. We at encourage everyone to make time for their friends, family, and loved ones and travel somewhere at least once every two months. Much like the destinations present in this list,there are various other places where you can enjoy affordable weekend getaways for couples.


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