8 Reasons You Should Book Hungary Vacation Packages In Winter 2021!

Hungary is one of central Europe’s hidden gems, which turns absolutely magical during winters. Most people only know Hungary because of its lovely capital Budapest. However, the country has so many amazing things to offer, which can even be enjoyed during the months of cold winters.


With amazing culture, beautiful landscapes, surprising natural wonders, you are definitely in for a surprise on your Hungary Vacations. Leisure travel guides bring you ten reasons why you need to experience your Hungary vacation packages in 2021 during the winter season.


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·         Winter Weather in Hungary

·         8 Reasons to book Hungary Vacations Packages in winters 2021

1.       Cheap flights and Fewer Tourists

2.       Take a dip in Thermal Spas

3.       Magical Christmas Décor

4.       Food tastes even Better

5.       Snowy Locations

6.       New Year Fireworks

7.       The pubs light up!

8.       Explore the Markets


Let us first have a glance at the weather. You will find your Hungary vacation packages in winter 2021!


Winter Weather in Hungary


The winter season brings in a slow and calm environment all across the country. With temperatures dropping well below freezing point in many areas and streets covered in snow, winters become quite peaceful in Hungary. However, during the day, the city comes alive with enthusiasm, with many people coming out of their homes to make the best of the winter sun. The average temperature in Hungary in winters hovers around 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and around 10 degrees Fahrenheit during the nights. The snowfall in Hungary during winters is surprisingly not that heavy, with moderate bursts of snow, just enough to cover the whole city and make your vacation a little more magical.


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8 Reasons to book Hungary Vacations Packages in winter 2021


Let look at the best things you will find this winters on your Hungary vacations packages 2021:


1.    Cheap flights and Fewer Tourists



The majority of tourists visit Hungary during the summer because of long bright sunny days and amazing outdoor activities to indulge in. Only a few tourists consider Hungary to be a winter destination due to a lack of skiable mountains or heavy snow. Another factor that makes Hungary a perfect winter escapade is cheaper flights. Flights from across Europe and America are much cheaper during the months of December and January, partly because of the Christmas holidays. Tourists can find budget Hungary vacation packages during this time, with amazing activities to partake, and cheaper flights and accommodations. What is even more amazing is that, because of fewer tourists, you can explore everything the country has to offer without any trouble.


2.    Take a dip in Thermal Spas



Going in for a dip in any of the numerous thermal spas across Hungary is one of the most amazing things to do in winters. Hungary has over 1000 thermal spas that are still active and offer a rejuvenating experience to visitors. It is believed that the hot spring water contains various natural minerals which provide it medicinal properties that can treat various ailments.


Taking a dip into the nice hot natural pools both indoors and outdoors feels even more amazing during the cold winters. As the hot water meets the cold temperature outside, it forms a layer of steam all around you, making it even more exciting.


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3.    Magical Christmas Décor



Christmas is one of the most magical times to visit Hungary during the winters. Christianity is the predominant religion in Hungary, and Hungarians love celebrating Christmas. Most big cities across the country get doused in millions and millions of fairy lights, colorful bulbs, and other Christmas decorations. Even the city tram gets a holiday makeover. In the evening, as the lights shine bright, the whole city turns into a scene from a Disney movie. Budapest is the place to be in during Christmas in Hungary, as it is the capital city and also the cultural and economic hub of the country. It is also the biggest city in Hungary. Therefore you will find a lot of tourists and locals on the street celebrating the spirit of Christmas.


4.    Food tastes even Better



I have visited Hungary twice so far in my life. The first time I visited, it was summer, and everything was hot and sunny. During my first, I didn’t quite enjoy the food, as I found it to be quite spicy for my palate. The other time I visited Hungary was during the second week of December. Winter was in full swing, and it was a magical time. To my surprise, I couldn’t get enough of the hearty bowls of goulash and the meaty dishes of Hungary.


Hungarian cuisine generously uses paprika and red chilies and mainly consists of non-vegetarian food. During the cold winter weather, the rich and spicy dishes are just what they need to survive the cold temperatures. In summary, don’t judge the food in Hungary until you have has a chance to taste it in winters.


5.    Snowy Locations



Though you will find a lot of pictures online when you type in ‘winters in Hungary,’ with buildings covered in snow, however, Hungary does not experience heavy snow, jump into. So don’t set yourself up for disappointment. You can still find ample snow to have a snowball fight.


Out of the 30 days in a year when Hungary receives snowfall, the cities turn absolutely magical, with dense snows falling from the sky, which is enough to make the streets slippery. The rooftops of buildings are easily covered in snow, with clear white views all around. During the snowy days, the city of Budapest looks something out of a fairly-tale with Instagram-worthy views all around you.


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6.    New Year Fireworks



In addition to Christmas, New Year is an especially wondrous tie to be in Hungary. Hungarians love to celebrate. This is why, during New Years', you will find the city light up in bright lights and colorful views all around you. Another thing to be kept in mind during New Year is that you will find a lot of fireworks in the sky. Many are randomly bursting up from rooftops without any warning. So make sure to stay on your toes, so you don’t miss them.


7.    The pubs light up!



Hungarians love their alcohol! Be it beers, wine, or vodka. The local bars and pubs are great attractions in Hungary that you must visit during your Hungary vacation packages. The city of Budapest itself has over a hundred iconic bars and pubs situated in ruins of historic buildings and monuments commonly known as Ruin Pubs.

During winters, most of the pubs get a Christmas to makeover, which starts from November all the way in February. Most pubs get filled quickly with tourists and locals alike as the sun sets, therefore make sure you book your spot early. The pubs turn colorful and offer a fantastic vibe to have a fun evening on your vacation.


8.    Explore the Markets



European Christmas markets are famous for their amazing stalls and decorated shops, and Hungarian Markets are no different. The Vorosmarty Square is one of the most iconic marketplaces in the country during winters. The market sets way before Christmas, in the second week of November, and lasts till New Years'. With beautiful bright lights as far as the eyes can see, the marketplace becomes a must-visit during a winter vacation in Hungary. You can shop for souvenirs, ornaments, clothes and even find the most amazing food stalls during your trip to the marketplace.


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