Top Winter Holiday Destinations For Your Travel Bucket List

When it comes to winter, people would love to explore the weather while paying a visit to the winter holiday destinations. Most of us want to cover up with snowy blankets while roaming the world in woolen dresses. We wish to devour delicious cuisines worldwide, but there is always confusion about where we should land after the great head-march. Some of us want to spend our night in igloo warm heated homes; some want to stay in wooden chalets. While exploring the fantastic destinations, we want to see the historical places where we can smell the cold heritage. 


Winter is the weather of love and togetherness, especially in Christmas month; people get so excited that they feel their soul in the air. There is a list of festivals and vacations that you must line up in your leisure vacation packages. There are several winter holiday destinations worldwide where nature covers the earth with a white sheet and makes it captivating. How about spending the night in the old timbered house where you can taste and vintage wine. There are places where you will get the opportunity to stay right next to some of the enticing remote panoramas of the world, or you could lose into the northern lights overhead. 


Several places in the world turn into paradise when winter comes; this weather brings many cultural and traditional activities worldwide. The winter games and sports, the crafting, warm drinks, and cuisines make you love this weather even more. And it’s on a high when you are traveling to your favorite winter holiday destinations. 


And it’s high time to lose your pocket to bring happiness for your dear ones while they shop in the Christmas market. There are several places known for several specularities in entire Europe for Christmas month. Here are some world-famous winter holiday destinations that you would love to go to and spend quality time with your loved ones included in your leisure vacation packages. 


1) Lapland, Finland  



Lapland is the most significant region of Finland, and the Northernmost part is the magical reason and full of contrast. The contrasts are captivating key factors where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark winter days full of Northern Lights. The season varies uniquely from each other. The long season of ‘Kaamos’ is brought by spring. The world’s most unique and eye-catching sceneries are a complete leisure package of mediation and mindfulness. The spring offers a never forgetting experience for skiers to snowshoe walkers. You could meet Santa’s reindeer and could recharge yourself in nature. 


In late August or early September, the first snowflakes fall to the ground over the higher peaks. Snow covers the ground significantly earlier than in southern Finland between mid-October and November, offering the permanent white floor. It becomes the winter wonderland and one of the perfect winter holiday destinations for winter lovers. The inhabitants measure eight seasons instead of four. Because of the abundance of conifer trees such as pines and spruce, it becomes associated with Christmas in some countries. The climate is cold and wintry, and the winter is extensively long for approximately seven months. The snow cover is thickest, usually in early April, and soon after, it melts fast. The holidays are likely towards the end of the year. Therefore, it becomes essential to add your winter holiday destinations accordingly to your leisure vacation packages. 


Now, Lapland has developed its infrastructure for year-round tourism, and in 2019 in a snow-free period, tourism increased more than the winter season. The love for Lapland is irrevocable. Finnish Lapland is a witching place that’s faultless for couples and families. Children love exploring Santa’s hometown by having a reindeer sleigh ride and greeting the ‘real’ Santa Claus at his headquarters in Rovaniemi. 


Not only that – you can also hire a cabin or warm igloo and marvel at the outlandish Northern Lights dancing overhead. The lack of light pollution turns Lapland into one of the best venues for spotting Aurora Borealis – it’s an experience you will remember for a lifetime! 


2) Igloo village in Zermatt, Switzerland



If a warm igloo isn’t for you and you want something to be memorable, then think about a cold-weather holiday in Switzerland. Zermatt has wonderful summertime, where days are mild and nights are cool. The winter is snowy, cold, and freezing, and the estimated snowfall average is 128 inches—one of the best winter holiday destinations where you can enjoy your winter vacation. 


It’s an idyllic mountain village tucked away in the Swiss Alps. The Chivalric Matterhorn rules over the horizon, and because of its reputation, it creates one of the most bizarre alpine landscapes in Europe. Exploring the hiking trails while vising the winter holiday destinations heightens the journey into mountains by cable car and train. You can also stroll the scenic streets of Zermatt and go skiing all year long. 


It’s a car-free town, where you can get there by train and once there, you will get around by walking or e-vehicles like bus and taxi. It is a vast hiking destination, especially when you have an enormous list of hiking trails. It is always good to hike between your winter holiday destinations. 


Between the border of Switzerland and Italy, with its unique pyramidal shape, the Matterhorn Mountain is one of the most recognizable mountains in the world. The summit is one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe. 


This place offers priceless opportunities for various outdoor activities as well as a peaceful and relaxing experience. It is one of the top winter holiday destinations that you can count on to enjoy the winter places. 


Never losing the feeling of authenticity, the village status is still a world-class resort. The old timbered houses offer plenty of shopping and fine dining and ask to explore well-preserved chalets that line the street with Zermatt. This mountain village is heaven for a true skier and can ski the whole year-round. 


The chalet restaurants invite you with gondolas and cable cars. The panoramic views and the meals are unforgettable. The Swiss city also offers hiking trails that stretch over 250 miles with various levels of difficulty. Hence, it is one of the best winter holiday destinations for those tourists who wish to have different hiking experiences.


3) Ladakh, India  



If you dream of remote places and barren panoramas, then Ladakh will make your plan come accurate. The northernmost region of India shares borders with Tibet and Pakistan. You could expect ravishing plateaux, azure sea-like skies, incredible night skies (The Milky Way often makes an appearance!), hidden lakes that will leave you stunned, and eye-catching roads straight out of a Nat Geo Documentary. 


You will get the opportunity to stay right next to some of the remote, beautiful panoramas of the world. You could eye devour the four-poster beds, the hot showers, and twenty-four-hour butler service. There are lots of budget-friendly camps, and you could pitch your tents in several places around Ladakh. 


Ladakh was the erstwhile Buddhist Kingdom and is spectacularly jagged. Arid mountains, incredibly crowned rocky outcrops, meditational mani walls, picturesque gompas, and multi-hued flags are a few of the many sites that epitomize the glamor of Ladakh. The well-balanced long-established society of Ladakh has much to propose to the West in terms of ecological awareness.


Ladakh is beautiful and a new divine abode of the Himalayas. The one who looks out to satiate their untamed love for adventure, Ladakh is heaven for them. A list of adventure sports such as biking, water rafting, and safari will keep your soul occupied; it’s also known as the ‘Land of Pass’ since it forms an alluring part of Jammu and Kashmir. So, if you want to make Ladakh one of the winter holiday destinations you wish to explore, you must add it to your leisure vacation packages. 


Ladakh offers enticing topography that reckons in hilly terrains, high altitude peaks, and lush green grasslands. There is an amenity of trek trails and trekking opportunities available here for trekking fanatics. It is also the center of Tibetan Buddhist culture amidst the snow-capped hills. If you want to communicate with nature and serenity around directly, Ladakh is the place for you. It will turn your rush stormy soul to calm and still. Ladakh brings you out from the ‘sheep world.’ Here you experience life and find yourself by communicating with nature and stillness around. 


4) Christmas Markets in Europe and UK



During Christmas Month, the cities come to life, and stalls get adorned with fairy lights. The scent of celebratory feel with the smell of mulled wine takes you into paradise. Christmas is just around the corner, and somehow, you’re in European Markets; the rain may shower too, but who cares. It’s more romantic than you can imagine. 


The Bath Christmas market is sure of one place where you would want to take soul-bath in the month of Christmas. The fascinating world of choirs and carolers will keep your eyes wide open. The 150 excellent wooden chalets greet you with Christmas amour in the atmosphere, and the chalets undercoat the World Georgian streets surrounding the 16th century Bath Abbey. A sea of artisan jewelry and handmade knitted clothes makes this one of the best places to visit during winters. It comes under the best winter holiday destinations where tourists can have all the chills of winter. 


The Hyde Christmas market is a wonderland to its magical ice kingdom, the largest open-air ice rink in Britain. You’ll get to see varieties of performances from the circus, Paddington to the funny acts in a comedy show. 


Since 1999 the Manchester Christmas Market has been bringing festive cheers to the city. Three hundred twinkling stalls and chalets surrounding Albert Square are the places to dive in during winters. You can find the different themed markets like German Market, French Market with impressive crafts markets, making it the top winter holiday destination worldwide. 


With street gardens with stunning views of Edinburgh Castle, the Edinburgh Christmas  Market provides you one of the best Christmas Markets in the UK. With Santa’s Grotto lighting up Castle Street, there is a Santa’s Land with rides for all ages. 


The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market with over 180 dazzling stalls is the largest authentic German Christmas Market in Europe. Your Christmas spirit will live up when you get to devour the atmosphere of carol singers and live music. The carved wooden toys to handmade candles, you will find wonderful Christmas gifts. 


The Belfast Christmas Market will let you visit Santa in his charming grotto or zip down the vintage Helter Skelter! It is one of the best festive affairs in Northern Ireland. For an authentic Northern Irish experience, you can sip a warm glass of gluhwein or local beer while exploring every corner of your favorite winter holiday destinations. 


Winchester Cathedral Market offers you 100 German-inspired chalets set in Cathedral’s historic Inner Close. The hand-crafted treasures by vendors provide you what you can’t buy in stores. 


The Glasgow Christmas Market is full of painted Russian dolls, Swedish wooden clothes, and  Italian nougat, and you’re sure to collect some unique stocking fillers. The Gluhwein House is a great shop run by winegrowers to provide local beers from the beautiful Mosel Valley.



No matter how much research and time you invest in searching for the best winter holiday destinations for your leisure vacation packages, you will find that this article covers top winter spots. 


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