Best Places for A Winter Vacation: Time To Feel The Chill!

Author: Sonali Pathak

Winter vacations are a much-needed break to enjoy the holiday-packed months and cold weather. From snowy gateways to amazing beaches, this season is perfect for satisfying the wanderlust. Although everyone loves to snuggle up in the blanket and staying inside in the cold winters, however, enjoying the mountains full of snow and incredible views on a winter vacation is altogether an unforgettable experience.


To help you plan an ideal vacation, we have penned down the list of all the major destinations that you must visit to relish a once-in-a-lifetime wintery experience. Gone are the days of staying in the blanket. Now, it’s time to grab your bag, pick the winter vacation place, and enjoy the best time of your lives.


1. Wyoming



When we talk about the best winter vacation place, Wyoming always tops the list. It is a legitimate winter wonderland with extensive snow all around. With the endless variety of adventurous activities, pleasant hospitality, and cozy accommodations, Wyoming captures the attention of various winter lovers from all around the globe. From steep paths to large powdery wetlands to fun-filled activities, there is a lot to explore in the state. Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular recreational activities that people prefer to enjoy. The untouched landscapes and high spirit of adventure attract the skiers and other thrill-seekers. Along with this, the rich cultural history, ranches, sporting events, and a few world’s great deserts, make this state a must to visit place in winters. The beauty of the state lies in its winter weather and offers opportunities as infinite as the imagination.


2. Norway



This beautiful country is not less than a snowy wonderland in the winters. It remains covered with light and fluffy snow everywhere which lets the country shine like a sparkle in the cold weather. The major part of Norway’s culture lies in its adventurous activities. This country is known for its skiing and various other outdoor recreations. To make the most of your vacation to Norway, you must ski down on any of the famous seven mountains. Along with the snow, the beautiful wooden houses, picturesque ports, and panoramic glacier views lure visitors to visit Norway in the winters. Although the town looks stunning in the summers, visiting this place in winter will offer altogether an unforgettable experience. Enjoying the Northern Lights in the winters is the best thing one can do in the country. With so much beauty everywhere, having Norway on the bucket list is a must.


3. Japan



In Japan, there is something to enjoy in every season. From cherry blossoms in spring to vibrant leaves in autumn to festival celebrations in summers to thrilling sports in winters, Japan has it all. It is one destination that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Although this country is a perfect destination for all seasons, the winters here are worth appreciating. Winters are the high time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the country with less crowd and of course, the fun activities. For the best skiing experience, you must visit Hakuba, which is on the outskirts of the city of the Northern Alps. It is the finest ski resort in the country. Together with enjoying skiing, travelers love to witness the snow monkeys, falling snow, winter festivals, and delectable cuisine. For every travel junkie, Japan is an ideal destination. 


4. Costa Rica 



Costa Rica lies near the equator and thus a winter-free destination. If you want to escape from the chilling weather of winter, you must plan a visit to this country. This serene rainforest destination is all green and quiet and holds an abundance of biodiversity. The fusion of elite beaches, hot springs, splendid wildlife, and low prices makes Costa Rica the perfect winter vacation place. In the winter season, this stunning destination offers the visitors to enjoy sun-kissed shorelines and sparkling waterfalls. Witnessing the sandy beaches, ecological diversity, and volcanoes make the visit to the country worth your time. Whether you sip in the coconut at the beach or go on a hike, you will end up having the best time of your life in Costa Rica. 


5. Canada



This postcard-perfect destination is one of the best winter travel spots all around the globe. There is an endless number of things that you can do in the country in the winter season. This country is known as the maple land and an ideal destination for all the adrenaline junkies. It has one of the finest ski areas in the world. When the weather drops in Canada, this country lets travelers enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the world’s top mountains. Other than that, recreational activities like ice-climbing in canyons, dog-sledding, ice-fishing, tobogganing, and snow-shoeing are famous amongst the tourists. On top of that, people love to relish the Northern Lights, luxurious shopping, delectable dining, and wild beers in Canada. Add this country to your bucket list and get ready to have a splendid time on your vacation. 


6. Switzerland



Switzerland is amongst the leading places for all snow lovers. It is the world’s dream skiing destination that one can visit to have the best time. In this beautiful country, the weather goes down in the winter season and turns the alps into a wonderland. From enjoying popular chocolates to decorated Christmas markets to thrilling adventure activities, Switzerland has a lot to offer. Although there is a range of options to spoil the tourists, snow sports always remain on the top. The wide range of adventurous sports draws the attention of the majority of visitors. Once you visit this destination, you will be awe-struck by the diversity of winter culture. To get the best taste of the winter culture of Switzerland, you must savor the traditional fondue in vintage guesthouses, visit traditional wooden slides, and enjoy New Year’s rituals. It is indeed the best winter vacation place one can visit. 


7. Iceland



To get the best experience in the country, you must visit Iceland in the winter season. This country turns into a paradise when winters approach and offer the visitors a magical experience. Even though the days are shorter in the cold weather and nights are super chilled, this country still has a lot of things to do. One of the best experiences you can have in the country is to relish the Northern Lights. Other than that, the natural attractions, adventure sports, hot spring island, and frozen lakes are perfect to brace yourself with lifetime memories. Visiting this country in winter will let you encounter windstorms one minute and alluring Northern Lights dancing in another. Undoubtedly, winters in Iceland are surreal. Make sure you visit this enticing destination in the winters and have a cherishable experience. 


8. China



Many travelers consider winters as dark and boring. But when it comes to China, it is a white snow paradise that lures the tourists to enjoy the journey intensely. There are plenty of attractions as well as things to do in the country. Among various tourist spots and adventurous activities to relish in winters, being a part of China’s winter festivals is always the best. Festivals in the country become more magical with the backdrop of misty sky and sparkling ice. One of the best festivals you can enjoy in the country is the International Ice and Snow Festival. With this, the beautiful wintery scenic areas in the country make it the best destination for winter vacations. No matter what you do in the country, you will surely leave with plenty of memories. 



Enjoying the cold winter days in the blanket might sound like a good idea, but these winter destinations will surely convince you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the true beauty of the world. Now, you must break all the summer holiday theories and take the wooly caps and cozy coats to enjoy the dream vacation on your favorite winter vacation place. 

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