Patagonia Luxury Tour Packages for Adventure Travelers

Settled in the southern portion of Latin America, Patagonia is a region that accurately embodies the true spirit of adventure and exploration. The rugged and mostly untamed landscapes throughout the region make Patagonia a thrill seeker’s paradise. With snow-clad mountains, ice glaciers, crystal clear lakes, volcanoes, and lush forests, there is no end to what you can do on your Patagonia luxury tour package.


Patagonia is a popular destination among students, backpackers, and budget travelers, because of wide-open landscapes with no one to disturb you for miles and low prices. However, Patagonia has a lot to offer for people who love to travel in style and luxury.


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Leisure travel guides bring you the best adventures that you should explore in your Patagonia Luxury tour Packages, along with the most amazing places where you can find them!



1. Trekking & Hiking



The landscapes of Patagonia are full of amazing trails where you can hike and explore the great outdoors. Patagonia offers natural wonders as God himself intended and makes it an experience of a lifetime. Amazing trails full of beautiful lakes, steep climbs, rugged plains, dense forests, and views to take your breath away is what awaits you when you go trekking through Patagonia luxury tour packages. You can find the itinerary and tour packages that fit your needs, or you can explore the landscapes on your own on an impromptu trip.


The Carretera Austral is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Chilean Patagonia. The roads take you through the most mind-blowing views and connect over 20 National Park along the way. A trip through the legendary Carretera Austral route is an absolute must on your Patagonia luxury tour package. With lakes, mountains, volcanoes, and lush sceneries, there’s an endless number of places where you can park your vehicle and begin your hike. You will find plenty of small towns and quaint little luxury lodges where you can relax after a hike with the most majestic views right outside your window. One can even plan their whole Patagonia vacation around this region.


Another popular attraction that brings hikers and trekkers from around the world to Patagonia is the Torres Del Paine National Park. The park is famous for its majestic mountains, glaciers, massive icebergs, and the W trek. However, there are plenty of hiking trails in the park, which you can take on during a day’s hike. But the W Trek offers something which even challenges most seasoned hikers and trekkers. Considered by many as one of the best trails in the world, the W trek is a 45-mile long trek that makes a ‘W’ shape when looked at on a map. The trail ranks at moderate difficulty levels but has the potential to become quite strenuous for beginner hikers. The rise and fall of elevation during the trek comes at a total of 9700 feet. The best thing about this trail is that it is an all-year-round trek that can be done in any season, but the fall season offers the most amazing views due to the changing leaves.


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2. Kayaking & Rafting



Rafting in Patagonia is one of the most extreme adventures that you can take on. The Futaleufu River in northern Patagonia, which literally translates to ‘Big River,’ is one of the most challenging rafting spots in the world. The rafting trail on the river stretches up to 40 miles full of extreme rapids and bends ranging from Class III to well above Class V levels. The rafting experience in Patagonia is one of a kind and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime activity that you should include in your Patagonia luxury tour packages. The river is almost unspoiled with rocky banks and challenging rapids.


What makes the rafting experience in Patagonia one of a kind is the luxurious camping spots and lodges, where you can relax after an exhausting day. The campsites and lodges are very elegant and offer amazing food with a night under the sky. On some days during the night, the sky gets completely filled with bright shiny stars and other celestial bodies far from your wildest imagination.


You can also paddle down the river in your kayak for a memorable experience. There are plenty of other spots where you can challenge yourself and dive into the waters. The marble caves at lake general Carrera offer the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen. The lake is located at the end of the Carretera Austral route and reveals itself in the most dramatic fashion, with its turquoise hues surrounded by rocky cliffs. Once you go a little further from the bank, you come face to face with the most vivid natural cave systems in the world. As the sunlight falls on the rocks, the marbles reveal their glimmering magic, which cannot be described in words.


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3. Climbing Volcanoes and Mountaineering



Another reason why Patagonia is considered one of the best destinations among adrenaline junkies is because of its mind-blowing mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes. Patagonia is home to the Andes, which offers some of the most breathtakingly beautiful peaks, which can even scare most experienced mountaineers. There are various ways to explore the mountains on your Patagonia luxury tour packages. You can find some easy to moderate peaks that you can climb within one to two days, or you find yourself a challenging peak that can take multiple days to reach the summit. The western region of the peninsula is covered in soaring mountains and white ice glaciers, making it one of the perfect mountaineering destinations—adventurers from all over the world travel to Patagonia to climb its peaks.


The highest peak in Patagonia is called San Valentin, a whopping 4,085 meters above sea level. The expedition to climb San Valentin can take up to three whole weeks and be very strenuous because of the cold temperatures and strong winds that can easily blow your tents away. The second highest peak in Patagonia is San Lorenzo, which is 3706 meters above sea level and can take one week to reach the summit. However, the terrains on this mountain are not as challenging as San Valentin and can be completed within five days with proper training and equipment.


Mountaineering and mountain climbing is one of the most amazing things to explore on your package luxury tour package because it offers some of the most amazing views of the Andes.



4. Check out the Wildlife!



Patagonia is home to some of the most beautiful and majestic wildlife, including several indigenous species you won’t find anywhere else. Travelers who don’t want to take the risk of climbing mountains, or diving into lakes, can go on a safari to explore the Patagonian wildlife.



A. Penguins



Catching a glimpse of the great King Penguins is one of the most popular attractions in Patagonia luxury tour packages. Tourists from around the world gather up to watch the only colony of King Penguins in Patagonia at Tierra del Fuego. Another popular species of penguins that can be found in Patagonia is the Magellanic Penguins. The huddle of these beautiful penguins can be seen in huge numbers in various regions across Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, making Patagonia one of the best places to watch penguins.



B. Patagonian Puma



Once on the brink of extinction, the Patagonian Puma is one of the most sought-after attractions in the region. It is the largest land carnivore in Patagonia and mainly feeds on guanacos. Most people who visit Torres Del Paine through Patagonia luxury tour packages can spot this beautiful feline. Another region where you can find them is Aysen, where you can also find some luxurious lodges and hotels during your stay.



C. Patagonian Grey Fox and Fueguian Fox



The Patagonian grey fox is one of the smallest types of foxes in the world. A fully grown grey fox weighs approximately 9 pounds. The species is endemic to Patagonia but can also be found in several other places in South America. Another attraction on Patagonia luxury tour packages is the Fuegian fox which is found mostly in Tierra del Fuego and Chile. The fox is quite larger than the Patagonian grey fox, has unique red-colored fur on its head.


Head out and explores the wonders of Latin America through the Patagonia luxury tour package and have an experience you’ll never forget.


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