A Travel Guide To Explore Latin America Thoroughly

Breath-taking and elegant, Latin America is one big portion of the earths wonder-filled with countries of exuberance. It has the Amazon in Brazil- home for wild and birdlife, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia- the mirror of the sky, the marvelous cascade of Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Venezuela- worlds largest oil reserves, and the pristine glaciers of Patagonia.

The best way to explore Latin America is with a vacation package. A vacation package offers unmatchable knowledge about the destination, day tours, and also shows a sustainable attitude towards the location. It is the best travel guide for exploring the abundance of Latin America thoroughly.

Below are the rich exotic countries one can add in his vacation package to Latin America. All of the destinations have something unique to offer for every kind of traveler. 

1. Uruguay:

Cached between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is the smallest country in Latin America. Thanks to the present development, the country is receiving a good response from tourists. It is a chill, care-free country that has so many amazing experiences to offer. Tourists can begin the tour from Montevideo, the capital city. The architecture style is Columbian and that calls for exploration. The cultural scene is thrilling here. Dont miss the Carnival of Uruguay which happens in this bustling city. Starting from mid-January, the Carnival is welcomed by a swarm of dancers twirling to the sounds of the candombe drums. Another fun event is the Murgas, heavily studded dressers who are judged by a panel. You can grab a seat in the front line or choose to get a balcony view. 

Vacation packages offer a day trip to the Colonia del Sacramento not without a reason. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historical town will take you back in time to the age of the Portuguese. Just an hour or so away from Buenos Aires, this historical quarter decked with cobbled streets will welcome you to a part of its colonial past. 

The nearby restaurant named El Drugstore is quite famous among tourists for their special squid rings dish, chivito- a steak sandwich, and gnocchis. 

Other important places to visit are Tacuarembo- get a horse ride while knowing about the locals, Fray Bentos- a riverside city, Cabo Polonio- a colony of sea lions, and Valle del Lunarejo an island with birds and nature.  

2. Bolivia

This undisturbed part of Latin America has so many paths to explore. The cardinal destination is the Salar de Uyuni, one of the most beautiful salt flats in the world. Tourists will become spellbound to see the sky mirroring on the ground. But this view can be witnessed only during winter since it will be dry during summer. 

If you love to take adventures, then head to the worlds dangerous road- North Yungas. Seeing it will give you a gist of an adrenaline rush, you will be surprised to see vehicles traveling through the road. 

Another major attraction is Lake Titicaca. Sitting by its turquoise waters gives a pristine feel with glaciers in the distant background. World historians credit this lake as the birthplace of the Inca civilization. 

Sucre is a beautiful white city which is also the capital of Bolivia. It is ideal to explore the backdrop of Bolivia. It enchants tourists with its authenticity and sheer solitude. The Cathedral Metropolitana is a beguiling church located here with intricate architecture. 

Bolivia is well-revered for its traditional cuisine which has not lost its touch till today. Cochabamba and La Paz are famous restaurants that serve the best Tarija wine and Llama tenderloins.

3. Colombia:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the famous novelist was born in Columbia. Colombia has been gifted with structures and landscapes of all categories, nature, history, modernity, cuisine, and museums. Tourists first visit Cartagena, a town oblivious to the outside world; a place that is still stuck in time with bougainvillea flowers adorning every corridor. The best place to have some late evening solitary walks, Cartagena will draw you in completely. If you love history and want to have some expedition, head to the statues of San Augustin. Vacation packages offer archaeological tours to understand the history of the statues. 

The jungles of Amazon have an extension in Colombia, so for nature trails and bird watching, this place would be the best option. Colombians take adventure seriously; every corner of the country will offer you activities such as trekking, hiking, climbing, etc. Coffee lovers must head to the Zona Cafetera and Coffee Fincas for some light-hearted caffeine intake. 

Colombias Pacific region is where massive whales settle to give birth. This calls for the exotic whale watching experience. Sign up for a tour and you will be surprised to witness this biggest creature so close.

4. Cuba:

Cuba vacation packages are filled with activities that you will not get to have in any other part of the Caribbean. Cuba is misunderstood as bland but you will only know it if you start your expedition. Brazil is not just the only country to host carnivals; the Cuban carnival is as artistic as it can be. Colorful and vibrant, in every corner of the country, you will be surprised to know the culture and traditions coming out. 

Havana is a venue for architecture lovers. The structures are used for multiple purposes, at one time a museum, and a gallery by night. Cubans love to experiment so they are constantly on the move to create something new. The Museo Nacional de Bellas is a primary attraction here with innumerable artworks.

Guama is a historical town where the National Anthem of Cuba was written. If you want to have beach time, head to Mayabeque to explore a tropical climate. Sancti Spiritus is a holy place with the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Church at its center. Camaguey, Trinidad, and Santiago are other important destinations to explore. 


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