The Best Places To Visit In Latin America For Adventure-Lovers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 02,2020

Adventure seekers carve for a sheer adrenalin rush and thrill in whatever destination they travel. Though there are various places offering adventure sports, very few are aware of the amazing ones offered by Latin America.

No wonder why Latin America stuns people with its tropical destinations such as Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, and many others. What attracts people towards this Hispanic America was it earlier known as is the fact that it has something or the other to offer for every kind of tourist. Some of the ethereal locations apart from bustling cities draw people from all over the world to have some adventure. 

Latin America can be called the mother of adventure activities. From Bolivia’s dangerous road to finding your way out from the lost city of Colombia, a jungle expedition in the Amazon to mountain biking in Guatemala, vacation packages offer innumerable “never-heard-before” sort of adventure activities for tourists. 

Revealing the thrilling adventure sports offered by Latin America below:

1. Volcano climbing- Ecuador:

Ecuador welcomes serious mountain climbing lovers to its volcano ranges. Most vacation packages offer a tedious three days event. The geography of the volcanoes and the adventure provides enough thrill for tourists.

The Volcan Cotopaxi is the most preferred volcano range. The second highest peak of Ecuador, the summit is a challenge and finishing the conquest is an achievement, no doubt. The country has made it mandatory to conduct the event only under the guidance of a licensed guide. Cayambe, Chimborazo, Quilotoa, and Tungurahua are some of the other summits famous for volcano climbing. 

2. The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu- Peru:

Peru’s Inca Ruins are ripe for exploration. The most ideal hiking trip in the country is revered by lakhs of tourists every year. This hike is like no other and hence, not for the light-hearted. The location includes mountain ranges, some on the way ruin sites, and dense forests. It takes almost four days to reach the Inca Ruins crossing all the barriers. Also, the hike gives an opportunity for photographing the scenic view of Peru. Vacation packages suggest getting into this tour during times when it is not the peak season, since it may be very crowded. 

3. Stand-up Paddle boarding- Honduras:

Honduras is known for its largest share of wilderness, textile industry, coffee, and tropical nature. But for tourists it would be the fun and adventurous stand-up paddle boarding in the Roatan Island. This activity is ideal for people of all ages. Adventure seekers looking to enjoy the mangrove vegetation and the water can sign up for this exciting tour. That is not all. Explore the Honduras seas and the tropical fishes. Vacation packages offer this activity all year round, so what is stopping you?! 

4. Snorkeling in the Galapagos:

An abode to the rare species of the planet, the island of Galapagos is a must visit for all tourists and adventure seekers alike. But there is a different way to explore the wildlife: Snorkeling. Snorkel your way in the sea and you will be greeted by a bunch of sea lions, varieties of sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and other kinds of fishes. Vacation packages also offer a kayaking trip accompanied with snorkeling. 

5. Hand gliding in Brazil:

Brazil is not just carnivals and Rio de Janeiro but also its package of adventures. Amongst the basic diving, climbing and trekking Brazil gives tourists a chance to try hand-gliding. Accompanied with an expert guide, stroke your adventurous side with a swift had-gliding session. It’s not just an activity but it provides an unmatchable aerial view of Brazil. Hand gliders run on the plain surface and then glide over the sky. It takes huge courage and skill but once you are done, you will feel proud of yourself. 

6. Jungle expedition in the Amazon:

The amazon is another world in itself filled with millions of species of plants, birds and wildlife. Many of the species are still not discovered. A treasure trove of ecosystems, the Amazon is for the explorers. 

You may love Tarzan or Mowgli, but brace yourselves for the jungle expedition which includes trekking, hiking, climbing and what not! There is no one said way to explore this rainforest. Since the forest has streams, mountains and dense vegetation, you can start your adventure with a trek, visiting the native people, rafting in the rivulets, bird watching, etc. 

If you choose to explore the Amazon by boat make sure you visit it by May or June. The river levels will be suitable at this time of the year and also provide you the opportunity to see some wildlife roaming around. Pray you are lucky! 

7. Patagonia- Trekking:

Trekking in Patagonia will take you to the heart of nature. Known for its snow capped mountain ranges and glaciers, this destination is the best one could choose for trekking. If you think what is so surprising about Patagonia trekking, you need to know that vacation packages offer a few other mini adventures while trekking. That includes boat riding through the Beagle Channel, kayaking, whale watching, horse ride and hiking. The view of Patagonia will be unbelievable: cerulean blue mountains with snow dripping over, mist and rivers.   

8. Argentina- Trek to the clouds:

Sky high with the Andes Mountains below and around, this trek will be an earthly adventure. Great for history and geography lovers, you will brush past the Inca trails beginning from El Golgota in Ingeniero Maury town on the way to Salta. You will be wondered by all that you witness: giant cacti called Cardon, locals doing their usual chores- taking care of fields and cattle, some Inca ruins and Andes mountainscapes. When you halt for camping or lunch, make sure you interact with the locales of neighboring villages. The end of the trek will make you feel missing it already but you will be happy for having boarded the trek to the clouds express! 


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