12 Ways to Find Cheap Holiday Deals for flights in 2021

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 07,2021

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year! The beautiful decorations, lightings, presents, festive delicacies, and a whole lot of happy faces make it such a magical period! The holiday season sure brings in a lot of happiness and reignites many great childhood memories.


This is why traveling during holidays has almost become a ritual. Be it domestic travel to your family or going on a vacation to spend your holiday in style. Traveling and festivals go hand in hand for most people.


However, the holiday season also brings in a price hike and expensive flights, cabs, restaurants, and accommodation, which drain your wallet even before the holiday begins. While you can’t always battle the price hike during the holiday season, you can, however, be prepared with a few tricks up your sleeve to save a lot of cash while making your travel arrangements by finding cheap holiday deals this festive season!


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Leisure travel guides bring you the best ways to find the most reasonable prices and cheap holiday deals. Use these tricks to book cheap holiday deals and save up some cash to buy some impressive gifts for your family and friends!


1. Use Incognito mode



It has been reported in many studies that airlines and other travel websites jack up their prices when you’re looking for flights and accommodations, depending on your past search history. It results in inflated prices everywhere you look and costs you more money than required.


Most websites use cookies and other tracking technologies to track the users visiting the websites. These cookies track the personal information about the user and also track their interaction with other websites along with search queries. Suppose you’ve been looking on the internet for cheap holiday deals, flights, top destinations, and hotels. Chances are, you’ll find inflated prices when you actually want to book tickets. Therefore it is important to clear your browsing history, cookie data before booking flights. You can also use the incognito window while booking tickets.


2. Sign Up for Websites


Many travel agencies, hotels, and airline websites have a loyalty program and reward system for their users. Most people don’t bother signing up with the websites they usually book their tickets from. Signing up with the most popular websites or the website that you commonly use can help you bag cheap holiday deals. It doesn’t matter how frequently you travel; you should sign up with websites, so you can get exciting rewards, offers, coupons, and discounts while booking your holiday travel tickets.


3. Always Compare Prices



These days most people use common travel booking sites that claim to offer the best prices in the market, after comparing from multiple different sites. However, it has often been observed that the prices offered by such websites are much higher than some other websites. This is because they do not consider the coupon codes and other offers.


To find cheap holiday deals, always compare prices on different websites yourself, to find the best prices for the tickets you wish to book. Don’t forget to save some more cash by looking online for coupons for the website you’re booking from.


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4. Analyze the sales pattern


The thing about finding cheap holiday deals is that one trick or approach doesn’t work for too long. Therefore, to find the best prices, it is important to always be on your toes and play the system. When flight tickets sell out at a slower rate, companies and airlines usually slash their prices to sell more tickets and fly with a maximum number of passengers. By keeping an eye on the sales pattern, you can find cheap holiday deals that allow you to save a lot of money just by being at the right place at the right time.


5. Book flights for weekdays



Most people fly during the weekend as it allows them to complete their work before heading home for the holidays. Therefore it is very difficult to find cheaper flights on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. In addition, flights mostly run with many empty seats during weekdays. Hence airlines slash their prices to maximize sales. Therefore the best time to find cheap holiday deals for your flight tickets is to book your flights for weekdays.


6. Book your flights 6 to 8 weeks in advance



Booking in advance is the most definitive way to find cheap holiday deals for flights, accommodations, and all other travel bookings. Reports have shown that booking your flight tickets on the day of the journey will cost the maximum price. Whereas, booking the same tickets within a week or up to 10 days before the trip may give much cheaper results. However, the cheapest holiday deals for flight tickets are when you book 6 to 8 weeks before the journey. You will notice that prices are significantly lower. People have often got less than half of the price they would have gotten if they had booked their flights on the same day.


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7. Check prices for different airports



Another great trick to finding cheap holiday deals, which works for most metropolitan cities, is booking flights through a different airport. The airport you select for your journey also plays an important role in the pricing of your flight. Airports with higher footfall and more activity will have higher prices owing to the amenities they offer.


If you live in a city with multiple airports within your reach, try to look for flights to your destination through each of those airports. You will find a considerable difference in the prices—Book tickets from the airport that offer the cheapest flights.


8. Try to bag first-class tickets


Most people try to leave early and get home to spend the holidays with their families. Business and first-class tickets don’t fill up that fast. Since most businessmen and first-class travelers spend time with their families, airlines offer first-class and business-class tickets at significantly cheaper rates. It is a great way to travel in luxury while enjoying cheap holiday deals. Always check out the prices for first-class and business class tickets during the holidays to grab the best deals.


9. Use  your travel miles



Using the frequent flyer miles program is one of the best ways to find cheap holiday deals. Airlines usually provide flyer miles to registered customers who frequently use their airlines for their travels. Customers can use their miles and redeem them for upgrades and sponsored tickets whenever they want. The best thing about frequent flyer miles is that even if you don’t travel that often, you can still keep collecting miles simply through your credit. Select credits are associated with airlines and offer lounge access, flyer miles, and other freebies every time you use their credit card. Therefore you can earn flyer miles while shopping for groceries and redeem them to upgrade your tickets to first-class or to get cheap holiday deals for your flights.


10. Book individual Seats


If you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, you should pay attention to your ticket price breakdown and book your tickets individually to get cheap holiday deals. While trying to book tickets for groups, airlines usually try to provide all the tickets almost adjacent to each other. Therefore while traveling with family and friends, most people select this option to stay near their friends and family.

However, since nowadays different flight seats are priced differently, you may be losing money when booking group tickets. For example: If the seats are priced at $200, $300, and $250 bucks during a flight. When you book five adjacent seats, you will pay $300 bucks for each seat, irrespective of their placement. Therefore, by booking yourself individually, you can save up a lot of cash and get cheap holiday deals.


11. Get a student’s discount



If you’re a student in high school, college, or university, don’t forget to apply for the student’s discount. Most airlines offer a considerable discount to students while booking a flight. Make sure you select the student discount option while booking to get cheap holiday deals and save some cash for your presents. Remember to carry your college ID with your when traveling as proof.


12. Try Connecting Flights


Another great way to get cheap holiday deals for your flights is booking connecting flights or flights with layovers. Direct flights usually cost more than connecting flights as they take less time to reach their destinations. However, if you are planning to save some extra cash and don’t mind spending a couple of hours more on the flight, then you can save a significant amount of money by booking flights with a layover destination.


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