10 Solo Travel Tips for Women to Have a Life-Changing Trip

Author: Vineet

Going on a trip alone is something that has the capability to completely change your perception of the world. It allows you to introspect, push your limits, and unravel new aspects of your personality. The female travel experts over at Leisure have traveled all around the world, and have shared their insights on solo travel tips to help you have the most memorable experience of your life.


Why Women should go on a solo trip?


Going on a trip by yourself changes you, and for the better. Especially women, who take the step to go on their first solo trip, often have a life-changing experience that stays with them forever.


When you travel with a group, be it, friends or family, you have to make every decision in consideration to others. Since every person has a different personality, someone always ends up making compromises. This takes away the true spirit of exploration which is an important aspect of every trip.


Traveling alone has a lot of benefits. It challenges you and rewards you at the same time. Take a look at some of the benefits of solo travel which will help you in making your decision of finally going on that trip which you have been postponing for so long!


·         Solo travel gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions.


In most stages of life, we are often required to follow a routine. When you travel by yourself, you get to make your own decision and set your own boundaries. You decide when to wake up, or when you need to go to bed.


·         It makes you more responsible.


Traveling alone allows you to be responsible for your own actions, and not be dependent on anyone. It makes you appreciate freedom and improves your ability to make important decisions.


·         It increases your confidence and self-esteem


Boosting confidence and self-esteem is one of the most noticeable impacts of traveling alone. Going on your first solo trip offers a sense of accomplishment and triumph which is unparalleled.


·         Traveling alone helps you see the world differently


Irrespective of the destination of your solo trip, you will gain exposure to diversity among people and gain a new perspective on your own life. By interacting with people from different countries you will unravel newfound respect for your own life and gain the confidence to tackle your problems differently.


·         It teaches you to manage your finances efficiently


Travel solo allows you to prioritize things and spend your money more cautiously. This enables you to understand the value of managing your finances effectively.


·         Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to reshape your personality


Even spending a few weeks at a place you’ve never been and interacting with people from different communities can have a lasting effect on your personality. When traveling solo you get to explore places more intimately and discover new aspects of your behavior.


Solo Travel Tips to help you have a safe and exciting trip!


1.    Keep safety a priority



Most women who travel alone have safety at the top priority of their solo travel tips. Try to keep an eye out for red flags and walk away if something seems a bit doubtful. You are responsible for your safety when traveling alone. Therefore it is important that you have the emergency phone numbers such as the Police station, ambulance, and your hotel or place of accommodation.


While it is important to keep safety a priority is also important to not be overwhelmed with fear. It can hinder you from making the most of your trip.


2.    Try to be open-minded when meeting new people



One of the most redundant solo travel tips out there is to meet new people while visiting a new place. It allows you to make new connections and learn so much about the local culture. Spending time with locals will enable you to gain authentic information which you won’t find online. You will get to explore offbeat locations and hidden adventures.


One of the most important solo travel tips shared by experts is to always keep an open mind while connecting with the locals. Do not contest local traditions, instead try to embrace them and try to learn as much as you can. This will also help you in getting accustomed to the new place and form a deeper connection with the people you meet.


3.    Don’t shy away from seeking help when necessary



Although traveling by yourself is all about being responsible and solving your problems yourself. It is also important to know when to seek assistance from someone else. Be it finding a good place to eat, or a reasonable place to stay, asking for help from someone who’s been around the block always helps. Solo travel tips and insights always come in handy at an unknown place but every once in a while you are required to go old school and adopt a more traditional approach


4.    Learn to be comfortable by yourself



When you travel alone you get to spend a lot of time by yourself, so it’s important that you get comfortable with your own company. Solo travel tips are not always about trying out new places or meeting different people, they are also about enjoying every bit of your trip and making most of your first adventure alone.


5.    Skip fancy hotels and try a homestay



Fancy hotels and luxurious resorts may seem like a safer option when at the end of the day all you want to do is crash in your bed. However, hotels are often overpriced and keep you tied up to the amenities offered by them. Most solo travel tips recommend checking into a hostel instead, which sounds like a great option since you get to meet like-minded travelers to share stories with and save a ton. However, most hostels are often fully packed and overbook.

Leisure travel experts through their solo travel tips share their experience of adopting other unconventional approaches. Such as finding a homestay and staying with a family. This will enrich your whole experience of traveling solo and you will probably get to have some authentic local homemade dishes too. Alternatively, you could also try couch surfing.


6.    Your phone is your best friend on a solo trip



You must always keep your cell phone safe and secured with yourself at all times. This is one of the most obvious yet important solo travel tips anyone can give you. Smartphones these days have long battery life and a world of benefits to make your life much easier. From finding your way back to your hotel to checking recommendations for the best places to eat, your phone will help you with everything.

However, it is also important to have a physical backup of important information with you in case you lose your phone or if the battery dies. Always note down important phone numbers where you can call for help, and note down the address back to your hotel.


7.    Always share your itinerary with someone



All solo travel tips you may find will always involve this specific point. It is very important to share your itinerary with someone close to you who can track you in case of an emergency. Like we mentioned earlier in this solo travel tips list, that safety should be your top priority. This includes telling someone about your travel plans, especially when traveling solo.


8.    Invest in good travel insurance



When it comes to giving out solo travel tips, buying travelers insurance is our top priority. No matter how careful you are you can never predict any accidents or mishaps, no matter how minor or major they are. Travel insurance will help you make sure that you get reimbursed in case you lose your belongings or miss your flight. Depending on your travel insurance you would get different coverage for major possible mishaps that can befall you on any trip.


9.    Take a step back and Relax



When traveling by yourself, you are responsible for making all arrangements. This may not sound like it but it can get quite exhausting and hectic to manage every little thing. Solo travel tips include all of the tricks and hacks to make the most of your holiday. But most people miss out on one of the most important things for any trip which is to take a step back and acclimatize to your destination.

Most people while planning their trips, try to explore as many places as they can and end up making their vacation too chaotic. It is important that you do not muddle up too many activities on your list and take some time to simply relax and unwind from your monotonous routine. Absorb the local culture, ditch the taxi, and take a lazy stroll. 


10.   Always have an emergency stash of cash



This brings us to the final addition to our list of solo travel tips, which is to always have some cash with you in case of emergencies. The amount should be enough so that you can contact someone or find your way back to your place. You should keep this cash somewhere easily accessible in case you lose your wallet or if you run out of cash.


Traveling alone teaches you that no matter where you are in this world, people are more or less similar in many ways. All of these solo travel tips have been offered firsthand by our travel experts who have taken multiple solo trips to some of the most remote parts of the world and revealed that it is one of the most rewarding experiences to have. 


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