My list of top 25 vacation tips to enjoy an amazing spring break!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 23,2021

With winters passing by, most students can’t wait to go on their spring breaks and spend their days partying with their friends at some of the best beaches in the country! It is one of the most amazing times of the year which most students look forward to so that they can blow off some steam before they get back to their usual routine.


However, in the past few years, spring breaks have been associated with a number of risks and dangers, which should be taken into account while planning for your spring vacation. The travel experts at Leisure bring 25 essential vacation tips, which will allow you to have a safe and fun spring vacation with your friends while minimizing the risks.


Spring break is synonymous with days and nights of hardcore partying with friends, which can sometimes get a little out of hand. There have been many instances of people getting into all sorts of road accidents while driving drunk. In addition, the most popular spring break locations, have started to become hotspots for nefarious drugs which can cause some serious harm if consumed carelessly. 


Drunk exhausted teenagers and young adults become a target for criminals and stalkers which also keeps the authorities on their toes. While most government authorities try their best to curb such issues, it is important that you take some precautions for yourself to keep yourself safe and have an amazing spring with these vacation tips.


The vacation tips mentioned below have been gathered through a collaborative effort at Leisure in order to bring together different experiences and perspectives. Many of these spring vacation tips have come from my own experience during my college years.


1.    Get your COVID Vaccine



Seeing the current situation of the world, getting a COVID Vaccine should be your top priority regardless of this list of vacation tips for traveling. In case you are unable to get your shot before leaving on the trip, try to find the best place to get it, and meanwhile, do not forget to take basic precautions like wearing masks and washing your hands frequently.


2.    Book early



Even with the application or students discounts, and other tactics, spring breaks and cost a lot. It is important to make wise decisions and spend your money cautiously. One of the most effective and neglected vacation tips and a great way of saving money is to plan ahead and book your tickets early. There is a considerable difference in prices as your actual date of travel comes closer and closer.


3.    Invest in good travel insurance



An absolute essential when going on any sort of trip, which is to get good travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you from losing money, in case you miss your flights, or get robbed or lose your belongings, or get into an accident.


4.    Check for travel guidelines when traveling to a different state



With COVID 19 still out there, it is important that you constantly check the news and be aware of the scenario or infection ahead of time. Make sure you check the travel guidelines set forth by the state you are traveling from and traveling to in order to be prepared with any documents or tests that you may need.


5.    Do some research



Conducting some preliminary research is essential before going on a trip to any country. Get on your laptop and check out some basic information about your destination. Find out top places to eat and stay at or uncover some off-beat location for you to explore.


6.    Travel light



One of the most fundamental vacation tips is to travel light and carry only the essentials. Spring breaks require you to always be on the move, and carrying heavy luggage will not facilitate that.


7.    Don’t stuff your itinerary



This is the most common mistake people make while planning their spring break. Giving in to their excitement people generally stuff their itinerary and set themselves a very tight schedule to follow which doesn’t even allow them to enjoy every location they visit.


8.    Always follow general COVID safety measures



Not just as vacation tips, following general COVID safety measures have become an important part of our everyday travel whenever we step outside of our homes.


9.    Spend some time in nature



One of the best things I did during my first spring break was gathering up a couple of friends and hiking into the woods to explore a secluded beach with was hidden from the crown. Spending time in nature is one of the best vacation tips that I can give you, as it will allow you to absorb all the good time and take a break from the hectic parties.


10.   Take out time for yourself



Spring breaks often go off in a blur, due to the strict schedule of parties and heavy drinking binge. As one of my vacation tips, I advise you to take some time out for yourself, and take a stroll into the town or sit by the beach and enjoy your drink peacefully (preferably coffee).


11.   Keep your smartphone with you at all times



Although most vacation tips articles would tell you to let go of your mobile phones and be in the moment, I would like to tell you the same, but keep your smartphone with your at all time. Having a smartphone is like have the world at your fingertips, in case you are lost or need some information or need to call someone, you can do so through your phone, especially in case of an emergency.


12.   Keep a Journal



This is one of the most old-school vacation tips of all time. Keeping a journal of your travels is one of the best ways to engrave your trip into your minds, something which Instagram stories and snap chat fails to do, no matter how hard you try.


13.   Share your itinerary with someone



This is one of the most important vacation tips on this list. Always share your itinerary and your location and destination for the day with someone close to you, who is not on the trip. It can be your friends, family, or neighbor. Sharing your itinerary is important to avoid an unfortunate ‘127 Hours’ incident.


14.   Make a budget and stick to it



No amount of money is ever enough when you’re having fun during your spring break. Therefore as far as vacation tips go, it is very important to spend your money wisely and make a budget for your trip, and sticking to it.


15.   Carry a reliable power bank



We have already established the importance of a smartphone during spring break and other travels. Hence, you should make sure that you have enough battery in your phone and carry a power bank at all times in case of an emergency.


16.   Drink Responsibly



Drinking responsibly, for spring break vacation tips, may seem silly but it is very important. Getting wasted in a foreign environment may not be the wisest decision. Therefore it is important that you make sure you are in a safe place with people you trust, before chugging up your drink. And under no circumstances should you drive after drinking.


17.   Don’t wander off away from your group



Some of the most essential vacation tips require you to stick to your group and not go wandering off on your own adventures without telling them. Try to stick together with your group if you’re somewhat intoxicated, and even if you’re completely sober. If you need to travel off alone, make sure you notify someone.


18.   Don’t share too much on Social Media



Stalking has become a common crime with the help of social media. One of the important vacation tips is to avoid compromising information about your location every minute. It attracts unwanted attention during our spring vacation. With the increase in crime rates at spring break destinations you can’t help but be a little more cautious.


19.   Avoid eating at unhealthy spots



The last thing you want is to get sick during one of the best vacations of your life. Therefore avoid eating at any place that looks shady and gives a bad feeling, it may help you avoid food poisoning.


20.   Note down the contact info or friends and family on paper in case your phone dies



One of the most vital vacation tips is to note down the contact information of your friends and family and local law enforcement authorities on a piece of paper in case you lose your phone or if the battery dies.


21.   Always carry emergency cash



Always carry some cash with you to use in case of an emergency, be it getting a cab back to the hotel, or buying some food having a few extra bucks always helps as you cannot always find an ATM.


22.   Be cautious when jumping into the ocean



An important spring vacation tip is to make sure the waters are safe before going in for a swim and to follow the instructions of the coast guard.


23.   Take extra care of your documents and belongings



Losing your documents and belonging is not a fun way to spend your spring break. One of the most important vacation tips I learned through experience was to always make a digital copy of the important documents which you can keep with you and stash the originals safely in your backpack.


24.   Always carry a Sunscreen



One of the simplest and yet most forgotten items on a spring vacation is sunscreen. Make sure you carry a good quality sunscreen with high SPF and use it whenever you’re stepping out in the sun.


25.   Relax, Have Fun and Drink Plenty of Water



And the last point in this list of vacation tips is to let go of your worries, relax and enjoy your spring vacation to the fullest and drink plenty of water whenever you get the chance to avoid getting dehydrated from all the exhaustion and the sun.


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