Top 9 Summer Vacation Travel Tips: Beat the Heat Smartly

Ahh…summer! With the presence of the immaculate sun making its way through the lush green trees — it seems the deepest light is about to enter your life. 


So we know there are things that might bother you when you're traveling during summers but you can beat the heat by doing it the right way.


The first thing to start with is packing the right summer gears — sunscreen, lifejacket, comfy-summer shoes, light Tees — so you know the drill. Right? In this article, we’ve got a couple of useful tips that will help you through your summer vacation. We know there could be a lot of hazards you need to keep yourself & your family safe from. So, we’ll tell you how to be safe at the beach, on the roads, in the woods, or by the pool. 


From the best way to beat the heat to booking your flight early to charting your itinerary, we’ll tell you how you can make this an ultimate summer vacation with more fun & fewer expenses. 


Top 9 Summer Vacation Travel Tips


Since the ugly winter cooped you up, you’ve been planning this summer vacation. Be it road-tripping’ or flying overseas or making it for a weekend camping getaway — you need to make sure you’ve checked in certain things before leaving for the trip.


So, while reaching the final destinations & getting in with your itinerary is always fun, but the real stressful thing would be the process of getting there. No matter whether you are a pro packer or not, there will be things that might get wrong if you’re not prepared yourself with some essential summer vacation tips. Let’s discover them here!


1. Beat the Heat



You cannot rule out the possibilities of getting stuck into the warm weather if you’re not constantly keeping yourself hydrated & are not keeping your sunscreen handy all the time. So, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself at bay from the alcoholic caffeinated beverages that are infused with electrolytes. 


And, you should not part yourself away from sunscreen while you’re out in the sun. No matter what age you are, sunblock is a must. Before you begin your exploration on a certain day make sure your layer of sunscreen is on and you must also re-apply it in the afternoon or after taking a dip into the pool. In addition to that, use an SPF lip balm, your sunglasses, and a sun hat for further protection. 


2. Get There Early as Possible



You can avoid a lot of mishaps if you are arriving at the airport as early as possible. You would never like to miss your flight and start off on a bad note — so when you are there at the airport early, you can clear off through the long-waiting lines early and win the game. Arriving early is like avoiding too many stressors. You can enjoy a lot of things — read a book or maybe enjoy a delicious meal — that’s about a good start to summer vacation. 


3. Book Your Air Tickets Early



Lock in your air tickets as early as possible — the best way is to book these tickets as early as 60 to 90 days in advance. The earlier you’ll book your flight tickets, the better are the chances of getting a discount. So, if you see an abrupt drop in the price, hit the book button or you may end up paying more. You’ve got an opportunity here to save money while you travel — be the one to grab the best deal by keeping a watch. 


4. Be Aware of the Warnings: Weather, Crime & Health!



You truly do not want to get into any trouble — so check out for the warnings! Be it weather, the crime, or health — if you are not aware of the current scenario, it might cause you trouble. 


You need to keep an eye on the long-term and short-term weather conditions. If you’re heading off to the Caribbean, you should have enough knowledge about the Atlantic hurricane season that runs from June to November. While this does not cause any problem for the travelers — it’s wise to be ready with every piece of information. And, you need to keep an eye on the terrorist or criminal activities — you can check out the travel advisories for the place you are visiting on the country’s website. And, checking out the travel health notices when you’re traveling to other countries is a must. It will keep you aware of any disease outbreak across the globe and what precautions you need to take while traveling. 


5. Get a Clear Picture of Your Plan



Knowing what you actually want, where you want to stop, how much you want to spend & with whom you want to spend this time— is pretty important for a stress-free summer vacation. If you’ve got a clear picture of your priorities that are in alignment with your desires & wants then it’s simple to get along the path with ease keeping the excitement alive. 


6. Chart Your Itinerary in Advance & keep it Handy



With so much to handle — flight booking, hotels, packing, choosing the right travel bag & much more — keeping it organized is very essential. To avoid any messy circumstances, chart your itinerary in advance & keep it handy. Having your plan ready & keeping it all organized is the key to successful summer vacation. Here, going with the old-school approach — sketching your itinerary on a piece of paper would be a great idea. 


7. Keep a Printed Copy of Your Documents



While almost everything is going digital today, and you can very much use this mode while traveling, it is always better to keep a printed copy of your documents. Just in case you are not able to access these documents digitally, you can always use the printed copy. For Instance, you should get a printed copy of your air tickets to avoid any hassle. Besides, you should keep the scanned copy of your passport and other documents in the cloud so that you can access them easily from anywhere in the world. 


8. Pack smart



Before beginning with packing — get a printed list of packing stuff handy. This will make sure that you are not forgetting anything, be it an essential or something that’s going to add to the excitement during the trip — it may be your earplugs or your favorite speaker. Be a smart packer, if you’re the one who has been assigned as the packing coordinator. Make sure you have packed lightweight versatile breathable clothes for everyone on the trip.


9. Research is Important



Before leaving for the vacation and beginning with your packing, you must do the required research on — the cost of additional checked bags and also make sure if pre-paying would be cheaper than paying for the same on the gate. And, it’s important that you have checked & re-checked this on the airlines’ website. Of course, you do not want to spend on this extra baggage, rather you would prefer keeping these extra bucks for those lifetime experiences, foods & luxurious hotel rooms. 


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