10 Summer Vacation Advices For Your Next Summer Holiday!

Author: Vineet

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year, you can enjoy your day to the fullest doing by going on outdoor adventures, or a quiet beach vacation. Kids and teenagers in school are usually more excited about the summers because of their long summer break.


On one hand, they get to have a break from the school schedule and relax for some time before joining back in a few weeks, on the other hand as a parent you now have the responsibility of planning and organizing an exciting summer vacation trip for them. However, that may not be as easy as it may sound, with your other responsibilities such as your job and chores.


Being a parent myself and experienced in planning trips with large groups of people of all ages, I can totally relate to your situation. By collaborating with other travel experts and parents at Leisure, I bring you this list of summer vacation advices to help you get through this task and plan a safe and enjoyable trip for your children.


1. Get ahead of the curve



One of the most important pieces of summer vacation advice that I can give you, is not to procrastinate on the task of planning the summer vacation. It is only logical that your kids will be looking forward to spending some time away from the daily routine and have a relaxing holiday. Try to get started with the planning process as early as possible and get the smaller tasks out of the way, like applying for leaves at your workplace, getting your car ready, or making arrangements to take care of your engagements while you’re away.


Another reason why this summer vacation advice is pretty important is because of the large number of crowds and overbooked flights. Since a summer break happens almost simultaneously across the country, families from all over the States rush to enjoy a lovely vacation on a budget at the top destinations.


2. Set some Ground Rules


This is a very important summer vacation advice that you received. Setting ground rule with your kids is very important during the planning stage and on the actual trip. Try to explain to them the important things such as sticking together, not breaking any rules, and basically following your instructions for their own safety.

This is an especially important piece of summer vacation advice if your kid is in middle school or younger. Kids tend to be more hyperactive and strong-willed, therefore by setting appropriate ground rules and explaining their importance to them beforehand you can make sure that they do not get into trouble and you wander off on their own.


3. Pick a Destination


This may not seem like much but in trips involving two or more children, this can be quite an issue. One important piece of summer vacation advice I learned was to instead of picking a vacation destination yourself, you should pick 3 to 5 options, where you can spend your summer break. This gives you the opportunity to pick the destinations, based on your budget, time, and preference.


4. Make the flight booking in advance



Booking your flights and making other reservations in advance is one of the smartest summer vacation pieces of advice. Try to find the best flight for you and your children on three important factors, price, flight duration, and the time of flight. This will allow you to save a lot of money as last minute flights are always expensive and pick a fight that fits your schedule.


5. Involve the kids in making the itinerary


An important piece of summer vacation advice is to try and involve the children in the planning process. This doesn’t mean letting them book the flights or making reservations, but rather the smaller stuff which makes them feel a part of the responsibility. Tasks such as planning the itinerary, or picking the preferred places to stop while on the road is a good way to keep them engaged. It will also allow you to bond with them and strengthen your relationship.


6. Make a packing checklist


When planning any trip, especially a trip with children, packing is one of the biggest challenges. Mainly because you have to pay attention to multiple bags and items, and no matter how hard you try there is always something that you forget to pack. An important piece of summer vacation advice related to packing is to make a checklist of the most essential items that you will require on the trip. Try to make this list ahead of time after you have booked your flights and keep adding things whenever you can. This will help you to cross-check everything you need and see if you have missed any important things which you may later regret.


7. Pick out some travel games to keep the kids occupied



Summer vacation means a lot of time traveling or on the road with energetic and hyperactive kids and no way to go. Therefore, one of the best summer vacation advices I received from another parent was to always pick out some important board games and movies for them to watch, so that you can keep them engaged and focus on your trip.  Be it on their electronic devices, or board games to play on the back seat, or a simple game of 21 questions.


8. Plan a trip in the latter half of the summer break


One of the best times to plan your summer vacation is to do it towards the end of the summer break. As far as summer vacation advice goes, this is one of the best ones that I can give you. By planning your summer vacation towards the end you will ensure that the kids are happy and helpful during the time leading up to it. This will also give you time to enjoy a peaceful summer at home, without having to worry about your kid’s schedule and how they’re doing in class for a few weeks. 


By planning a summer vacation in the latter half of the summer break, you will have the upper hand at planning it and will be able to skip the swarming crowds of people who visit the most popular attraction during the start of the break. Planning a trip during the end also allows your children to have a more memorable summer break, while finish the homework task assigned by their tutors at school, and have a fun vacation free of any worries.


9. Don’t be too hard on yourself or the kids


Planning a summer vacation can get too stressful at times, and even more so during the trip. Therefore an important piece of summer vacation advice is to not be too hard on yourself and the kids. While it is important to ensure their safety, it is also important to keep your own mental and physical health in check, because only then can you take care of your family in the best way possible. Try to prioritize things, and take a breather every once in a while, be calm and composed while out with your kids.


10. Carry a Sunscreen and always stay Hydrated



And the last summer vacation advice in this list is to always carry sunscreen to keep yourself and the kids safe from the scorching sun and drink plenty of fluids. During summers, the temperature gets soaring high at many summer attractions, so much so that it even makes it hard to walk on the hot surface below. In addition due to global warming, the sun’s rays are getting brighter and brighter each year, letting more and more UV rays pass through, which can cause sunburns and a lot of other severe skin diseases especially in the delicate skin of children. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that you always put on sunscreen with high SPF, and not forget the importance of staying hydrated whenever you step out.


Whether it is a nice day at the beach, or a weekend at Disneyland, or an adventure retreat in the mountains, no matter which destination you pick for your kids for a summer vacation, it is important to get the best important summer vacation advice from the experts to plan a safe and exciting trip.


Leisure.com brings you the best and the most relevant information related to planning your travels and everything related to it, make sure you get the best information while planning your next trip on leisure, and have a fantastic holiday!


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