We Found These Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials for Solo Travelers

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 23,2021

On my last trip to South America, after I saw the river occluded with toilet papers, diapers, used water bottles, utensils — I decided to use only eco-friendly travel accessories. With tourism being the world’s second-largest industry, and people not aware of eco-friendly travel, the implications it brought to climate change & the environment, undoubtedly, had to be BIG. According to a report released by WTTC, in 2018, the tourism industry had grown about 3.9%, which was above the global GDP of 3.2%. It contributed to around  319 million jobs & $8.8 trillion to the world economy. 


You might wonder, why am I emphasizing the data, when you are all SET to travel. I wanted you to know the stats, to understand what a massive industry it is today, and to let you know how people are frantically traveling. While in the last decade travelers were not much concerned about eco-friendly travel, the last few years have seen a change in travelers’ perspective. Even the large players of the tourism industry are contributing in their way to eco-friendly travel but still, there are those who want to be a part of the crusade, but they can’t find the way. While 70% of Americans are committed to shrinking their carbon footprints, only 18% have been able to achieve their goal. 


One way is to use eco-friendly essentials as much as possible on any vacation. This article is about some of the best eco-friendly products, you might pack for your next solo travel trip or your beach vacation. Let’s read, assess & use:


1. Earth Friendly Orange Blossom Hand Soap



Earth Friendly Products Hand Soap is purely a plant-based, non-toxic, and natural hand soap that you can use on your solo travel trip. This biodegradable soap will not only remove dirt & germs in an outstanding way, but it will also help you be a responsible traveler not causing any harm to the environment. You can use this natural hand soap (which is made from sustainable, plant-based ingredients) on your solo travel trip for in the bathroom, laundry & more if you really wish to SAVE the earth for your children to see how beautiful it is. The eco-friendly Eco Hand Soap does not have any dyes or chemical perfumes— and its Vitamin E content will keep your hands moisturized & protected all through your dream solo trip. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


2. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Facial Tissue Paper



So you can’t do without facial tissues — be it a solo travel trip or an adventurous vacation and we knew that. We found this Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Facial Tissue Paper that is gentle, ultra-soft, and safe on gentle skin. And, the best part is, it is made from organic sugarcane & bamboo — that gives the best alternative to sustainable, natural & eco-friendly travel essential. They are great for cleaning cellphone, or eye makeup smudges— and you can easily fit the 184 sheet rectangle tissue box into your carry-on luggage so you can use it anywhere & anytime. We found this alternative for you to keep the earth clean & a beautiful place for generations. With 27,000 trees being cut every day for toilet papers, which is a huge number and might even take over thousand years to grow them back— and with tourism adding to the environmental haphazard, we wanted to be looking for something that could cut down the burden on the earth without discouraging traveling. This is truly a great product to add to your solo travel trip eco-friendly essentials. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


3. Harris Eco-Friendly Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Spray



Harris Eco-Friendly Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Spray, 22-oz bottle; Spray fleas and ticks away using the power of plants with the Harris Plant-Based Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Spray. This natural, pesticide-free formula contains clove and cottonseed oils. This could be your perfect companion on your solo travel trip. Traveling solo cannot be easy, you have to get everything in the place for yourself that you may need from beginning to the end of the trip. And, if you do not want to be all alone and wish to travel with your pet on your solo travel trip, you surely need this Harris Eco-Friendly Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Spray— and we recommended this because it makes sure it does not cause any harm to nature. The spray kills blood-sucking insects in no time. Get this Natural & Non-toxic before you venture out for your solo travel trip with your pet. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


4. BigLotBags Cotton Muslin Bags 100% Organic Cotton



Who said, you can’t travel without causing any harm to the beautiful hiking trails, the peaceful dense jungles & the magnificent tourist spots? So Leisure.com travel experts suggest carrying this reusable muslin bag on your solo travel trip— it’s how you can spread some love & warmth into nature and save it for generations to come. The Cotton Muslin Bags is 100% Organic Cotton Single Drawstring Premium Quality Eco-Friendly Reusable Natural Bags. It ensures you are contributing to the preservation and safety of the resources provided by the planet while you are traveling. If more travelers start using eco-friendly products as much as they can, the planet would be saved from negative implications of people incessantly using harmful products, the oceans looking occluded with a variety of waste materials. Not only eco-friendly travel essentials help the environment but they also ensure your safety on your most awaited solo travel trip with your pet. They are one of the smartest traveler’s choices according to leisure.com’s experts— they say this particular seller guarantees a money-back guarantee and so we love them. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


5. Petique Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog & Cat Toothbrush



You can’t forget about the oral hygiene of your pet, whether you are traveling or are at home. You are going to be accompanied by your pet on the trip— you can’t ignore its health & hygiene. We recommend you to pick this Petique Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog & Cat Toothbrush because they don’t just take care of your pet’s oral health but are designed to contribute to the preservation of the environment. It doesn’t only let your pet’s canines decline but is also an ecological way of keeping the pet’s mouth fresh for a longer period of time. It’s designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional products for your pet. Make sure your companion on your solo travel trip is safe & healthy — with products that won’t harm the environment. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


6. ECO Airmask Pro Reusable Multilayer Filteration Hypoallergenic Unisex Cloth Mask



With the outbreak of the pandemic, terms like masks & social distancing became new normal. So, when the world is trying to revive slowly with healthcare experts cracking on COVID vaccines for us, we can't ignore precautionary measures. And, when you are traveling, you can’t do without— comfortable, safe & fashionable masks. After so much analysis from the reviewer’s data and personal experience, we found this super fashionable, extremely comfortable & absolutely safe ECO AIRMASK, which is a Reusable Multi-layered Filtration. You can wear them on your solo travel trip — enjoy adventurous activities without losing your calm. Its unique blend of functionality including stretchable elastic fabric with comfortable ear loops, odor-controlling, stretchable elastic fabric, and exhalation valve makes it super usable. On top of that, this super comfy mask is made from 100% pure cotton fabric— and it can be washed and used multiple times. That’s obviously a part of your eco-friendly travel endeavors. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


7. Blue Nile Mills Eco-Friendly 6-Piece Cotton Hand Towels



So if you are an environmentally conscious traveler, you would love this recommendation. We’ve found this eco-friendly 100% cotton hand towel set that would be a perfect addition to your travel bag. These towels are made using Enviro Process and feature ring-spun 100% cotton that maintains its color and soft finish after each and every wash. So if you are someone who always has the thought of saving the planet on top of your mind, whether on a solo travel trip, at home, or on a family vacation, this would be the perfect thing to pack. These pure cotton hand towels offer twice the number of fibers found in most eco-friendly towels for greater absorbency and quicker drying. 


Buy Here: https://www.leisure.com/shop_search?keyword=eco-friendly


Choose the best to save the environment on your solo travel trip! 


“We can sit back, do nothing and watch our planet be destroyed. Or we can take action, become advocates and start making lifestyle choices which are kinder to people and the planet.” – Kira Simpson


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