Coolest Style Advice For Your Leisure Vacation To LA

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 26,2021

LA is one of those cities in America where travelers always leave the city with an urge to return— it brings an impulsive urge to stay. It is the magical energy of the town that attracts travelers from across the globe. From the people to the culture & the fashion— everything is intriguing. And, throughout the year, it has got amazing weather, which helps leisure travel freaks enjoy every bit of it. 


L.A. has undoubtedly a lot to offer for all types of leisure travelers— from housing the largest manufacturing centers in the US to an assortment of skilled designers— to no surprise, it’s one of the style+fashion cities of America. The city not only boasts eco-friendly travel & initiatives they have taken in the last decade, but it has created some trends that never go out of fashion. 


Los Angeles is a geographically blessed city and it offers plenty of activities for all types of leisure travel freaks. From amazing snow-capped mountains to some best national parks to peaceful beaches & buzzing cities— LA has so much to be uncovered. The food alone takes you through a whirlwind of flavors. The city offers delightful eats for all types of travelers with plenty of global cuisines. So, you not only get quantity but also quality! 


We’ve scooped through to discover the right “style” for you so you don’t have to feel like an alien. Keep reading to know how to fit into the cool SoCal vibe— how to wear, what to wear, how to make a move & more. 


Here’s what most LA girls like to wear:


1. Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirts



So when you are in the “City of Angels”, you’ll see a lot of girls chilling out the classic Hawaiian shirt given some coll spin with modern prints. If you are planning your leisure travel vacation during winters, you’ll see pairing them up with a pair of comfy sneakers & during summers they wear them with shorts and miniskirts. You can carry along some during your leisure travel vacation to LA— create tuck them up into high-waisted bottoms & create cropped looks. You can also wear them in the classic breezy style and click some great pictures. 


This could be your perfect look while you are going for casual walks, on the beaches when visiting through the museums or when you are going on an exciting shopping spree. 


2. Bike Shorts



Bike Shorts also called cycling shorts are designed to keep you comfortable & efficient while cycling. They are skin-tight legwear that most LA girls will wear while, cycling, walking about, or hiking. LA is particularly known for its health-conscious vibes and health-conscious people. “Stay active” is what residents of LA believe in. So, you have to feel like or act like one when you are on your leisure travel vacation to LA. A lot of LA girls wear trendy & fancy athleisure-inspired outfits — and the most common of them is the bike shorts. They are popular among LA girls not only because they are comfortable but they can be used in a versatile way. LA girls pair them up with tank-tops, peasant blouses, button-downs, and sweatshirts. You must carry a pair of bike shorts on your leisure vacation to LA— you can wear them while hiking or just about while you are performing any adventure travel activities. 


3. Animal Print



LA girls love flaunting in animal print tank tops & sweatshirts— from snake to leopard to cow print. They accentuate your looks giving it a bold look — LA girls believe in “BOld is BEautiful”. This SoCal-approved trend can be incorporated into a mini-skirt or maybe a handbag or a denim jacket. Grab something you'll really be needing during this leisure travel vacation to LA. You can go for an animal print mini-skirt to wear over for a party at one of the swanky bars in LA. And, whether you are traveling during winter, summers, or any other season, and of course depending on your usability, you can choose one and pair them up with anything you’ve got to wear. And, if you really hate prints, you can incorporate the LA fashion+style  by choosing a small printed accessory— that won’t look too dominant. It will help you with keeping the muted basic look alive. And if you are not a print-averse pair an animal-print bodysuit with a midi skirt— it’ll surely grab a lot of people’s attention. 


4. Slip Dresses



LA girls love to flaunt their beauty in Slip Dresses. While they are not very popular around SoCal but you are up for a leisure travel vacation to LA, you must grab a Slip Dress that you can wear during the night out party during the vacation. In LA most girls wear them alone— but sometimes they wear them over a short-sleeve tee specifically when the weather is warm. They wear them over long-sleeved tees and sweaters in chilly weather— you can too. You can prove that the 90s staple is much versatile & stylish than anything new. Wear your slinky cowl-neck slip dress while visiting a jazz club — it’s like reliving the old-times. On a casual day of your leisure vacation in LA, if you want to wear them, do pack a shorter printed version of Slip Dresses— you might also gift yourself one during the trip treating it as your “LA trip souvenir”. 


5. Oval Sunglasses



Oval Sunglasses are overwhelmingly popular among the LA fashion+style freaks. While the cat-eye fashion trend is not still over— but there is something about Oval Sunglasses that is making LA girls crazy. Be it the celebrities or influencers— everyone is turning to the oval sunglasses from other styles. And, the best thing about them is they’re extremely flattering to all face types and can be complemented with all types of outfits. Oval Sunglasses epitomizes LA’s cool & trendy style. Grab one for your leisure vacation to LA so you can up your style & step out in the Sun like a local LA. 


LA is a city all inundated with eclectic intricacies and manners! So, for any leisure travel, the globetrotters must know the rules so they can look actually Stylish. Read these etiquette tips in LA before making your way to the City of Angels. Here we go:


Look Cool & Courteous on Your Leisure travel Vacation to LA:


1. Stop Ogling


LA is the center of Hollywood and it’s pretty obvious, you are going to bump into celebrities at almost every turn— it’s different in LA— you have to stop ogling the celebrities & their entourages. It’s normal here, while in Beverly Hills, you might have encounters with several Kardashian klan. Many actors and actresses call the city their home & you cannot make 'em uncomfortable. Just like any other LA resident, they want to take their dog for a walk & grab a coffee at their favorite restaurant. Don’t ambush 'em asking for a photo or an autograph. Be cool with celebrities— even if you bump into Anna Kendrick or Ryan Gosling. 


2. Be an eco-friendly traveler


Los Angeles boats the Highest recycling rate in the USA. In 1989 LA was the first state to have adopted curbside recycling. The city is one of the greenest cities in the US— with over 100 museums, 22 miles of beaches & the largest municipal park, Griffith Park. And, LA people don’t like anyone spoiling their city with trash as they are one of the most eco-friendly dwellers in America. Every now & then they keep adopting ways to keep the environment clean — sometimes making their ways much before a trend is all over— solar-powered Ferris wheels, driving electric cars & reusable straws have been some of the examples. No matter even if you are on a leisure travel vacation to LA, be respectful of the beautiful surroundings that you have come to see. To know more about eco-friendly travel & how you can follow responsible travel like Greta Thunberg click the link. 


3. Be Respectful to the Service Staff


It’s not just specific to LA— wherever you are on your leisure travel vacation, make sure you are being polite to the service staff, be it the uber driver taking you to Hollywood or the waiter serving you with delightful local cuisine. But why are we being specific to LA because— a survey has revealed that as many 207,000 LA inhabitants are working in the retail sector and 175,000 inhabitants employed in accommodation & food services. Most of these employees have to work more than what they are being paid — they have to deal with different types of customers every day & have to behave every time like it’s the beginning of the day. So, being a little gentle with them would make them believe there are people who understand ‘em. 


Happy Healing on Your Leisure vacation to LA, the “City of Angels”!!


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