What is Your Travel Personality? Reinvent Your Travel Style!

What type of travel personality are you? Are you a lone-wanderer or a group traveler? Does the aesthetically pleasing natural landscape intrigues you or is it the cacophony of the busy towns that fills your heart with excitement? Do you wish to enjoy watching the spectacular scenery of the sunset in the peaceful landscape of Santoniri? 


Traveling is of course not a one-size-fits-all model kind of a thing — everyone has their own choices. In fact, there’s an inner voice that speaks to your heart and takes you in the direction — and that’s how you can enjoy traveling & exploration. You can’t get into other’s shoes & satiate your wanderlust. Traveling is an art! And, you cannot force an art, it comes up spontaneously. 


So, the first thing that can help you decide where you want to head off for your next vacation is — finding out your travel personality. Identifying your travel personality is the first and the most essential thing to search for that burning desire to explore & experience the world. 


In this article, to help you identify your travel personality & to take the right decision on where you want to head off for your next vacation, we’ve pinpointed a list of travel personalities. With this, you would be able to decide which type of travel personality you are & map up the destinations where there is a place for you. Read on to discover. 


11 Types of Travel Personalities


1. Intellectual Travelers.


There are people who travel to broaden their intellect, to know about different cultures, traditions, art, history, and more. So, these types of travel personalities will have their itinerary packed up with excursions to — museums, historical sites, archeological grounds, and they will indulge more in experiencing the culture & interacting with the local people. Intellectual travelers are always in search of acquiring knowledge & learning new things. If you’re an intellectual traveler, you’re undoubtedly lucky with a plethora of options — Europe, Cairo, Japan, India, Istanbul & more. 


2. Social Media Obsessed Travelers.


Social media-obsessed travelers are those who travel only to populate their social media feeds with pictures of their vacation. They always want to keep their gallery filled with selfies clicked at different places and at different angles. These are those travelers who care more about their attire & how they are looking in the vacation pictures than the vacation itself. Social media travelers love to create their travel portfolio & fill their Instagram & Facebook feeds with new pictures. We’re not sure if they really enjoy traveling or photography!


3. Adventurer Travelers.


An adventurer traveler is all excited to run with the bulls in Pamplona, do bungee jumping in New Zealand, boating around the Amazon, and heliskiing in Banff. So, if you feel goosebumps running around your body when you hear or see any of these adventurous activities — you're an adventurous type of travel personality. There are plenty of adventure tour operators around the world — you can get in touch with them for an unforgettable adventurous vacation. Some of the best places for adventure types of travelers include Tanzania, Bolivia, New Zealand, Brazil, and more. 


4. Luxury Travelers.


Do you want to roll around like a billionaire on your vacation? If yes, you are a luxury traveler — these types of travel personalities want to pick everything top-notch irrespective of their financial status. You can recognize luxury travelers by looking at the brand of their sunglasses & luggage and the accommodation they are opting for. These travelers will always keep an eye on the Leisure travel trend & on all the favorite vacation spots of celebrities. Luxury travelers will always prioritize luxury over budget. 


5. Budget Travelers.


Budget travelers are always more than conscious about getting some deals & fixing everything up for the lower cost. They keep their close eye on where they can get a discount and they will even wait & consider flexibility with the travel dates for more discounts. They will look for the cheapest hotels, restaurants & checkout with a huge number of traveling planning websites to get the cheapest vacation packages. These low-maintenance folks are less interested in keeping it luxurious & more interested in exploring & enjoying their trip. 


6. Solo Travelers.


Solo travelers are the type of travel personality who enjoy their own company. They are more like intellectual travelers — maybe someone working on a writing project, a photography project, or a traveler blogger. These travelers are superbly outgoing, fiercely independent & they enjoy handling unpredictable situations on their own. Solo traveling is the perfect thing for pursuing any creative goals & is a functional way of rewarding yourself. 


7. Group Travelers.


Group travelers take a completely different approach from solo travelers — it’s a completely different story for group travelers. These types of travel personalities have fun with their family & friends group. While you can plan a group trip on your own, there are huge numbers of group tour organizers who will take care of everything — from hotel package booking to charting your itinerary to the activities. Group trips are specifically great for spending time with friends & family and you can save money while you travel in groups. 


8. Romantic Travelers.


Romantic Travelers dream of spending time watching the sunset on beautiful beaches like Varadero Beach, Seychelles, and El Nido. They want to get lost in the secluded beaches watching the blue skies in the peaceful night holding the hand of their partners. For these types of travel personalities, traveling is a way of forging deep connections with their partners. Who knows you can meet someone like you! If you’re a traveler finding someone special on a vacation or going to some far-flung place with your special someone is absolutely special.


9. Responsible Eco-friendly Travelers.


This type of travel personality wants to add value to the world even while they travel! So they will make sure neither nature nor the natural habitat is being negatively affected by how they are traveling. They will make sure to rely more on vegetarian food during the trip, not to leave behind any trash & not choose an off-the-beaten-path during hiking through the trails. They are nature lovers & they know how tourism has caused harm to the environment in the last few years and why we need to save the earth while we travel. Today, the tourism sector is employing different ways to save the environment, every traveler must know how their contribution might matter. 


10. City Travelers.


If you are intrigued by the latest travel trends, latest cuisines, fashion trends, going to the swanky flamboyant bars, going to the exhibitions & more stuff like this — then you are a city traveler. These types of travel personalities will not generally like the serene & peaceful atmosphere and contemplating the past in a museum or exploring those archeological sites or sitting at the shore of a river holding their partners’ hand. These travelers love being surrounded by people, music, the sound of the street, and colorful lights flashing in the bars. They are more party lovers!


11. First-time Travelers.


First-time travelers will always be jittery, nervous & will always worry about what to do and what not to do. If you’re flying for the first time for an international trip, you fall under this personality type. These travelers are still discovering themselves as travelers and they will have to go through more cultural shocks than others. All first-time travelers must choose their destinations very cautiously & contemplate a little more before choosing their destination. Some of the top tourist destinations for first-time travelers are New Zealand, Rome, Spain, Australia, Paris, and London. 


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