The Best Fashionable Travel Outfits To Wear During Summer

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Traveling is easily one of the most hectic experiences ever. But traveling during summer takes the cake. With all the sweat and dust and the sun trying to kill us, how is anyone supposed to look put together? And not to mention, you can only speculate the weather of the places you will be traveling to. So, from airport look to beach look to even safari rides, we have put together a list of the ten most fashionable travel outfits you can wear this summer.

Our list not only comprises the most basic clothes put together to create chic outfits but also pretty dresses and classy blazers to help you feel ready. Imagine having a designated outfit for every possible event and then some more. Along with that, our list also has lounge clothes that will help you feel cute while relaxing. So, without any more delays, here are ten easy summer outfits to look fashionable while traveling:


Fashionable Travel Outfits for Airport look



1. The All Black Look


Everyone's familiar with the all-black look. But for the summer version, you can include cute black shirts and pair them with black jeans or joggers. Choosing black linen pants or even black shorts could be the way to go depending on what you feel comfortable in. You can add a black leather jacket for flair. And, if you are indeed going for the classic all-black look, don't forget to add a dash of color with your sneakers and accessories. We advise choosing white sneakers and bags to create a more balanced look.


2. Matching Loungewear


These are all you see anywhere, on Tiktok, on Instagram, on Vlogs, and on Youtube. And there's a reason for that. Matching loungewear can help you feel cozy but stylish at the same time. Why is that? Common sense is they consist of cute shirts and matching shorts or pants, and you can get them together or separately and in any color combination that suits your style. 

Apart from that, these shirts are available in any style you want. We advise you to choose either off-the-shoulder look for a more elevated look. You can also select loose sweatshirt-type shirts to match your shorts. These are for airports or car rides as they are comfortable without sounding cheesy. 


3. All Linen Look


What is the best cloth to wear in summer? Linen! They are airy and light, and they can absorb your sweat and look fabulous while doing so. They are easily one of the most comfortable to wear during summer, which is why we recommend them. With linen, you can never go wrong. You can wear a button-down linen shirt and high-waisted linen pants to look more classy. You can tuck in the shirt and wear some light sneakers to finish your look. 

You can even wear linen shorts if they make you feel more comfortable. Our advice is to look for linen playsuits that look both comfortable and classy, and you can also pair them with your favorite sunglasses and hat for that vacation look.


Fashionable Travel Outfits For Beach Look



1. Top and Shorts


Beach is all about looking cute while being comfortable. You can wear our favorite beach outfit this summer to achieve both in one go. A floral top tied in front with jeans shorts can not only help you look cute but also let you feel comfortable while spending your day on the beach. Pair this outfit with platform sneakers to further support your outfit and comfortably walk on the beach. 

Apart from this, you can wear loose floral tops to give off breezy vibes and short shorts to create a relaxed beach look. Pair these off with your favorite flip-flops and sunglasses, and don't forget your sunscreen.


2. Dresses All The Way


Beaches and summer are the perfect excuses for cute dresses. Light floral dresses have been the classy beach look for ages, for a good reason. But what dress should you choose? We have an option for everyone. You can wear the all-white look with long white maxi dresses and white heels. These are perfect for chilling under a large umbrella and going for a dinner date without rushing off to change first. 

Apart from that, you can go for short floral dresses and sneakers or flip-flops for that comfortable vibe that says you want to chill. Pair these off with a large straw hat, and voila! You're all ready for summer. Not to mention, cutout dresses are also in trend nowadays, and these are made for classy looks that scream how much you like to party.


3. Two-piece Outfits


Yet another crowd favorite, two-piece outfits come in all sizes and shapes. For beach looks, we recommend going for light and airy two-piece outfits. You can pair them with cute platform sandals or sneakers, which are perfect with heels too. Add in your aviator sunglasses and stack in thin jewelry to accessorize. 

One of the reasons we recommend these two-piece outfits is that they can be worn together or pulled apart to create various outfits without bringing several clothes. 


Outfits for the Explorer Look



1. Chic and Feminine


If you are someone who wishes to look pretty yet comfortable and like to choose skirts over pants, this feminine look might be your aesthetic. Pack a cute sleeveless top. Light colors are advised, pair them with a black cardigan and add a black mini-skater skirt. Pair these with lightweight sneakers, preferably in a similar color to your top, and add a similar-colored bag to finish your look. You can further accessorize by adding pretty headbands and long earrings. Depending on the occasion, you can also dress up or down in this style. You can even pair your chick looks with crochet and knit jackets for that extra pop during your vacation.


2. Long Dresses and Skirts


Another cute but powerful look is long skirts paired off with off-the-shoulder, crop tops, or long frock design dresses. These skirts can be long, loose, or even fitted to match your preference. You can add in short heels because high heels might be challenging to wear while exploring. Another suggestion is to stick to light colors and cotton clothes to ward off the heat. But, if you are more into the darker aesthetic, we suggest wearing long and fitted black skirts with black heels and a black crop off-the-shoulder top to show off your aesthetic. Add in rings and black heels to further lift your look.


3. Comfort Over Everything Else


If you're like us, who loves to dress comfortably but can't compromise with the style, fret not, for we have the perfect solution for you: a basic white T-shirt and blue jeans. The shirt can be exchanged for a white linen button-down shirt too. You might not think much of this outfit, but when paired with a light blue jean jacket and white tote bag, this outfit is super classy and comfortable at the same time. You can wear this to explore and for lunch without being lazy. You can even add white sneakers and hats to give off the explorer vibes. Add in watches and a light necklace to create a more elegant look.


4. Luxurious vibes


Blazers are the way to go if you want to appear elegant and luxurious while traveling. You can wear blazers with anything, but in the right way to create an elegant businesswoman look who is not to be messed with. You can easily pair your blazer with a sleeveless silk top and high waist pants with black heels for any dinner or get-together. Blazers can be worn with shorts, and a T-shirt tucked in to create a comfortable look. Add your cap and sneakers to show you are a business girl who's off to relax!




While packing for a vacation, remember the rule, if you have nothing to wear, you do not have the basics. Always opt for a look that can get you through the day without rushing off to change before every occasion. Not to mention, never compromise with style, as you may regret it while posting stories. So to help you look your best while traveling, we have put together a guide of fashionable travel outfits for almost every occasion. And if you need more ideas for your next vacation, you can visit

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