8 Important Etiquettes You Should Follow On A Beach Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 23,2021

The season of bonfire, flip-flops, and beach parties is in full swing, and people are getting ready to hit the seashore. The craze of beaches remains high as everyone wants that dose of 'Vitamin Sea.' Despite this love, most travelers are not aware of basic etiquette that must be remembered while planning a beach vacation. A perfect day at a beach is much more than just pleasant weather. The behavior of people around makes a huge difference. It has the power to turn a happy vacation into a stressful day out or visa-versa. This might sound cliched, but the following etiquettes are a must as it ensures maximum enjoyment and makes your day even better. 


We have curated this article to make you a responsible traveler and ensure you don’t end up ruining the vacation for you and other travelers. Here, we have compiled a list of etiquettes to help you avoid a beach vacation disaster on your next trip. Make sure you keep these eight pieces of behavioral advice in mind while soaking up in the sun.  


It’s time to splash around a little and enjoy your chance to absorb the beauty of the beach while keeping up with the required manners. 


1. Always Keep The Beach Clean



It isn’t classy to leave your trash behind on the beach or elsewhere. This piece of etiquette is obvious enough; still, a lot of people haphazardly toss their garbage into the sand or even in the water. Disposing trash carelessly not just makes a public space dirty but also harms marine life. They tend to mistake the garbage for food and try to digest it, which at times leads to death. Keep this etiquette in mind on a beach vacation and throw trash either in the trash cans or pack them in a plastic bag to dispose of later. 


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2. Play In Your Own Space


No one likes when their sunbathing or beach vacation experience is interrupted by someone. Everyone loves to enjoy their time and hence, it’s never a good idea to entertain yourself among the crowd. If you are hitting a beach, make sure you enjoy your own space without squeezing in too close to anyone else on the beach. Even if you, your travel buddies, or kids are playing with sand or games like volleyball, etc., ensure that you stay away from people who are lounging and avoid kicking sand, throwing balls at them, etc.


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3. Keep The Noise Down



Another piece of etiquette that you must remember for having the best time on your beach vacation is to keep the noise down. No one is interested in hearing the music someone else is listening to or their conversation. Hence, disturbing others with music, loud voices, or foul language puts a wrong impression on others and leads to embarrassment. If you plan a beach vacation, make sure you consider the shore point a silent, meditative experience.


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4. Fill In The Dug Holes Before You Leave


Digging holes in the sand while playing on a beach vacation is quite normal. However, leaving them the same is never seen as good manners. Dug holes not just interrupt the beauty of the beach but also result in hurting someone by falling into it. This is why it is considered basic etiquette to fill in the dug holes with sand and confirm that it won’t harm anyone. No matter how deep you dig, covering it is mandatory. So, keep this advice in mind and share it with your loved ones, too, on their beach vacation. 


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5. Pay Attention To Your Kids



Planning a family trip with kids is hard. It requires a lot of attention to make sure your kids are making the most of their time on a beach vacation without interrupting others on the shore. Regardless of how exhausted a kid is, letting them disturb others is a firm "no." It is considered impolite when someone is trying to relax and soak under the sun or enjoy the beauty, and your kid is troubling them. So, next time whenever you visit a beach with your little ones, pay attention to them. 


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6. Never Ignore The Local Customs


Every destination comes with its own customs and traditions. Being respectful and following them is crucial for eliminating all the troubles. Knowing the dressing code, public behavior, rules, regulations, etc., is vital before heading out. While in some countries strolling across the beach in swimsuits is considered normal, it's frowned upon in other conservative countries. This travel etiquette will help you act as a responsible traveler and showcase how courteous you are to the country you are visiting. 


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7. Pay Attention To All The Warnings



On your beach vacation, you might get to hear warning signs of riptides, strong currents, and jellyfish. Even if you find them irritating, they are there for a valid reason. The authorities put forward these warnings to ensure the safety of all the beachgoers. For the sake of security, one must always pay attention to posted signage and color-coded flags and take the right action in case of an emergency. Ignoring them might hurt you or your loved ones on the beach vacation.


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8. Never Pretend To Drown For Fun


The movie world shows drowning as a way of getting saved and romanced by the lifeguard. However, this is not the reality in the world we live in. Faking a drowning to get someone to save you is not just a waste of time for lifeguards but is also a punishable offense. This might result in legal prosecution, which will ruin your beach vacation and turn it from happy memories into a disaster. Hence, it is always considered decent etiquette to be a good beachgoer and never pretend or fake a scenario just for fun.


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Final Thoughts 

Beaches are about fun, relaxation, and exploring. Let’s keep them the same for you and fellow travelers by following the basic etiquettes. Consider these etiquettes part of your travel preparation and make your beach vacation a breeze with a given checklist. Also, share this etiquette list with all your travel buddies before hitting the sea.


Happy journey! 



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