10 Best Affordable Beach Vacation Destinations in the US

How about a summer getaway to an azure beach destination? Nothing could be as rejuvenating as relaxing on a  bright blue beach with a cloudless sky above. Most globetrotters crave lounging, partying & playing on an exotic fancy beach. But they are sorry cuz they cant afford to be there relaxing with their toes down in the sand, try snorkeling & more. Beach destinations are known for being pricey but certainly, not all of them are the same. Weve cherry-picked the Best affordable beach vacation destinations in the USA.

According to data (weve got from an authentic source), beach destinations count for about half of the worlds best places to visit and there are good reasons when we say that. The United States coastline houses many gorgeous beach towns but to find the one that is easy on your pocket is certainly not a simple thing. Thankfully, Leisure has managed to find some of the best affordable beach vacation destinations for you. There are plenty of cheap beach destinations around the world that will have you enjoy a relaxing vacation on a beach with quintessential scenery, azure waters & plenty of activities to do and that too without spending an arm & a leg. 

To help you find the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the US where it is easy to find affordable accommodation, minimal parking fees & cheap eats our expert travel editors have curated this list of the 10 best affordable beach destinations in the US. Read on to find where you can enjoy the sand & surf!!

Here we go:


1. Pensacola beach



Location: Along the western tip of Florida

Pensacola beach Official Tourism Website: https://www.visitpensacola.com

Pensacola Beach is known for its: Mild temperature, crystal clear waters, sugar-white beaches, historic culture & natural beauty.

Things to Do in Pensacola Beach: Fishing, eco-friendly programs, historical tours, Museums, fine dining, festivals, concerts & more.

From the clear waters to the inviting sugar-white sand every part of this place attracts visitors from across the globe. The Pensacola Beach as we mention it here in this list is one of the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the US. Travelers get the freedom to choose their kind of atmosphere which ranges from serene peaceful beaches to lively crowds. The emerald-green coastline gets the visitors, the freedom to relax on the peaceful sunny shores. 


2. Myrtle Beach



Location: Along the South Atlantic coast of South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Official Tourism Website: https://www.visitmyrtlebeach.com

Myrtle Beach is known for: Its the mini-golf capital of the world. You can swim through the warm waters of the 60-miles uninterrupted beach all through the day. 

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach: Fishing, Golf, shopping, shows & events, Banana Boat rides, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Surfing & more.

Located in Horry County on the East Coast of the United States, Myrtle Beach is one of the best beach vacation destinations in the country. Whether you want to warm up for great weeks ahead or have a luxe weekend in the mind this beach is a perfect getaway for you. You get all the freedom to make cherished memories along the 60 miles long beautiful coastline. Get on the journey to discover the most perfect sunshine, the lush natural wonders, and enjoy some fun & adventurous activities. Let Joy come into your life in waves just be there!


3. Puerto Rico



Location: An archipelago in the Caribbean Sea 

Puerto Rico Official Tourism Website: https://www.discoverpuertorico.com/

Puerto Rico is known for: It is Spanish Caribbean culture & the beautiful beaches on Puerto Rico Island that define it. Its particularly known for that incredible blend of rich history & culture. 

Things to Do in Puerto Rico: kayaking the bioluminescent bays, seeing an architectural masterpiece of art in a museum, hiking to see waterfalls in a rainforest, and more.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Puerto Rico beach is all packed with great sights and amazing scenery. Puerto Rico is an archipelago of four tiny islands, cays & hundreds of islets. And, in addition to wonderful sights & scenery it is the people of this place, their passion, joyful demeanor, and the super charismatic hospitality that will make you fall in love with the place. You can count on them for everything they will make you feel at home with their optimistic approach to life. The people of Puerto Rico are extremely proud of their culture which is an amazing blend of African, Spanish & Tano culture.


4. Gulf Shores, Alabama



Location: Alabama

Gulf Shores Official Tourism Website: https://www.gulfshoresal.gov/409/Visitors

Gulf Shores is known for: Is popularly known for the pristine white sand beaches and the variety of flora and fauna in the area. 

Things to Do in Gulf Shores: Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Banana Boats, Kayaking, Inshore Fishing Trip, Deep Sea Fishing, Oak Hollow Farm visit & more. 

The white sandy beaches on the gulf shore are one of the Best affordable beach vacation destinations, be it for the family or for a quieter getaway. With plenty of sunbathing, golfing & water sports opportunities, the Gulf Shores provides an amazingly family-friendly environment. Occupying almost 32 miles of the Alabama coast, it is common for people of the United States to plan vacations in the Gulf shores during the spring vacation. And, the white sand beaches are even gorgeous during summers. In addition to the amazing beach activities, Gulf Shores has a couple of great family-friendly attractions including the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. 


5. Wrightsville Beach



Location: North Carolina

Wrightsville Official Tourism Website: https://www.wilmingtonandbeaches.com/wrightsville-beach/

Wrightsville Beach is known for its: The beach is known for its flamboyant island lifestyle, crystal clear blue waters & spacious beachfront. And, this place is a paradise for water sports lovers. 

Things to Do in Wrightsville Beach: Shopping, surfing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking, sailing the Intracoastal Waterway, deep-sea fishing, historical tour, and more. 

Wrightsville Beach is one-of-its-kind beaches where youll never get any sort of activities & places to look for. From a couple of great watersports activities to wellness activities to a couple of wonderful sights, Wrightsville Beach is one of the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the United States. For its crystal clear blue waters and more, the spacious beach was also named the best beach in North Carolina. It is the cheapest summer getaway destination in the area.


6. Cape May



 Location: New Jersey

Cape May beach Official Tourism Website: https://capemaycountynj.gov/191/Tourism

Cape May Beach is known for its: The Cape May beach is popularly known for many things its shops, restaurant, beaches, the surf & the sand. Some of the most popular beaches include Cove, Decatur Beach, Congress Beach, and Steger's Beach.

Things to Do in Cape May Beach: Bird-Watching, Cape May Point State Park, relaxing in Sandy Beaches, Victorian Bed-and-Breakfasts, Schellenger's Landing, and more.

From its rich history to the promenade and the lovely beaches, everything is magically alluring about Cape May. This seashore towns architectural diversity is something, you should not miss witnessing when you are in the United States all this together wont require you to spend a fortune. Cape May is one of the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the USA and the jewel in the crown of New Jersey. For its rich history, Cape May was also listed among the National Register of Historic Places. Apart from that, with a huge number of options for inexpensive bars & restaurants the beach town is a great option for a budget-friendly vacation. 


7. Virginia Beach



Location: Southeastern Virginia

Virginia Beach Official Tourism Website: https://www.visitvirginiabeach.com/

Virginia Beach is known for its: The beach is known for its flourishing local dining scene, entertainment, art, family-friendly attractions, and maritime history. The 3-mile boardwalk and the Oceanfront is one of the main attractions of the beach. 

Things to Do in Virginia Beach: Virginia Legends Walk, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Farmer's Markets, Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art & more.

It is where the Atlantic Ocean & the Chesapeake Bay meet. With its rich history, local culinary scene, a plethora of family-friendly tourist attractions, and a variety of entertainment avenues Virginia Beach is another of the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the United States. The beach destination thrives all through the year and the residents are always ready to get you deeper into how they live happily ever after. From the calming Chesapeake Bay to the lively oceanfront and the bustling Town Center youll love everything about the well-earned Virginia Beach. 


8. South Padre Island 



Location: Texas

South Padre Island Official Tourism Website: http://www.myspi.org/

South Padre Island is known for: South Padre Island is known for its calm waters where it is easy to go snorkeling, swimming, and other water sports. It is the only tropical island in Texas. The calm weather & over 300 days of sunshine makes it one of the most loved tourist destinations. 

Things to Do in South Padre Island: Port Isabel Lighthouse, Lighthouse Square Mercado, Black Dragon Pirate Ship, Lighthouse Square Mercado, Museums of Port Isabel, and more. 

Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, the South Padre Island or SPI spreads in an area of around 34-miles. For many years, it has been ranked as one of the best affordable beach vacation destinations in the United States and around the world. With plenty of world-class wind and water activities, natural attractions, and wonderful sandy beaches, it is one of those cant-missable places in the country. When you are in SPI, Kiteboarding, deep-sea fishing trips, dolphin-watching excursions, and more, are some of the most intriguing pastime activities to get involved in. And, the warm weather is another great thing about this place that attracts thousands of people to kill the chill. 


9. Delray Beach



 Location: Florida

Delray Beach Official Tourism Website: https://www.visitdelraybeach.org/

Delray Beach is known for its: The Delray Beach is popularly known for its inviting beach weather, intriguing culture, a thriving arts scene, and the lively main street. And, there are obvious reasons that the city was once named Most Fun Small Town in the USA. 

Things to Do in Delray Beach: Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Atlantic Avenue, Japanese Gardens, Morikami Museum, Old School Square, Cornell Art Museum, and more. 

There are plenty of reasons why Delray Beach has been named as the most fun cities to visit in the USA on a number of occasions. With its tourist-friendly location between the Boca Raton and Boynton Beach Delray Beach is known for its inviting weather, flourishing art scenes, rich culture & bustling town environment. It is a great idea to visit the beautiful boutiques and galleries on Atlantic Avenue during the day and enjoy private dining at one of the award-winning restaurants. Besides, all this, it is that extremely friendly atmosphere at downtown Delray Beach that makes it a joyful experience for any traveler. Delray Beach is one of the best beaches to get some trip inspiration and to feed your wanderlust. 


10. Huntington Beach



 Location: California

Huntington Beach Official Tourism Website: https://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/

Huntington Beach is known for its: The Huntington Beach is popularly known for its mild climate, the 8.5 miles of beautiful beach, and fantastic surfing sites (which has earned it the name of a Surf City).

Things to Do in Huntington Beach: Newland House Museum, Huntington Beach Art Center, Harbour, Pacific Coast Highway, Surf City Nights, Huntington Beach Pier, and more.

Also known as California-Surf City, Huntington Beach stands sandwiched between San Diego and Los Angeles. The 10 miles long sandy beaches in the southern part of California is the best affordable beach vacation destination for surfers, family, dogs, couples in fact, it has something to offer for everyone. It provides an opportunity to enjoy many interesting sports including kayaking, biking, surfing, whale watching, and more. Besides, there are plenty of cheap dining options including the wonderful tasty taco shops that will keep you glued to this place even for longer than what youve initially planned. 

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