Surprising Ways To Get Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Mar 11,2022

Is there a way for you to pay less on the very same flight the next time you travel? Yes! The more you know about the airline ticketing process, the better your chances are of getting the best deals available! So, how do you get cheap flights to almost anywhere in the world? 


Here are a few things that go in your flight tickets:

1. Base fare 

2. Taxes

3. Airport costs 

4. Operating costs 

5. Seat selection

6. Baggage 

7. Administration fee 


The price of your airline tickets will depend on the following factors:


1. Class 

2. Destination 

3. Flight date and time 

4. Purchase date 

5. Seat supply and demand 


Airlines use sophisticated computer programs that constantly monitor flights to analyze any booking pattern and evaluate the changing number of seats available. When demand is high, the airlines may or may not reduce the number of seats available at their lowest fare or wipe them out altogether! But at lower demand, more and more seats are available at the fare levels which were previously sold out. 


This happens almost continuously until just a few hours before the departure time for a flight. So, is it possible that you may get a cheap last-minute flight


Well, no. 


Contrary to popular belief, airlines will not be lowering the prices a few days before departure. It is more profitable for them to see the few of the remaining seats at premium rates than selling more at the regular prices for a seat. 


Let’s assume that an airline manages to sell a hundred seats at $500 per seat; this equates to $50,000 in revenue for the airlines. If they are selling eighty $500 seats in addition to twenty $900 seats, the airlines are now generating $58,000 as their revenue. 


However, if an airline is selling seventy seats at $500 each, twenty $900 seats, and ten seats for $1,500 each, the revenue generated by the airline will be $68,000. This is why, as the departure date approaches, the only available seats just happen to be in the more expensive classes. So, how do you get out of this loop and manage to get a cheap flight to almost anywhere in the world? 


Tips To Get Cheap Flights To Anywhere in The World 



1. Search for single seats


Yes, start by searching just one seat at a time. This applies to the times when you are traveling with a group. Keep in mind that there might be one or two seats left in the cheaper fare class, which you wouldn’t get to see in your group search. 


2. Look for a package


Studies show that you actually save more when you book everything in a package rather than booking everything individually. This applies to your accommodations, flights, and shuttle to and from the airport.


So, consider booking a shuttle service to and from for $100, an accommodation option for $600, and flight tickets for $450. Individually they will cost you a little over $1,100. But if you get a package deal with all three included, it will end up costing you just $1,000. It might not sound like a lot right now, but trust us, every little penny you end up saving on getting a cheaper flight will one day get you a ticket for free! 


3. Choose the best day and date


The best day to book tickets should be at least 14-21 days before the traveling date. So, if you are looking to travel on the 20th of any month, book your tickets on or before the 6th of that same month. Also, try to fly at least one leg of your travel on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. 


4. Be flexible with travel dates and times


The best way to get your hands on cheaper flights anywhere in the world is to be really flexible with your travel plans. You need to be okay with changing dates at first. This way, you offer yourself the best chance at getting your desired travel plans shifted by a day or two, or sometimes by a week. 


If you are going to lock in the exact dates and are rigid about them, chances are you’re going to be paying much more than you should be. The same applies to the time you are flying. If you cannot be flexible with the departure date, try to be flexible with the time to fly. Playing around with time will dramatically change the overall ticket fare. 


Choose unpopular hours, like really early in the morning, or catch that red-eye instead of what people usually choose to fly. If you choose your time to be late in the morning through afternoon, chances are, you will be paying something extra. Cheap flights are usually very late during the night or extremely early in the morning. 


5. Look at different places



It might look easy and simple, but looking for all kinds of flights on just one website is not the wisest move! You may get better results if you are looking to book your tickets on different airlines websites. Try to take one airline to your destination and a different one back home. You can even include a layover with other airlines in between to make everything easier and cheaper. 


6. Technology at your disposal


Travel alerts often offer some amazing prices, deals, and discounts that otherwise would not have been possible to find. Sign up for alert websites like and others. Real people, instead of computer bots, run these websites. People are sitting in front of their screens to give better deals and discounts on travel and airfare bookings on their email. 


You can even use some fantastic, historical online pricing tools like Kayak’s price forecast. You can watch out when the ticket prices for your flight are more likely to rise or fall. 


7. Fly into a different airport 


You can use websites like Adioso to compare the price of flying into different airports near your destination. For example, costs for a ticket to New York in JFK might be $400, but for LaGuardia, it could turn out to be $350. Try to compare and then make your bookings! 


8. Opt for a local airlines 


Most search engines will not show you all local airlines. But they exist and do help you travel cheaper! Suppose you are traveling to a remote location or a less popular route with tourists. In that case, you will get lucky with local airlines more often. Search for regional airlines that fly in the region and then book them directly from the website. Of course, do check out offers and deals available on those airlines on other websites. They are always going to give you cheaper and more affordable flights. 


9. Travel in offseason 


Finally, remember that prices for traveling to a destination are often much lower when you are traveling during the off-season and shoulder season. Traveling to any destination during the off-peak season guarantees you much cheaper flights, hotels, car rental services, dining options, etc. It also ensures you the peace of traveling and exploring better, without indulging in huge crowds. You can actually explore key sights and highlights of the destination, indoors and outdoors, better this way! 


Travel smart! And you will always end up saving more. These were Leisure’s expert tips on getting cheap airline tickets to almost anywhere around the world.  


Happy vacationing to you! 


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