Luxury Latvia Tours - Explore The Hidden Gem Of The Baltic

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 04,2022

Latvia is situated on the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania. Riga, the capital of the nation, houses a big central market, a medieval Old Town, and artistic architecture. The nation gives many chances to travelers to experience the widest waterfall of the entire continent, many beaches along the coastline, and other outdoor adventures. So, it is not shocking that luxury Latvia tours are seen as an underrated option by every tourist who visits the nation. Our guide will assist you in planning luxury Latvia tours of your own. It will help you to make the most of this jewel of the Baltic.


Best Time to Go on Luxury Latvia Tours


The optimum time to go on luxury Latvia tours is from April to September. The summer months from June to August are the hottest and make up the busy season of the nation. At that time, you can expect the temperatures to be around seventy degrees Fahrenheit. During the autumn season, the forests, wetlands, and shoreline come alive with the seasonal migration of birds. The national parks are quite pretty at this time of the year. You will experience the colors changing all around you, and it makes a nice background for hiking activities. The temperatures go below freezing in the winter season. So, we do not recommend you visit the country during this season unless you want to experience the winter sports here. You must remember that no matter what time of the year you want to visit the nation, the showers are unpredictable and common. Ensure that you keep a raincoat with you at all times.


How to Remain Safe During Luxury Latvia Tours



Latvia is a pretty safe nation to visit. They have a very low crime rate, and pickpocketing is also unusual in the cities. But it is still a great idea to keep your common sense with you at all times. You should not flash things such as your jewelry in public and keep all valuables secure. There is a risk in the nation when traveling by road to any location. The nation is not known for good driving. It can be quite risky to cross the road if you are not careful. Take great care if you want to rent a vehicle. Also, do not leave any valuables in the vehicle overnight or when you go out hiking. The instances of theft in this nation are not very common. But it is still better to take all precautions than be sorry. As in any particular destination, always remember to drink in moderation when you are out at any bar. Also, try not to walk home alone if you are feeling drunk. Fraud is also not common here, but do not take any chances.


How to Move Around During Luxury Latvia Tours


None of the towns in Latvia have elevated transport lines or subways. This means that public transport can quite often be slow. Outside of Riga, public transportation can be very restricted. The costs vary depending on the location. But you can expect to shell out around $1.30 for a regular adult ticket if you opt to pay in advance. Tickets can also be bought on board, but they will cost you more. In Riga, you can also purchase a one-day pass for six dollars, a three-day pass for twelve dollars, and a five-day pass for seventeen dollars. The prices of cabs start around a couple of dollars and can cost around one dollar for every mile. So, you can try to skip these if you want because they can add up pretty rapidly.


Opting for a bus is the top choice if you are venturing away from the railway lines. You will have to pay around twelve dollars or less for most trips. The trip from Ventspils to Riga takes less than four hours and costs about ten dollars. If you are going on to neighboring nations, the bus is the usual mode of transport. A bus ride from Lithuania to Latvia will cost around sixteen dollars. The five-hour drive from Estonia to Riga will cost about the same. Traveling through the trail is quite limited and mostly revolves around locations that can be done as day tours from Riga. Several of the most popular locations that tourists can go to from Riga by train are Daugavpils, Gauja National Park, and Jurmala. It is better to take the bus if you think of going further than that. A tourist can travel anywhere in the nation for under twenty-five dollars.


There are no budget airlines that function domestically around Latvia. But you will obtain cost-effective flights to and from Riga with Air Baltic. We will not recommend inexperienced drivers rent a vehicle and drive around in the country. It is reputed as one of the riskiest nations on the entire continent to drive in. But, if you intend to drive a rental, you will require an International Driving Permit. The rentals of vehicles can be quite low at thirty dollars daily for a multi-day rental. It is quite usual for young people to hitchhike around the nation in the summer season. The streets can be quite dangerous during the winters because the weather is unpredictable. Thus, it is not recommended to hitchhike during this season.


Some Things to See During Luxury Latvia Tours



Jurmala is only a short drive from the city of Riga. The town of Jurmala is located on the seaside and has nightlife and relaxing beaches. You should also visit the Dzintari forest park, which houses many walking paths and trees that are nearly two centuries old. There is also the house of Mr. Morberg, a neo-Gothic wooden house with the visual appeal of a fairytale palace. The interiors of the palace are colorful and lavish. Cross-country skiing is one of the top winter pastimes of the nation. Some slopes are present all across the nation for downhill skiing. Some of the recommended slopes and resorts to check out are the Milzkalns in Tukum, Vanagkalns in Cesis, Victory Park in Riga, and Ozolkalns in Cesis. You will pay about twelve dollars for a cross-country ski rental for a couple of hours and seventeen dollars for a list pass. It is famous because it is one of the most cost-effective places to go skiing in the whole of the European continent.


Ventspils is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a town that is a vital commercial hub and has a huge port. You can go to the city's beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. There is also another section for kitesurfing and surfing. A waterpark is also present if you have children tag along with you. The locale of Latgale is situated in the eastern zone of the nation. It is well known for the numerous beautiful lakes situated here. The location has its own dialect and is great for enjoying the waters, hiking, and camping. The locale is also well known for the great cheeses since many small farms are present here. Tourists can base themselves in the region's largest town, Daugavpils. They can also opt to reside in several Bed and Breakfasts and comfy cottages that are present around the countryside. Since the public transportation options here are limited, it is best to explore the location using a vehicle.



Luxury Latvia tours are often skipped by the tourists heading to the European continent. But this hidden nation is safe and cheaper than the other European destinations. It also gives a landscape with lush forests, historical castles, and long beaches.



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