10 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is Great

Author: Will Phoenix


Traveling alone scares a lot of people. The truth is, it can be quite advantageous to travel sans partner. Here are several reasons why traveling solo can be a memorable experience:


1. Expand Your Personal Comfort Zone
The best way to overcome fear is to try things that you’re afraid to try. You may fear being alone in a foreign land where you don’t speak the native tongue to initially be frightening and yet the confidence and courage that you gain to be nigh transforming.

2. You Are Master Of Your Time
Traveling alone provides the ultimate in freedom. Your time is completely your own. You can do whatever you want whenever you want.


3. Learn About You

When you travel alone you are miles and miles away from all the everyday factors that impact on your decision making. You are free from the expectations of society. It can provide a clarifying experience that could very well aid in simplifying your goals and priorities.


4. Make Some New Friends
The easiest way to meet new people is to travel solo. Being alone makes you more outgoing and thus more approachable. Conversations come a bit more naturally when they revolve around questions like “So, where are you from?” and “Where are you going?” Additionally, other travelers are reported to be a great source when it comes to getting the lowdown on accommodations, food, and transportation.


5. Planning Is Easier
Planning is a lot less stressful when planning for one. It’s easy to find single seats on last-minute flights and you only have to work with one schedule--yours.


6. Save Money
It’s easier to stick to your budget when you travel alone. When you travel with friends you have to all agree on where you stay, where you eat and how you travel. Everyone has different comfort levels and that can have a great impact on how much you end up spending on these things. You can cut corners whenever and however you wish when you go solo.


7. No Regrets
Traveling alone is the easiest way to make something you want to do a reality. If friends can go with you that is great but if not then, by all means, go by yourself. Make it happen and you’ll have no regrets.

8. Minimalism
You learn about minimalism on a long-term solo trip. When you travel alone there’s no one to watch your luggage while you go for a coffee or run to the restroom. Besides, being overloaded with luggage makes you an easy target for people who want to steal your property. Additionally, big, heavy bags will quickly take its toll on you back, mood and energy level.


9. Singing In The Car
When you travel alone you can sing in the car. No one else is there to roll their eyes or judge you.

10. Inspire Others
Your courage to travel solo will give your other single friends comfort during times when they feel being alone is a bad thing. Your solo flights of fancy will inspire them to embark on their own individual outings.


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