A Short Gorilla Trekking Tour for Your Wanderlust

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 18,2018

Gorillas are not the only species that make Africa stand out from others but they are certainly among the best ones. You may visit Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, or any other African country to get a glimpse of the wildlife but in a bid to spot the mountain gorillas, you will have to come to Rwanda or Uganda. If this is what your mind is cooking now, jump to this short Gorilla Trekking itinerary and let it be your companion for your next African Safari.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Arrival In Entebbe

Day 2: Visiting Lake Mburo National Park for an Easy Safari

Day 3: Thrilling Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Day 4: Departure

Trip Highlights:

  • Exploring the capital city through your lens

  • A day well spent in Lake Mburo National Park

  • Encounter with the wilds and experiencing a sense of tranquility at the lake  

  • Meeting the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park



Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival In Entebbe

Welcome to the Entebbe city where the red tones of the earth will impress your eyes. Get deboarded at the international airport of Entebbe from where your private guide will escort you to your luxurious Entebbe hotel. You might have got a couple of glimpses of the wild from the top but this time, you are going to spot them from close. The wilds, the landscape, the forests, and the mountains will be your companions for the next few days. And, if you think we are missing the gorillas here, no we are not. They are not something that completes a sentence, rather they are the giants and the wild who can only be gazed upon. Keep your fingers crossed because the time has come when you will encounter the mountain gorillas for the first time.

Day 2: Visiting Lake Mburo National Park for an Easy Safari

Wake up early in the morning, have your breakfast done and head straight to the Mburo National Park for an easy safari experience which is perfect for your African Safari. While you might be willing to meet the mountain gorillas, the herd of Zebras and elephants will take your attention away from their ubiquitous behavior. In the park, you are going to spot as many wilds as you can imagine in an ideal African safari. There will be Zebras, hyena, leopards, elephants, impalas, white rhinos, and big cats. The best thing is that you will get to spot them all while enjoying a sense of tranquility that the lake offers to the wilds and to the visitors. So, soak your eyes with these magnificent views and spend a full day in the park exploring the wilds. Return to your lodge before the dark.

Day 3: Thrilling Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Finally, the day has come when you will meet your closest primates who are no one but the mountain gorillas. While sleeping out of excitement might have been tougher for you, but still, you need to wake up as early as you can in the morning. Your ride to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the natural habitat of mountain gorillas, would be your place of the day. Meet your guide with a rented vehicle and jump to the entrance gate of the park. From the gate, your much-awaited gorilla trekking actually starts. With a local bushman by your side, you will see yourself delving deeper into the forest. In the initial hours, you might not be able to spot them but the sounds of gorillas will keep you motivated. You will continue walking wandering your eyes into the bushy forest and in no time you will find a small gorilla troop standing a few meters away from you. The dream to witness this magical moment has just been fulfilled leaving you in a jaw-dropping mode. For some seconds, you won’t believe your eyes that the gorillas are actually there.

The best of gorilla trekking is that you can be with the mountain gorillas for hours and hours. While doing so, the gorillas won’t notice your presence as if they have become used to it. You can admire these creatures for a long time and even click a couple of pictures to save in your memory. The only thing that you are not allowed to do with gorillas is to offer them food. Except this, you are open to watching them live for some hours after this you must return back to your lodge before the dark.

Day 4: Departure

This gorilla trekking trip might seem short in time but it has everything that an ideal African Safari must have. You explored the capital city, met the wilds in the Lake Mburo National Park, and encountered the mountain gorillas in  Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. On that note, your gorilla trekking tour comes to an end on day four. You may enjoy your farewell meal at the hotel and leave for the airport.

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