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Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills and a million smiles. With optimistic Rwanda people and oh-so-helping tour specialists by your side, you get a chance to revel in this verdant and lush land like never before. Do not miss to lock eyes with mountain gorillas swaying dust, leaving footprints and proudly wandering all across the landscape of Rwanda.



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Volcano National Park

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Volcano National Park is, no doubt, famous for its thrilling gorilla trekking but it is not the only thing to enjoy there. At the beginning of your trekking, the first thing that you will encounter with will be the elephants. These giant wilds will cross your way right at the beginning of your trek. While you are following the footprints of Gorillas, elephants herds in varied size will grab your attention making you go wow for them. You might be following the footprints but the gorillas may not. They will come right in front of you without getting aware of your presence. You will be assigned to troops based on your fitness levels, with older travelers usually trekking to the gorillas closest to the trailhead.  We have only 1,000 mountain gorillas left with us. One glance from them will quickly respect the seven-meter proximity rule

Lake Kivu

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This would be the shortest trek of any Rwanda safari. You will be greeted by blue faces and soft golden fur, along with curious grins and peculiar frowns. Watch them doing activities and return to the lodge for lunch. After lunch, take a drive to the shores of Lake Kivu. This cute little town is the starting point of the Congo Nile Trail, and you will spend the night, resting your legs before exploring the town.


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When it comes to safari, a game drive is a must to try thing. Riding across the wildlife and getting a chance to see them as closely as you want is an amazing experience. Get astonished to see the hundreds of Thomson's gazelle, adorable antelopes that skip across the plains. Wander your eyes and try to look as far as possible and you will see that incredible savannah and wildlife is the only thing that makes this place a worth to visit.

Great Wildebeest Migration

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Migration is common in wildlife. No matter what they are - a lion or a zebra - in order to keep themselves alive with sufficient food and water, wildebeests migrate from one place to another and hunt for the next source of water. Witness this migration with thousands and hundreds of zebras, elands, gazelles along with a trailing retinue of predators, leaving their calving grounds in southern Serengeti, around March and April, heading for the next water source. Plan your Rwanda safari accordingly and witness the seventh wonder of nature.

Bwindi National Park

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There's a childlike wonder to the first moments with wild gorillas. Your eyes open in astonishment, there's an uncontrollable urge to point, and the mind has a thousand thoughts yet you're lost for words. There they are, a dozen giant apes slowly going about their day. Some have wrapped their arms around tree trunks, feverishly gnawing at the bark. Others have taken to the canopy, swinging and climbing around to feast on red berries. Three have hidden away, burying themselves in the bush far from any eyes. It's hard to know which way to look; then there's a big crash and you turn around to see a baby gorilla falling out of a tree.


The best time to visit Rwanda depends on many things including your interests, where you want to visit and why you're traveling. If you really want to spot gorillas in your Rwanda safari, plan a trip during the short dry season from mid-December to early February or over the long dry season months of June to September.  In total, there are four seasons to consider when planning a Rwanda safari and they are as follows:





The average daytime temperature is around 30°C or 86°F. The capital of Kigali enjoys an average temperature of 21°C or 70°F.


There are many lodges and hotels that can give you a luxurious stay in the deep forests of Africa. You will find them at a close proximity to forest and national parks in all the hotels and lodges in Central Africa. So, book one that suits your tour and enjoy being in the home of mountain gorillas.

Reach official points of entry and apply & pay for a visa valid for 30 days. For East African citizens, there are renewable visitors pass valid for 6 months which will be issued as soon as you arrive at border entry points of Rwanda. In other cases, do not forget to fulfill your visa and passport requirements as per the rules before leaving for the safari.


Drinking water: Prefer to drink bottled water during your holiday. It is readily available in Rwanda.

Medical facilities: There are some places in Rwanda where access to medical facilities is actually limited, particularly in areas outside of Kigali. In cases of serious illness or accident, consider evacuation by air to Kenya or South Africa. Please make sure you have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the costs of any medical treatment abroad or repatriation.

Safety: There is no place in the mountains where you can not find your life at risk. So, to be very honest, Rwanda Safari is not that casual safari and hence needs proper attention. For a hassle-free and safe safari, do not forget to follow the instructions that your guide keeps telling you. Being at a close proximity to the gorillas is itself not safe, but you can always enjoy it if follow proper instructions.


Kinyarwanda is the official language of Rwanda. So, if a person appears to be speaking in some alien language, do not feel offended as he/she may be speaking in his/her official language. However, the type of people that you will be surrounded with - the guide, the hotel staff etc - would be aware of English. So, communication won’t be a barrier in Rwanda.

You won’t be allowed to eat or drink when you’re with the gorillas. This is precisely because of the marauding nature of the gorillas who get attracted to food and try to snatch it from you.

If visiting the mountains during a rainy season, you might also need to protect your camera against heavy rain. Always remember, Rwanda is not your own country. You are a traveler who is visiting this place to explore the best of nature. So, do not try to be offensive as it may cause trouble to your visa as well. Listen to your guide and behave properly. Be gentle with your tone, and keep a smile on your face, and you are good to go.


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