Much-Needed Hawaii Vacation Is Required To Relax Your Mind

Hawaii has become the most revered holiday destination like no other. Be it beaches, or calm mountainscapes, solo travel, or family trips, Hawaii is an endless source of entertainment and relaxation. 

Polaroids of this marvelous destination will light up your spirits. With Prussian blue hues everywhere with a patch of fragile coral reefs, Hawaii is synonymous with utopia, a more realistic one.

Unlike any other location, Hawaii is a one-in-all. It is a haven with a bunch of seductive beaches, historical sites, down to earth aloha vibes, partying, and nightlife. A traveler can expect excellent memories from a Hawaii vacation package.

Perhaps, you might need a Hawaii vacation to ease your mind. With innumerable islands to explore, check the below list to simplify your planning process! 

  1. Visit the mind-blowing beaches of Oahu:

Among many beaches in Hawaii, Oahu allures tourists the most. They look like paradise on earth. It offers a beautiful setting for all sorts of vacation packages- a romantic getaway, group tours, or family trips.  

Waikiki Beach in Oahu’s South Shore is necessary for every Hawaii tour. Waikiki means “spouting waters.” Well known for its azure beaches, this destination came to light when Moana Surfrider, its first hotel was introduced. 

The serene waters of Waikiki relax your body and soul. It is perfect to get some paddling, and surfing lessons. There are various centers for shopping, dining, gatherings, and other events. 

Duke’s beach is another important shore named after the renowned Olympic gold medalist Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. It is relatively smaller but peaceful.

Sunset Beach is another major highlight in Oahu. Come here to see experienced surfers make way through the huge waves and paddle-boards sport in style. But, above all, the beach is famous for what it stands for: benevolent and quaint sunsets which will never be forgotten. 

  1. Avail the traditional Luau experience:

Your Hawaii vacation package will be incomplete without a tinge of the age-old luau experience. 

Luau is a celebration of a delicious feast, coupled with eccentric music, dance, and gossip. It is similar to Thanksgiving. What started about two centuries ago with several restrictions, today’s luau is unique. Earlier, men and women were not allowed to celebrate together, but separate. Modern-day luau respects togetherness and Hawaii offers hands-on experience to its tourists. 

Some popular dishes one will find in a luau platter are Kalau (shredded pork), Laulau (meat wrapped in taro leaves), Haupia (delicious coconut pudding), Poi (taro plant root that goes well with any dish), tropical fruits, etc. 

  1. Visit Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor offers an informative insight into Hawaii’s history. It was forced to withstand the unexpected attacks by Japanese troops in 1941. Thousands of Hawaiians succumbed to the attacks. This paved the way to the more deadly Second World War. 

And today, Pearl Harbor stands as a witness to its history. Tourists need to visit this beautiful place to hear some first-hand stories shared by native Hawaiians. Out of the nine historic sites erected to World War history, five are located in Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial, USS Oklahoma Memorial, USS Utah Memorial, and Ford Island and Battleship Row. 

  1. Road trip at Hana:

The Hana Highway is an adventure in itself! A peaceful long drive is all it takes for tourists to indulge in a landscape of greatness. It is a dramatic ride with innumerable twists and turns into jungles, valleys, waterfalls, and cliffs. 

Don’t miss halting at Paia town; the best stop to grab some hot coffee, breakfast, and snacks! It also offers great shopping stalls with Maui made products. 

Twin Falls should ideally be your next stop. It offers a cool mini hiking adventure and swimming session. Halfway to Hana Stand, Waikamoi Ridge Trail, Wailua Valley, Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside Park, and Nahiku Marketplace are some other places to explore in Hana.

  1. Tour Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park in Big Island offers a tough landscape as compared to the other serene destinations in Hawaii. Tourists get to witness the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, boiling lava fields, Jaggar Museum, a 500-year-old lava cave, Halema’uma’u Crater, and other significant highlights. 

The Volcano National Park explains the formation of the islands in Hawaii. With a skeptical chronology of events shared by the guides, it is necessary for every Hawaii tour. 

  1. Have invigorating coffee from Kona Farm:

Are you a caffeine addict? Well, if you love coffee or not, Big Island’s Kona Coffee farm is a must-visit! 

Kona coffee is one of a kind. Farms offer tourists a cup of it while explaining the process of farming, and hoe coffee beans are segregated. Apart from coffee, Kona farms grow a variety of other supplements which are good to have a look at.

Besides coffee, the farm has a pleasant vibe with a few locations to explore. 

If you plan your Hawaii vacation package in November, then make sure to visit the farm in November. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival will delight you with a wide range of intriguing events. What’s more, you get to mingle with native Hawaiians and learn about the local culture. 

  1. Visit Maui:

With an equal number of spellbound beaches and surreal landscapes, experiencing Maui will be an excellent way to conclude your Hawaii vacation.

The second biggest island in Hawaii, Maui is laid back in attitude. It offers adventures in waves and peace in its sand and shore. 

Speaking of adventures, and other activities, Maui is the cardinal destination for snorkeling. With a good number of reefs and marine life, tourists get to explore the sea with the right gear. Sea turtles, manta rays, starfishes, and shrimps will come greeting you. 

Apart from tourists, Humpback Whales keep Maui in glee. A whale-watching cruise is included in every vacation package of Hawaii. 

The destination is also chosen as a great location for a gastronomic delight. Delicious desserts, Roast Pork, Ahi Poke, Kalua Pork, Opah, and many others. 


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