Things That Can’t Be Skipped From Hawaii Vacation

Author: Mansi

Hawaii is a vacation destination where you can find the dripping of cobalt blue hues, and equal lush green vibrancy all around. An adventurer’s paradise and relaxing ground for beach bums, a Hawaiian vacation package will make you feel touristy enough to come back here again! 

Polaroid of the Hawaiian beaches and active volcanoes exhibit the destination’s two sides- calm as well as ferocious. Enjoy the sunrise atop mountains, and the sunsets by the shore. No, it is not going to be cheap, but it will be a memorable trip of all!

Hawaii is synonymous with outdoor life. People are social and treat their tourists not as mere guests, but as their ohana! Everything about Hawaii is picnicking and adventuring. Go for a hike, ride a horse, live the cowboy life, snorkel with sea creatures, and walk on the soft sand. Hawaii will not disappoint you. 

Before that, know there are various things not to be skipped while in Hawaii. 

1. Flaunt the Island-Style:

Not a dress code but loose attire looks best when you are in this destination. Loose tops, flip-flops do justice to the trip. Hawaiian attire is called the Aloha, a loose shirt of floral pattern. When here, tuck a flower behind your ear and hold a coconut drink. That’s all! 

The formal kind of welcome given to tourists is the lei. It is made of flowers in the form of a garland or a wreath. It is a sign of Hawaiian hospitality and friendship.  

2. Visit Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor was oblivious to the unexpected air attack by Japan in 1941 and lost a thousand lives. That’s what gave route to the Second World War of history. 

Immerse yourself for a bunch of first-hand stories and experiences the native Hawaiians will share with you. The harbor is not just a part of tragic history, but also where pearl oysters were harvested. Battleship Missouri Memorial, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, USS Oklahoma Memorial are some major attractions for tourists here. Vacation packages offer joint tours to Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. 

3. Stretch on the Maui Beach:

This is where your actual trip is set to begin! Maui is the second biggest island in Hawaii. It is gifted with the best invigorating beaches. Tourists have much to explore on the waves as well as on the land. The island also conducts a lot of events such as the Maui Sunday market, Brewers Festival, The Art of Trash Exhibition, Music festival, and much more. Vacation packages offer classes and excursions such as eco-tours, mermaid swimming, photography, surfing, and biking. The Maui ocean center is an aquarium that is the home for a wide range of exotic fishes such as manta rays, stingrays, sea turtles, etc. 

The island is also a great location for some gastronomic exploring. Restaurants offer dishes made of fresh products right from the farm. Coconut shrimps, calamari, hot, and spicy tunas, wasabi, crab cakes, and much more to savor. 

4. Have Kona Coffee:

Caffeine lovers will love to have the famous Kona coffee in Hawaii. It is expensive but worthy. Vacation packages offer coffee tours on the farm so that makes the whole trip worthwhile. You can see how the tiny blooms change into coffee buds and start to give aroma. If you visit Hawaii in November, then you will be lucky to participate in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. 

5. Snorkeling in Hawaii:

Hawaii has taken extensive efforts to protect coastlines and marine life. The result? Today, it is one of the world’s best spots for snorkeling. This adventure activity stands apart from the rest no doubt. You can swim with manta rays and sea turtles beside them. Also, the magnanimous coral reefs and crystal clear waters will soothe you. There are too many locations within Hawaii offering this sport such as Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, etc.  

Other adventure sports offered by Hawaii are skydiving, kayaking, cliff diving, hiking, spearfishing, active volcano watching, shark tours, etc. 

6. Live in a beach bungalow:

For a difference, try living in a beach bungalow. Hawaii vacation packages offer these set-ups for tourists who want to get a bit closer to the sea. Waikoloa, also known as Big island offers beach huts for people who want to see the beach and step on the sand the first thing when they get up. Great for groups and couples, you can live amid ocean and marine life and get to see whales, reef fishes, and turtles coming to and fro the shore. 

7. Engage in Some Cultural Activities:

Hawaii is an amalgamation of cultures and customs. The minute you step in, you will be welcome with a floral garland called lei. Today, hotels, and resorts provide various activities for tourists who want to be a part and experience the cultural aspects of Hawaii. Not just this, but every corner of Hawaii is busy with events. Music, art, food, beverages are a part and parcel of every program. 

The hula is another beautiful aspect of Hawaii. Dancers dance perfectly resembling the islands’ waves with native songs playing in the backdrop. It is at this part where the real Hawaiian culture comes to the surface.  

Prince Lot Hula Festival, King Kamehameha Celebration, and Lantern Floating are some cultural events of Hawaii that are witnessed by the lakhs of tourists.

8. Visit Locations Where Famous Films were Shot:

Why would film productions create an artificial beach and tropical setting when Hawaii provides plenty and free? Hawaii has innumerable jungles and seascapes which offer movies natural settings. The “Jurassic Park” and its sequels have had a fair share of Oahu’s tropical landscapes. “Aloha”, “The Descendants”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Pearl Harbor” are some movies that were shot here. This location also seems to be the backdrop for animated movies such as “Lilo and Stitch”, “Moana”, “Finding Nemo: and others. You need a local tour guide who will inform and explain better about the movies shot here.


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