Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages For The Cruise-Lovers

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Alaska is known for its definitive history and importance to the United States. It is the state of the Gold Rush and home to several indigenous tribes. The Tlingit tribe is one of the most well-known in the state. You can go zip lining at Sitka, where you can learn more about the natives of the Tlingit. The Russian influence on the Alaskan mainland is visible as well. Apart from the abundant greenery, fjords, bays, streams, and national parks, you will also have the chance to seek several adrenaline-pumping activities. The best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages can be customized as well. 


Many of these tours are specialized. Meaning if you are looking for a Wildlife tour, a sightseeing trip, adventure travel, and even a relaxing vacation, leisure travel packages to Alaska got your back. While it can be a hard task to choose from the cruises offered by several cruise lines, has compiled some of the best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages for you. Read ahead to find which of these leisure travel packages suits your vacation requirements. 


1. 10 Nights/ 11 Days Viking Cruise to Alaska & Inside Passage from Vancouver to Seward



On this Alaskan Cruise Trip, you have the lifetime opportunity to discover the indigenous flora and fauna in  Alaska and learn more about the Tlingit heritage.


The cruise will also take you from the best glaciers in the Alaskan mainland. This is one of the best Alaska cruise vacation packages. While several leisure travel packages are available, this Alaskan cruise trip by Viking Cruise line will cover two nations in its 11-day journey in which you will be guided through 7 tours.

You will have plenty to see while on vacation to the Klondike state with the changing landscapes. Be sure to pack right, as the Alaskan weather can be quite unpredictable. Out of the Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages by the Viking Cruise lines, this one is an all-rounder. 


Route: Vancouver- Inside Passage- Ketchikan- Sitka- Juneau- Skagway- Icy Strait Point- Yakutat Bay- Valdez- Seward.

Available from: May 23rd, 2022

Price: Starting from $4,999 per person


2. 7 Nights/ 8 Days cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage Crystal Cruise Line



Beginning from Vancouver, Canada, this is one of the best Alaska cruise vacation packages offered by Crystal Cruise Line. Lasting over eight days, this is one of the leisure travel packages that cover the lesser explored regions of the 49th state.


Go for dog sledding, tram riding, and hiking in Ketchikan and Juneau. Not to mention all the adventurous activities to try out in these regions. Less of a crowd is present in these regions with abundant flora and fauna. 


Some of the most common sights are Bald Eagles, Kodiaks, Orcs, Humpback Whales, Seals, etc. Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages by the Crystal cruise line will take you through the best of the Klondike state. 


Including the lush nature, you can unwind as you sail through the Hubbard Glacier and learn more about the Tlingit Heritage in Alaska.


Route: Vancouver- Inside Passage- Seymour Narrows- Ketchikan- Juneau- Skagway- Hoonah- Hubbard Glacier- Anchorage

Available from: June 23rd, 2022

Price: Starting from $2,949 per person


3. 6 Nights/ 7 Days Alaska Bear and Wildlife Cruise by Adventure Kodiak (Round trip to St. Herman Harbor)



Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages cover a lot of territories, but Adventure Kodiak's leisure travel packages have a different itinerary. These cover the wildlife-rich regions while giving you the best adventure of your lifetime. This is one of the Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages for you to try out. 


On your first day, you will visit the puffin and kitty-wake rookery to visit the sea lions, eagles, and whales. The next day, the ship will cruise from Kupreanof Straits to the Shelikoff Strait. Whales, puffins, dahl porpoise, and seabirds are a common sight so keep your cameras out. By the end of the night, you will be docked at the Katmai National Park. This is one of the Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages that are for wildlife lovers. 


As per the Captain's decision, you will be exploring the different bays if the weather permits; the Alaskan weather can change anytime. It can be sunny one minute and stormy, the next. On your trail through these bays, you can spot wildlife like bears, marine life, eagles, wolves, and salmon.

For all those looking to discover the best of Alaska paired with wildlife and nature, be sure to add this cruise trip to our bucket list. This is one of the Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages that specializes in Alaskan cruises especially. 


Route: St. Herman Harbor- Kupreanof Straits- Shelikoff Strait- Katmai National Park- Kodiak Archipelago- St. Herman Harbor

Available from: Contact Adventure Kodiaks for more information about the pricing.

Price: Starting from $4,375 for double occupancy ( beginning from $1,500 for solo occupancy)


4. 7 Nights/ 8 Days Alaska Cruise Round trip from Seattle by Celebrity Cruise



Several of the best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages offered by the Celebrity cruise line this is some of their most affordable ones.

Your trip will begin in Seattle, Washington. You will spend the second day on the sea cruising. Your first destination will be Ketchikan, where you can intimately interact with the rich heritage and history of the Alaskan and the Russian culture. Being one of the Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages by celebrity cruises, this trip is packed with fun and adventure. 

Out of the many leisure travel packages, this is ideal for families as well. On day 4, you will cruise around the Endicott Arm glacier and dock at Juneau for further exploration.

On day 5, the ship will cover Inside Passage as well as Skagway. At Skagway, you can go for tram rides to discover the natural wonders of the Alaskan mainland.

Days 6 and 7 will be spent on the sea, cruising. There are several activities onboard for you to try out. On your final day, the cruise will dock in Seattle, which will mark the end of the cruise trip.


Route: Seattle- Ketchikan- Endicott Arm- Juneau- Skagway- Alaska Inside Passage- Seattle

Available from: July 23rd, 2021

Price: Starting from $1,599 per person


5. 6 Nights/ 7 Days Alaskan cruise trip by Holland America Cruise Line From Vancouver (Round trip)



Covering Inside Passage first, the cruise ship will arrive at Tracy Arm Inlet. You will be visiting Juneau, and Skagway is one of the many spots. Hiking, sightseeing, kayaking, boating, etc. are some of the options you will have at these locations. Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages also cover Glacier bay. And so does Holland America. However, what sets this cruise trip different is the return journey includes a trip through Inside Passage. This way, you can discover whatever you missed the first time. Holland America Cruise line has many Best Alaska Cruise Vacation Packages to the Klondike state. But this is one of the most affordable ones. 


Route: Vancouver- Inside Passage- Tracy Arm Inlet- Juneau- Skagway- Glacier Bay- Ketchikan- Inside Passage- Vancouver

Available from: April 27th, 2022

Price: Starting from $699 per person


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